Open Data Protocol (OData) SDK for Objective C (iPhone-Mac) – Download

Yesterday at MIX10, The Interop team at Microsoft presented about how Open Data Protocol (OData) can contribute to a more programmable web through demos consuming a Netflix OData feed in various scenarios. They also announced a series of new and updated OData SDKs for PHP, Java, Objective C (iPhone & Mac,) and JavaScript (AJAX and Palm WebOS).

Remotely Connect to a Mac from Windows – Aqua Connect

In today’s heterogeneous environments, the ability to remotely connect to systems operating under dissimilar platforms enables many capabilities at both the user level and at the administrative level that increases performance. This article explains about the demonstration of a new level of interoperability between the two heterogeneous platforms Windows and Macintosh using Aqua Connect Mac Remote Desktop Beta and Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client for Mac 2.