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Download Free 69-Page Book on SharePoint Storage Optimization

Every SharePoint administrator knows the challenge of dealing with SharePoint: The business wants to put everything in SharePoint so that as much data as possible is centrally located and managed; doing so, however, bloats the SharePoint SQL database and creates an administrative nightmare. How can you find your happy medium? How can you get as much data as possible into SharePoint – searchable, version-controlled, and secured – while keeping your database as trim as possible?

Book on SharePoint Storage OptimizationThe answer is storage optimization, and it’s the subject of Intelligently Reducing SharePoint Costs Through Storage Optimization by noted industry expert Don Jones. You’ll learn how to optimize SharePoint for the inclusion of large content items, external content items (like databases, shared files, and media files), and even “dormant” content that you no longer actively need – but can’t afford to get rid of.

This complete book includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The Problem with SharePoint Storage
  • Chapter 2: Optimizing SharePoint Storage for Large Content Items
  • Chapter 3: Optimizing SharePoint Storage for External or Legacy Content
  • Chapter 4: Optimizing SharePoint Storage for Dormant and Archived Content

Download the complete 69-page book today!

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Download Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Videos from the SPC 2009

While Microsoft can’t publish all the conference content from SPC (Share Point Conference 2009), they have cherry picked the most popular sessions and publish a selection of most popular Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 develop SPC videos and slide decks! Here’s the selection of most popular sessions:

Office 2010 Videos | SharePoint Conference 2009

Office 2010 has many new developer oriented features. As a Microsoft Office developer, you can create highly refined user experiences that reduce complexity for users and make them instantly more productive. The following five videos represent a selection of most popular Office developer track sessions from the SharePoint Conference 2009.

SharePoint 2010 Videos | SharePoint Conference 2009

SharePoint 2010 has many new developer oriented features. Developers can build collaboration applications on the platform features of Microsoft SharePoint 2010, the new tools for SharePoint 2010 make developers more productive, and new hosting options for SharePoint solutions provide more flexibility in deployment. The following five videos represent a selection of most popular SharePoint developer track sessions from the SharePoint Conference 2009.

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Download Ebook – The Shortcut Guide to Centralized SharePoint Administration

The Shortcut Guide to Centralized SharePoint AdministrationMicrosoft SharePoint has emerged as a market leader in satisfying corporate needs for data storage, archiving, collaboration, and delivery due in part to its scalability and customization potential. But SharePoint’s scalability and customizability can be a double-edged swords, despite the best of deployment or governance plans. As in most organic systems, lack of content control can lead to data sprawl, endangering network resources and thwarting your company’s ability to make timely strategic decisions. In large enterprises the overhead of SharePoint’s native decentralized administration tools can quickly undermine scaling advantages.

In The Shortcut Guide to Centralized SharePoint Administration, you will learn how to implement reliable data management policies across scaled SharePoint environments with the least amount of administrative overhead. Author Wendy Henry will explore data deployment and migration methods as well as content compliance and availability strategies, both native and third party. You will gain a deep understanding of the SharePoint administration hierarchy and how it applies to Microsoft’s three-tiered administration model for SharePoint. You will also learn how to manage access security and data across multiple SharePoint locations. The eBook concludes with an informative set of best practices for archiving and reporting on SharePoint data.

Chapters in this complete Realtime eBook include:

Chapter 1: Common Challenges in SharePoint Administration
Chapter 2: Understanding SharePoint Administration Hierarchy
Chapter 3: Managing Multiple SharePoint Locations
Chapter 4: SharePoint Archiving and Reporting Best Practices

You can download this Complete eBook on Centralized SharePoint Administration!!

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More from the Author….“Today’s information workers and business analysts demand immediate, reliable access to critical information.  Microsoft SharePoint is touted as a collaborative solution for all networks, large and small, thanks to its componentized design and scalable architecture,” explains author Wendy Henry.  “The Shortcut Guide to Centralized SharePoint Administration examines challenges faced when using the native administration tools and offers solutions for mitigating administrative overhead to get the most out of your SharePoint investment.”

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Want to develop Office Business Applications (OBA)? – Training Kit Available

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta is a broadly extensible platform for building information worker productivity solutions and developing for Office with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 makes this easy. The Office 2010 Developer Training Kit content is designed to help developers get started building solutions, from add-ins to full featured Office Business Applications (OBAs), using Visual Studio 2010 with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 as the core platform.

Check the Office Learning Center on Channel 9 page or click here

image004This training kit is an offline complement to the Office Learning Center and provides links to the videos but the hands-on labs (HOLs), source code and presentations will be conveniently available on the local machine. This is the same content that we developed for the Metro early adoption program, which we are now making broadly available to Office developers everywhere! So, whether an ISV developing a product on top Office, an enterprise developer looking for ways to enable process efficiencies through Office customization and SharePoint integration, or a developer that wants to just build cool add-ins for Office, encourage them to download the training kit and get started. The possibilities and scenarios that are now available with Office 2010 and Office coupled with SharePoint 2010 are very exciting.

Each of the HOLs in the training kit have a number of exercises to incrementally present the concepts and help the developer build their skills. The labs included in the training kit are:

  • Getting Started with Office 2010 Development
  • Office 2010 UI Customizations
  • Client Workflow
  • Security and Deployment
  • Open XML
  • InfoPath and Forms Services
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • Office 2010 Service Applications
  • Developing BI Applications

Check the Office Learning Center on Channel 9 page or click here

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SharePoint Day

bdotnetThere is a Mega Sharepoint Event happening on 29th September in Bangalore from Bdotnet, where we have the domain eXperts addressing the community. Do register, if you wanna be a part of it. The Agenda for the day is given below.

Session Details

Keynote: SharePoint: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – Level: 200

Speakers: Michael Noel and Joel Oleson  

Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies have become a multi-billion dollar business and has achieved wide adoption in organizations across the world.  From humble roots as a simple team sharing application, SharePoint has emerged as a powerful platform for document management, enterprise search, and collaboration.  This session briefly covers the history of SharePoint Products and Technologies, from the ‘1.0/2001’ line of products to the current ‘3.0/2007’ products.  Finally, this session will describe what is publicly known about the newest ‘2010’ version of SharePoint and how to plan for it.

  • Get an overview of the history of SharePoint Products and Technologies
  • Understand the key components of SharePoint and how it can be used to increase productivity and collaboration
  • Plan for SharePoint 2010, using information that is publicly known about the new version  

Session 1: Building the Perfect SharePoint Farm: A Walkthrough of Best Practices from the Field Level: 300

Speaker: Michael Noel

SharePoint 2007 has proven to be a technology that is remarkably easy to get running out of the box.  On the flipside, however, some of the advanced configuration options with SharePoint are notoriously difficult to setup and configure, and a great deal of confusion exists regarding SharePoint best practice design, deployment, disaster recovery, and maintenance.  This session covers best practices encompassing the most commonly asked questions regarding SharePoint infrastructure and design, and includes a broad range of critical but often overlooked items to consider when architecting a SharePoint environment.  In short, all of the specifics required to build the ‘perfect’ SharePoint farm are presented through discussion of real-world SharePoint designs of all sizes.

  • Learn from previous real world deployments and avoid common mistakes.
  • Plan a checklist for architecture of SharePoint environments of any size.
  • Build the ‘perfect’ SharePoint farm for your organization.

Session 2: Preparing for Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 Today: Level: 300

Speaker: Joel Oleson

Don’t wait for SharePoint 2010!  You need to get ready now.  There is a ton of guidance in Service Pack 2 and the team blog to prepare for upgrade.  This session will drill into the PreUpgradeChecker and provide insight and guidance around planning for upgrade based on the information that has been released and will provide you with enterprise strategy and call to actions so you’re ready when it arrives.


Time Session Details Speaker
9:00 AM Reporting  
9:30 AM Intro  
9:45 AM Keynote “SharePoint: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” Michael Noel and Joel Oleson
10:15 AM Tea Break  
10:30 AM Session 1: “Building the Perfect SharePoint Farm” Michael Noel
11:30 AM Q&A and Break  
11:45 AM Session 2: “Preparing for Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 Today Joel Oleson
12:45 AM Q&A  
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Speakers Bio

Michael Noel

m_noel Michael Noel is an internationally recognized technology expert, bestselling author, and well known public speaker on a broad range of IT topics.  He has authored several major industry books that have been translated into over a dozen languages worldwide. Significant titles include SharePoint 2007 Unleashed, Teach Yourself SharePoint 2007 in 10 Minutes, Windows Server 2008 Unleashed, ISA Server 2006 Unleashed, Exchange Server 2007 Unleashed, and many more.  Currently a partner at Convergent Computing ( in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael’s writings and extensive public speaking experience across six continents leverage his real-world expertise helping organizations realize business value from Information Technology infrastructure.

Joel Oleson

joel Joel is a senior product manager and SharePoint evangelist at Quest where he is responsible for product direction and strategy. He is well known in the SharePoint community as an enthusiastic trainer, evangelist and architect and he maintains a popular blog. Joel is a frequent speaker at popular technical conferences, such as Microsoft TechEd, and often presents to local SharePoint user groups. Prior to Quest, Joel worked at Microsoft and was a part of the first Microsoft global deployment of SharePoint. During his Microsoft tenure Joel helped various customers achieve the critical governance they needed to upgrade and achieve scale with SharePoint 2007. He would later design the extranet and hosted SharePoint deployments. Before Joel joined Microsoft, he worked for a large telecom organization where he architected multi-tiered web applications and multi-staged extranet deployments. He also managed the internal web development and test environments for, a political webzine. Blog: