Webinar: Best Practices for Building Installation in Visual Studio 2010

Learn best practices for building reliable Windows Installer (MSI) installations inside the Visual Studio 2010 interface. This Webinar also explains how the world’s top software companies build reliable MSI installations inside Visual Studio 2010 using InstallShield.

Create a Minor Upgrade for an application using InstallShield

Upgrades are little complex compared to the new installer. This guest article from Bhuvana aims at providing the requirement for minor upgrade, the steps to create it and options to install the same. Minor upgrade is a type of Product upgrade that Windows Installer supports. A minor upgrade can be used to add new features and components. Let us know if you have any inputs / suggestions for Minor upgrade.

Merge – Merge Module Contents to an MSI

There is always a need for a merging tool when we want to add the components in a merge module to our Installation Package(MSI). All the major packaging tools offer this functionality. There’s also an utility called MsiMerg.exe that ships as part of the Windows Installer SDK.  The syntax for using this utility – msimerg.exe {base… Continue reading Merge – Merge Module Contents to an MSI

Installing Specific Features in a MSI Package

The ADDLOCAL, ADDSOURCE, and ADVERTISE properties can be used to install only a certain number of known features. The following command-line script would be used to install the “Word” and “Excel” features of the example.msi package locally on the machine. Feature names are case-sensitive. msiexec /i example.msi ADDLOCAL=Word,Excel /qb The following command-line script would advertise… Continue reading Installing Specific Features in a MSI Package

What is a Restricted Public Property? How can I use that?

There are 3 types of properties in Windows Installer; namely: Public Property, Private Property and Restricted Public Property. Public property can be changed from command line while installing the package whereas private properties cannot be changed from command line. Restricted public properties can be only changed by a system administrator or by a user who… Continue reading What is a Restricted Public Property? How can I use that?

Application Packaging Advantages & Installer Benefits

Application packaging bundles applications and operating systems into a single file called a distribution unit (.msi), which makes it easier to deploy and install them on user’s computers. Packaging reduces the total cost of ownership for the customers by enabling them to efficiently install and configure the applications.