Understand Microsoft Volume Licensing and Activation Management Tool 2.0

This user guide shows step-by-step instructions for how to register on a Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). It also provides you key links on how to Manage Product Key Activation using VAMT 2.0 Tool. We will also look at how to report Activation information using VAMT 2.0.

Download Application Virtualization Dynamic Suite Composition Tool

Dynamic suite composition is a feature that enables applications to be sequenced separately from the plug-ins and middleware applications they rely on, while still being able to utilize the virtual resources in the virtual environment. Use the App-V Dynamic Suite Composition tool to edit the Open Software Descriptor (.osd) file associated with a virtual application package to create the inter-package dependencies.

Merge multiple .NET assemblies into a single Assembly using ILMerge Utility

ILMerge is a utility for merging multiple .NET assemblies into a single .NET assembly. It works on executables and DLLs alike and comes with several options for controlling the processing and format of the output. ILMerge takes a set of input assemblies and merges them into one target assembly.

Download Application Listing Tool for your Application Virtualization (App-V) Setup

The App-V Application Listing Tool (ListVApps) is a tool which lists all the virtual processes that are running at a specific time on a specific computer. You can use the tool to get information about the priority and owner of each process, the size of its virtual memory, its session identifier and processing time.