New Options added to Google Docs!

Google has made some improvements to the existing GDocs to make it more productive, Stable and User Friendly. In spreadsheets, you’ll now find a formula editing bar, cell auto-complete, drag-and-drop columns and other features not possible with older browser technologies. Also, a big improvement is made to the document upload feature so moving files from your computer to the cloud is easier now. The Google Docs’ collaboration capabilities have extended too.

How to Create an Online Powerpoint Presentation With Google Docs

Just think of a situation where you are on a vacation, travelling to a friends place and your boss calls you to create one urgent presentation. Later you realize that, your friend does not have office installed on his machine. Now when creating a presentation is seriosly a challenge for you, thats where an online office tools comes handy. More Good, you can even present it online, virtually! This article explains you ten simple steps using which you can create a powerpoint presentation using Google Docs!

How to Create a Contact Page or a Survey Feedback Form using Google Docs

Does you job involve collecting surveys and feedbacks? How do you do that? Do you send emails to your team, asking for reviews and manually enter into a sheet? or have a centralized excel sheet and ask everyone to update? – Now let me tell you, thats one sad way of doing., and I reckon.. even you will agree on that! This article will provide you information on how can you use the power of Google Docs to create a Simple Contact Page for your blog, or even have a Survey form.

Memeo Connect- A Desktop Application for Google Docs

Memeo Connect is a Desktop Application which integrates Google Docs abilities and brings it live on a desktop application. This tool is in pre-order now, and its available for Mac and Windows on Jan 18th, 2010. Using this tool you can, Access files which are stored in the cloud from your desktop, Edit your Google Docs file offline, Quick import and export, Store previous versioned files on your machine.

Share your files on the Internet Cloud with Google Docs

The Long Awaited GDrive is officially announced. Its not a new product, but an addition to the existing Google Docs. This service was finally launched, after creating a lot of expectation. Skydrive is another well known product from Microsoft, which provides similar facility. Now accessing your work files doesn’t require a connection to your internal office network. Nor do you need to email files to yourself, carry around a thumbdrive, or use a company network drive – you can access your files using Google Docs from any web-enabled computer. And of course, by using Google Docs, you can quickly and easily search across all your files from one place, getting access to the right file when and where you need it.