Webinar: Best Practices for Building Installation in Visual Studio 2010

Learn best practices for building reliable Windows Installer (MSI) installations inside the Visual Studio 2010 interface. This Webinar also explains how the world’s top software companies build reliable MSI installations inside Visual Studio 2010 using InstallShield.

Redistributing Application Components using Merge Modules

Most developers understand the benefits of writing reusable code. It makes sense to use that piece again when you need the same functionality. The more pre-tested software you can reuse, the fewer bugs you’re likely to have in the final product.

Merge modules extend the notion of reusable components to the software installation process. Once you’ve developed a way to install a reusable component, you can also reuse the installation process!

This article explains the Merge Modules, the need of it and How to merge them to an existing installer file (.msi).

Create a Minor Upgrade for an application using InstallShield

Upgrades are little complex compared to the new installer. This guest article from Bhuvana aims at providing the requirement for minor upgrade, the steps to create it and options to install the same. Minor upgrade is a type of Product upgrade that Windows Installer supports. A minor upgrade can be used to add new features and components. Let us know if you have any inputs / suggestions for Minor upgrade.

Troubleshoot the error 1603 “Fatal Error During Installation”

This error message is displayed by the Microsoft Windows Installer Engine (Wondering whats this? Read here) and is a general error code that indicates a problem occurred during the installation. Read on this article to learn how to sidestep this speed bump. The following is the probable list of known causes for this error to occur: Short… Continue reading Troubleshoot the error 1603 “Fatal Error During Installation”

Windows Installer FAQ – Part 4

As you guys are aware, I am writing a series of posts which covers some key discussions, topics and FAQs in the stream of MSI Windows Installer and application packaging. In this fourth part, we will look at some questions on MSI properties and key scenarios which can easily achieved by using the properties appropriately.… Continue reading Windows Installer FAQ – Part 4

How do I install a Windows Installer Patch?

Consider a scenario where a single file in the application has undergone a change, and this file needs to be replaced in all the machines where it is Installed. In such a situation, it doesn’t make sense in creating a new package and deploy the same. Also, if we have any configuration file which the… Continue reading How do I install a Windows Installer Patch?

Creating your first WiX project

The Wix tools allow you to define the structure of a windows installer package using an XML file. This gives you all of the usual benefits of XML: easy editing with a variety of tools, the ability to modify the files using well-known technologies, and the ability to put the source file under source code… Continue reading Creating your first WiX project

WiX v3.0 now available for download

The final build of WiX v3.0 is 3.0.5419 has been released to SourceForge and marked RTM/stable. You can download it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/wix/files/. Also, Votive is now available for Visual Studio 2010 beta. I would suggest all Visual Studio 2010 Beta users to upgrade to the latest build of WiX v3.5 to try out the feature.… Continue reading WiX v3.0 now available for download