Keep Offline Virtual Machines up-to-date: Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 2.1

The Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 2.1 helps organizations maintain virtual machines that are stored offline in a Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager library. While stored, virtual machines do not receive operating system updates. The tool provides a way to keep offline virtual machines up-to-date so that bringing a virtual machine online does not introduce vulnerabilities into the organization’s IT infrastructure.

Free Autoruns Tool to Take Charge of Startup Apps in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a few tools you can use to peek at programs and services that run automatically at startup or logon, most notably the System Configuration utility, Msconfig. But that built-in tool pales in comparison to the undisputed heavyweight champion of the category. “Autoruns” Tool, which is available for free from Windows Sysinternals monitors programs in your Startup folder and in registry keys, showing you the exact order in which those programs will run.

Want to install Office 2010? – Use this Assessment Tool (OEAT)

Office Environment Assessment Tool is a comprehensive environment scanning tool for use in deploying Microsoft Office 2010. This article provides the Step by Step instructions to work with this tool which would assists a customer in the assessment phase of deployment. This tool identifies the currently installed applications and installation environment, the Add-ins which are currently in use by Office clients and the programs that are not registered as add-ins but still interact with Office programs. It also provides report on the potential upgrade issues and add-ins assessment which lists the third party programs and information about the compatibility of those programs with Microsoft Office 2010.

Google Pack – Get free software for Windows 7

Google Pack is the collection of Softwares selected by Google., which are free and ready to use in just a few clicks for Windows 7. The softwares which are bundled in this package are Chrome Browser, Google Apps, Picassa, Real Player, Spyware Doctor with Anti-virus, Skype, Google Earth, Adobe Reader and Google Desktop. Check this post to know more on the setup instructions.

Website Optimization – Want to know what readers are seeing in your website?

Browser Size is a tool from Google Labs, which provides you visualization of browser window sizes for people who visit your website. This is useful for ensuring that important parts of a page’s user interface are visible by a wide audience. Knowing this fact would encourage the designer to move a most important information much higher in the page so it can be seen without scrolling.

Repairing Windows issues using FixWin v1.0

Does your Recycle Bin not refresh correctly? Or maybe you find that for some reason your right click context menu has been disabled in Internet Explorer! Or perhaps things are not fine with your Windows Media Center and you need to flush & rebuild Windows Media Center database! Maybe you opted to be not-warned while deleting Sticky Notes and you now want the warning dialog box back! Or then perhaps, post a malware attack you find that your task manage or cmd or your Registry Editor has been disabled!

Fixes for these and many more such common Windows problems are being offered here.

Terminals – Multi Tab Terminal Services

Wouldn’t it be nice to do all the below from one window? RDP – Microsoft’s Remote Desktop aka Terminal Services VNC – Virtual Network Computing VMRC – Virtual Machine Remote Control RAS – Remote Access Service (VPN, Dialup) Telnet – Telecommunication Network SSH – Secure Shell ICA Citrix – Independent Computing Architecture “Terminals” is a… Continue reading Terminals – Multi Tab Terminal Services

How to create a Windows Installer Patch using Wise Package

Step 1: Launch the Patch Creation tool from within your Wise product. The Patch Creation tool’s Welcome dialog appears. This dialog offers an outline of the steps for creating a patch. Step 2: Read the information on the Welcome dialog, and click Next when finished. The Specify Patch Settings File dialog appears. Step 3: The… Continue reading How to create a Windows Installer Patch using Wise Package