Windows Installer FAQ – Part 3

As you guys are aware, I am writing a series of posts which covers some key discussions, topics and FAQs in the stream of application packaging. In this third post, we will look at some questions on key OS components and Installation sequences. Q11. What is the difference between a Task, Process and a Service… Continue reading Windows Installer FAQ – Part 3

How to Fix Custom Action Issues in MSI Installation?

When an installation fails, it may be because of the Custom Action(s) it contains. Here’s how to examine the MSI logs to troubleshoot the problem. Generate the MSI log and search for RETURN VALUE 3. This will help you identify and solve the problem in some cases. Further, the possible Return Values for CAs are:… Continue reading How to Fix Custom Action Issues in MSI Installation?

MSI Package Validation using ORCA

Validation is performed by one or more Internal Consistency Evaluators, that are organized into CUB files. Several standard validators and CUB files are provided as part of the Platform SDK. ORCA can also use custom validators and CUB files.