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msigeek weblog added to the ALLTOP Directory!

Hey Folks, I have some nice information for you.! The msigeek weblog has been featured and added to the Alltop directory in 3 categories (Windows, Microsoft and Tech). Now the articles written here, will reach more people and also feature in the Alltop!

msigeek is now featured with blogs like Ed Bott’s Blog, Labnol, TWC, Technet, Computerworld and Neowin. Thank you all, who read the articles and appreciate the work here!

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Here’s how some people have explained Alltop. First, Dan Roam, author of Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems with Pictures, used these two pictures to explain Alltop vis-à-vis Google. Second, read this review by Sarah Perez in ReadWriteWeb on Alltop.

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What can we expect from the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal?

We all know, Microsoft and Yahoo! striked a major deal sometime last year and there has been a lot of news around it. But how does it gonna’ affect me as a end user is the real question, which many of us have in our minds!

Is it gonna be some stratergy to beat Google, or to show the supremacy in the ‘Search’ arena? Bump on to this article to understand how it may impact the end user and what are they exactly looking out from this deal.

Microsoft Yahoo Search Alliance

On Feb 18th, 2010, Microsoft and Yahoo! announced that, they have received clearance for their search agreement, without restrictions, from both the U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission, and will now turn their attention to beginning the process of implementing the deal. Yahoo! will provide Microsoft with an exclusive 10-year license to certain Yahoo! search technologies.

Implementation of the deal is expected to begin in the coming days and will involve transitioning Yahoo!’s algorithmic and paid search platforms to Microsoft, with Yahoo! becoming the exclusive relationship sales force for both companies’ premium search advertisers globally. Once the transition is completed, the companies’ unified search marketplace will deliver improved innovation for consumers, better volume and efficiency for advertisers and better monetization opportunities for web publishers through a platform that contains a larger pool of search queries.

What is the End-User’s Impact?

Microsoft will provide Yahoo! with the same search result listings available through Bing, and Yahoo! will innovate around those listings by integrating rich Yahoo! content, enhanced listings with conveniently organized information about key topics, and tools to tailor the experience by integrating Yahoo! content, shortcuts and tools.

Yahoo! will focus on providing a compelling and innovative search experience that allows people to find and explore the things, people and sites that matter most to them. While Microsoft will provide the underlying platform, both companies will continue to create different, compelling and evolving experiences, competing for audience, engagement and clicks.

Publishers and Developers

Yahoo! and Microsoft will work with advertisers, publishers and developers on a customized plan designed to make the transition as efficient and seamless as possible. Both companies will begin working closely with most partners well in advance of their planned transition to the Microsoft platform and will communicate important information to partners about the transition periodically via phone, e-mail, webinars and a newly-created Web site at The Alliance team believes that combining the strengths of Yahoo! and Microsoft to create a competitive choice in search with the scale to fuel sustained development is good for both companies, good for advertisers, good for consumers and good for the partners.

Lets hope, this alliance gives something really powerful to the webmasters and ease of access for the end-users!

You can read more on the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal here

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The Leading Systems Management Appliances Company, KACE to Join Dell

This morning Dell Inc. announced its intent to acquire KACE Networks, Inc. KACE has had a long standing partnership with Dell and this combination offers evidence of how successful that partnership has been.
The union of KACE and Dell is a natural fit and one that will benefit IT administrators worldwide.  KACE’s innovative appliance-based approach to system management has revolutionized the endpoint management market bringing comprehensive, easy to use and affordable appliances to a market that has long been underserved by the traditional software-only vendors.  Along the way KACE has helped over 1400 customers save valuable time and money managing their PCs and Servers. Dell is committed to expanding these efforts to drive down the overall total costs of computer ownership for its customers.

Wynn White, VP, Marketting of KACE says that,

Now that KACE intends to be part of the Dell family you can benefit from KACE’s time and cost saving systems management appliances with the confidence that these products will be backed by the world class service, support and resources of one of the largest technology companies. We look forward showing you just how powerful this combination is to solving your PC and server management challenges.

I encourage you to learn more about Dell KACE appliances. You can hear first hand how other organizations are benefiting from our innovative approach to systems management, watch a live product demo, or even download a virtual Trial KBOX—all from