How to keep your Passwords and Online Accounts Safe?

Internet has provided us with some amazing ways to do our day-to-day tasks better; sharing content and even getting in touch with friends have never been so awesome. As easy as it sounds, it is equally vulnerable to attacks. Most hackers either take control of your account for malicious activity or are just mere stalkers. I did hear about a… Continue reading How to keep your Passwords and Online Accounts Safe?

Fix Commonly faced issues with Reliance NetConnect

NetConnect claims to be the India’s fastest wireless internet with upto 3.1Mbps in Reliance Broadband + Network optimized for running rich media / heavy applications such as video conferencing, video streaming, electronic surveillance, online multiplayer gaming and heavy file transfers. This Trouble Shooting Guide of Reliance NetConnect covers information on how to fix Connection Errors, Frequent disconnection, Site opening problem, Poor Speed and Installation Error.