Highlights of the Microsoft Community TechDays (CTD) – Hyderabad

After the 4 day MVP Open Day summit got over on Saturday, I stayed back for a day more in Hyderabad to speak at the Community Tech Days event. This article briefs up my experience at the Hyderabad Community TechDays event. I was one of the speakers there. It was a funntasstic event, never made me feel that, it was my first time in the Hyderbad User Group. Check this article to read more..

Slidedeck – What’s new in Windows 7 and what to expect!

Today, I had my session on Windows 7 at office. This was my last Win 7 session for this year. Feels good for have given around 15 Win 7 sessions so far! The coming days in this year is just gonna’ be fun, music, work, blog and family..!

Well, speaking about the session., I was addressing a mixed crowd of devs and IT Pros. Few of them were power users of Linux and I was mentally prepared to face all the taunts. Some literally call me an MS employee (Quite evident from my talks and the Shirts I wear ) he he..! I even had a crazy disclaimer as well, when I started my session. Trust me., all the fear just disappeared when I started the talk. It was a funntasstic session on Windows Journey and Windows 7 improvements with regard to the UX, Kernel, Fast boot, Triggered Services, Bitlocker, Search Connectors and XP Mode. People felt really happy and said it was worth an attend. Check this post for the slidedeck!