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Microsoft Teched India 2010 – Videos and Presentation Slides : My Sessions

Hello Folks. I know that, i am really late in publishing this information. As you are aware, last month we had Microsoft teched happening in Bangalore.. where I was one of the Speaker for a couple of sessions.! I was indeed waiting for the video, so that I can publish both together.. but looks like the wait is gonna take some more time. Hence, shared the deck and related articles here. I shall upload the video, once I get hold of them!

Slidedeck – Overcoming the Application Compatibility Hurdle in Windows 7

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    You can also watch and Download the Videos/Presentation Slides of the other Sessions here at (Coming Soon)

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    Highlights of the Microsoft Community TechDays (CTD) – Hyderabad

    After the 4 day MVP Open Day summit got over on Saturday, I stayed back for a day more in Hyderabad to speak at the Community Tech Days event.  I got up a little late and wrapped up my breakfast soon and reached the venue.

    The Agenda of the Hyderabad Community Tech Days (CTD) looked something like this.

    Community TechDaysWhile I and Abhishek entered the venue, Hima was about to complete her session on Web Development Enhancements in VS 2010. She did it really well.  Must mention, she was surrounded by many people asking her lot of questions. That gave me an idea on how good this audience were.  Following her was Arun who spoke on the developer’s perspective of WCF.  He covered the concepts just the way, the audience needed. Though the whole agenda got delayed a bit, the attendees were eager in hearing to him, than heading towards lunch.  That gives him a big thumbs-up!

    Hyderabad Techies UG LeadsFollowing his session, was a 5 minute short presentation on Hyderabad User Groups!  The Hyderabad Techies team (Geethika, Pranav, Shravan and Thota) just gave an overview of the activities which they have been doing, and their plans for February.  It was nice young team to head the UG activities. It felt good to see the same community spirits in them, which most of the pioneers show.

    Post lunch, we had Hariveer Singh speaking on Visual Studio Lab Management 2010, He was showcasing the power of this one, which was a indeed a splendid product. Most of the people who were present there loved it, and was ready to recommend their employer to buy that product. That’s when it came to my mind,  if the audience were IT Pros or just developers??  Because, I had prepared for a session which was more inclined towards IT Pros. When Muqeet came up to the stage, and was breaking the ice post lunch, we came to know that there were only 5 IT Pros, and the rest of them were developers! That’s when we started to modify the deck to suit the attendees. Muqeet did a good job in showcasing the features of IIS 7.5 and showed it in the demos as well.

    Session AttendeesThe last session of the day was mine, and guess what most of them were so tired that, I could see a few of them yawning before I could start my talk itself. Now wait, that’s never a good sign for any speaker. That’s when I thought, I would make the session more interactive and joyful. I tried something different in this talk and it worked for me. I started cussing MS on why they do come up with so many OS releases and how it is a problem for all us. I could see most of the people, responding to me.  Once I got some interaction with the audience, I Gradually started moving their focus that, this release (windows 7) has something different when compared to the previous ones.  I showed them some live demos and stats which were convincing enough for them that, this release indeed is something which needs to be deployed and used.  

    I covered the Windows journey and spoke about some core OS enhancements like MinWin, Prefetch, Fast Boot, Working Set Improvements, Triggered Services, UAC and Virtualization. I also discussed on the key focus areas when you look at migrating to Windows 7. The session ended, with showing some cool demos on how to fix broken apps using Application Compatibility toolkit and Windows XP Mode.

    The session was well acknowledged and I did receive a lot of comments/compliments for my talk! That was one real impressive thing which happened after a tired long day! Carrying these positive memories from the Hyderabad CTD, I headed towards the Bus Station and started my trip back to Bangalore. A nice memorable day!

    You can download the presentation deck here!!

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    Slidedeck – What’s new in Windows 7 and what to expect!

    Today, I had my session on Windows 7 at office. This was my last Win 7 session for this year. Feels good for have given around 15 Win 7 sessions so far! The coming days in this year is just gonna’ be fun, music, work, blog and family..!

    Well, speaking about the session., I was addressing a mixed crowd of developers and IT Pros. Few of them were power users of Linux and I was mentally prepared to face all the taunts. Some literally call me an MS employee (Quite evident from my talks and the Shirts I wear ) he he..! . I even had a crazy disclaimer as well, when I started my session.

    Trust me., all the fear just disappeared when I started the talk. It was a funntasstic session. People felt that, it was worth to attend. Had loads of positive comments and also some not-so-good comments (a little tech glitches in covering the Kernel Enhancements). 

    I did follow my habit of giving un-ethical examples, and let the people to come up with their own ethical uses of the UX features. (One of them being a scenario, where you are watching a “share market website” in a background and suddenly your boss passesby; you need to hide everything else, other than the window which you are working – Share and Bake(Aero Shake) feature )

    They were sooper thrilled on different features., and also liked some improvements which are made with regard to the Kernel, Fast boot, XP Mode and Triggered Services. The last session of this year was funntasstic.! I can still remember the first Windows 7 session (7 on 7th) which Vic and I had given.,  Amazing..! The Xcitement level has not come down at all. Xcellent product and it deserves all this attention.!

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