Moto 360 is a neatly designed smartwatch from Motorola, powered by Android Wear. This was one of the jaw dropping gadgets announced early this year. This was always on my wish-list and I finally picked it when Flipkart made the watch available last week. In this review, let’s look at two main areas which makes and breaks the deal of this watch. Well, the battery lasts all day for me. I would’ve loved, if it ran for 2 days at least; but again, that’s not too big a concern. I am happy with it.

GetActive, one of the leaders in Indian wearable technology announced the launch of GetActive tapp in Bangalore today. The band tracks daily physical activity like steps taken, calories burnt and distance covered. Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with mobile phones. It is available for sale exclusively on Myntra early october and is priced at Rs.4999 (roughly about USD 82).