I got my MVP Award ‘again’ in Setup and Deployment

It feels great to share this information with you all. I’ ve been awarded Microsoft MVP again this year in the Stream of ‘Setup and Deployment’. This would be my third consecutive year as an MVP. Special thanks to all my friends, readers, session attendees, MS Product Teams, MVP Program and my Organization for the constant support and encouragement.

Install and Setup the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.5

This article and video will give you detailed instructions on how you can setup up the ACT 5.5 Environment, configure the Application Compatibility Manager and start the Appcompat Process. This is the first step towards solving Application Compatibility Issues with Windows 7.

Webinar: Best Practices for Building Installation in Visual Studio 2010

Learn best practices for building reliable Windows Installer (MSI) installations inside the Visual Studio 2010 interface. This Webinar also explains how the world’s top software companies build reliable MSI installations inside Visual Studio 2010 using InstallShield.