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  • Silverlight Deployment Guide v4 is available for Download

    This guide will help you in providing information on how to deploy, manage, or troubleshoot Silverlight installation of version 1 to 4 in your corporate environment. You can also read and view the Free Silverlight 4 Programming and Training Kit which is Available for Download.

  • Free Silverlight 4 Programming and Training Kit Available for Download

    Microsoft has just released a new free Silverlight 4 Training Kit. You can use the 8 modules, 25 videos, and several hands on labs online..!

  • .toolbox: Silverlight & Expression Studio online learning program

    .toolbox is a structured curriculum-based program that features two core learning tracks with materials that increase in difficulty to build individuals’ knowledge & understanding. In Design Scenarios, designers & developers learn to create dynamically-rich Silverlight applications using Expression Studio.

  • Zeollar – The All new Technology TV Channel on your browser!

    Zeollar is a Microsoft India DPE initiative that gets you the latest technical content on a daily basis in different channels. Think of it like a personal television that switches on every day at a specified hour allowing you to switch channels and view the channel of your interest.

  • Steps to Install the Silverlight Client for Facebook

    This application brings together the many compelling platform capabilities of Silverlight 4 into a rich out-of-browser application in the familiar context of Facebook. In order to install Silverlight Client for Facebook, you will need to install the Silverlight 4 beta first. This client will make you enjoy the photos, feeds, events, friends’ walls, and inbox mail from your Facebook account in an appealing and user-friendly environment! Check this article for the install instructions and knowing the features of this client!

  • Facing Problem viewing Silverlight Content on Linux?

    Moonlight is an open source implementation of Microsoft Silverlight for Unix systems. With Moonlight you can access videos, applications and content created for Silverlight on Linux. With Moonlight, you can View Silverlight content on Linux, Watch Videos delivered with Smooth Streaming and Run Silverlight applications on Linux. The current plugin release works on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11, openSUSE 11.x, Ubuntu 9.10, and Fedora 12. Older versions of the Linux, can compile the source.