New Options added to Google Docs!

Google has made some improvements to the existing Google Docs to make it more productive, Stable and User Friendly. In spreadsheets, you’ll now find a formula editing bar, cell auto-complete, drag-and-drop columns and other features not possible with older browser technologies.

Check the screenshots below where you see that the address bar is enabled for editing.

Editable Formula Bar - New Google Docs

The earlier edition did not have this option (See below) :

Non Editable Formula Bar

In Google Docs Documents, now you have a margin ruler, better numbering and bullets and easier image placement options.

Also, a big improvement is made to the document upload feature so moving files from your computer to the cloud is easier now. Imported documents retain their original structure more accurately, so you dont have to fix formatting like bullets and text alignment. New browser technologies like faster JavaScript processing have made it possible for us to speed up Google Docs significantly. Even very large spreadsheets are fast to work with in your browser now. Applications that run this fast feel like desktop applications but have the unique advantages of being in the cloud.

The Google Docs’ collaboration capabilities have extended too, with support for up to 50 people working together at once, and in documents, you can now see other people’s edits as they happen character-by-character. And now you can also collaborate on flow charts, diagrams and other schematics in real time with a new editor for drawings on Google Docs.

With Google Docs drawings you can,

  • Edit drawings online in real time with anyone you choose, and invite others to view your edits in real time
  • Chat with others who are editing your drawing, from within the drawings editor.
  • Publish drawings online to the world as images, or download them in standard formats.
  • Insert text, shapes, arrows, scribbles, and images from your hard drive or from the Web.
  • Lay out drawings precisely with alignment guides, snap to grid, and auto distribution.
  • Insert drawings into other Google documents, spreadsheets, or presentations using the web clipboard, then tweak them inline

For the complete list on What’s new on Google Docs read this article –

If you do not see the newer edition of Google Docs, Login to Gdocs and see the top right corner, where you have an option to try the new one. (see below screenshot)

Preview the New Google SpreadSheet

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Courtesy: Google official Blog

Google How-to

How to Create an Online Powerpoint Presentation With Google Docs

Just think of a situation where you are on a vacation, travelling to a friends place and your boss calls you to create one urgent presentation. Later you realize that, your friend does not have office installed on his machine.  Now when creating a presentation is seriosly a challenge for you, thats where an online office tools comes handy. More Good, you can even present it online, virtually!

You do not need to purchase license to use Online docs. Also. you can very well use it as an economical solution for project discussions and personal projects.

Docs is a free service from Google, which provides you the same functionalities of Word, Excel and PowerPoint  – online. This means, you dont need Office to be installed on your machine. All you need is Internet and just your gmail id (I guess, everyone has it by now.!). Google Docs provides  these following capabilites,

  • Share and Collaborate on office documents online.
  • Create office documents online or upload existing ones (DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, PPT, etc.)
  • Familiar Microsoft Office style interface and features (bold, underline, indent, change the font/number format, change background colors, etc.)
  • Sharing: invite other people to view your documents / spreadsheets / presentations.
  • Collaboration: let others (colleagues, project members, etc.) edit and contribute to your files.
  • Changes History: View by whom and when document was edited, what changes were made, and (if necessary) revert the document to any earlier version.
  • Organize your files by folders, by tags, or both
  • Integarted chat window.
  • Publish and showcase documents on a webpage. and lots more …

Ten Simple Steps to Create a simple Powerpoint Presentation

Step 1: Login with your gmail id, at

Google Docs - Login

Step 2: Once you login, you will have a workspace area to work with your documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Just below the logo, you will find the “Create New” button, when you click on that, you will have all the available options. Select Presentation there.

Google Docs - Select Presentation

Step 3: Now you have an empty presentation being created in your workspace. The look and feel doesnt look like a web application at all!

Google Docs - Creating a Presentation

Step 4: You can goto the Format Menu item and change the presentation Theme or Background. There are lots of templates and themes available!

Google Docs - Choosing Presentation Template and Design

Step 5: As you would do on any desktop office client, you can click on the new slide button, and select the Slide Design.

Google Docs - Choosing Slide Template

Step 6: If you need to insert a drawing, Shape or an Image, You can goto the Insert Menu item and select the same. Once you select image, You have options to select the image as a URL image or even a web upload!

Google Docs - Inserting an Image or Drawing into the presentation

Google Docs - Inserting an Image or Drawing - Choosing Location

Step 7: If you need to insert Tables to your slide deck, you can use the Table Menu item, and select the number of Rows and Colums.

Google Docs - Creating a Table in the PowerPoint Presentation

Step 8: One very cool option, which I like about this Online google docs is the Speaker Notes option,Google Docs - Speaker Note Icon a small window pops up, which enables you to enter the Speaker notes which you wanna mention. Real nice thing!

Google Docs - Speaker Notes in a Presentation

Step 9: You can start the presentation, either by clicking on the ‘View menu -> Start Presentation’ or click the Start Presentation Button.

Google Docs - Starting a Presentation

This will start the presentation of the powerpoint which you just created, You can hit F11 key for full screen mode!

Google Docs - Running or Viewing a Presentation

Step 10: You can now share the presentation through email attachment, give a link to the presentation.. so that one can watch it online in Google Docs and even Embed this presentation to your website too..!

Google Docs - Share the Presentation with others

That completes your first presentation on Google Docs..!

Google How-to

How to Create a Contact Page or a Survey Feedback Form using Google Docs

Does you job involve collecting surveys and feedbacks? How do you do that? Do you send emails to your team, asking for reviews and manually enter into a sheet? or have a centralized excel sheet and ask everyone to update? – Now let me tell you, thats one sad way of doing., and I reckon.. even you will agree on that!

Now lets come to bloggers/Authors – Most of us have blogs and we all need our readers to connect with us, either for Questions or comments (compliments too..!). For this purpose we use plugins and embed it in our WordPress/Blogspot blogs. Most of the times, you need to create an account in the plugin site and you really are not sure, if the same plugin will work, when you do a blog update. (WordPress has frequent updates!!). Thats the compatiblity crisis!

This is where exactly, Google Docs can help you! Docs is a free service from Google, which provides you the same functionalities of Word, Excel and PowerPoint online. This means, you dont need Office to be installed on your machine. All you need is Internet and just your gmail id (I guess, everyone has it by now.!)

Ten Simple Steps to Create a  Contact Page or a Survey Feedback form

Step 1: Login with your gmail id, at

Google Docs - Login

Step 2: Once you login, you will have a workspace area to work with your documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Just below the logo, you will find the “Create New” button, when you click on that, you will have all the available options. Select Form there.

Google Docs - Select Form

Step 3: This will create a new clean Form Wizard for you. Using this window, you can name your survey/contact page name, quote a description for it. and Start writing questions. You also have a Help text option, here to make your user understand what this field in this form is all about. For eg: Question Title – “Enter Emp id:” , The help text can be – “Enter the number, which you have on your badge :”

Google Docs - Creating a Form

Step 4: The beauty of this forms is that, you have options to choose what type of answer are you expecting from the user. So its not just mere Text boxes. You can have Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Choosing from list, Scale option, Grid etc.. Once you complete the Question number 1. You can click on the add question box, which you see on the form below to add one more question. A nice cool thing is that, you can make some questions mandatory too.!

Google Docs - Form- Types of Answers Supported

Step 5: Once you have completed all the questions, you can also edit the confirmation message. This is the text which the end user will see after taking the survey. You can add your custom text and company details here!

Google Docs - Form - Modify the Confirmation message

Step 6: You can also choose, how do you want the responses to be shown. whether as a Summary graph or a SpreadSheet. It depends on what your need is! For eg: If you are writing a survey to ask, how many is fine to attend a function? – The summary response works. But, if your questions are more user centric and you need individual thoughts and opinions, Spreadsheet is a better option.

Google Docs - Form - Types of Responses

Step 7: Now, this completes the phase 1 of Designing Form. Now lets drill onto doing some backend activities. A place where you set, a notification alert.. when someone completes a survey (or) when someone asks you something in your Contact page. For this, get back to Workspace, and click open the SpreadSheet which is present in your workarea (This will be of the same name of the Survey form). Goto, Tools  -> Notification Rules

Google Docs - Notification Rules

Step 8: This below dialog gets displayed when you select that. Here you have options to choose whether you wanna’ have a notification rule or not. Select Edit here

Google Docs - Form - Set Notification Rules

Step 9: This is the place where you will setting your notification rules. For example, I have selected for a notification, when someone makes any change to this sheet (which is caused, when he submits the survey). You can choose, whether do you want an instant email or a summary – Daily digest email (not Instant).  I have choosen, right away here.

Google Docs - Notification Rules Options

Step 10: Now you are all set to distribute this survey/contact page form. Click on Email this form, if you want to send this form as an email to all yourt team members. Bloggers and Authors, can select the Embed option. This will give you a HTML script tag, which you need to add it to your contact me page.

Google Docs - Form - Embed in a Website

That’s it..You are all done.! Once when people do submit the comments/surveys/questions, you can see it in the SpreadSheet from the WorkArea. For eg: I have attached my spreadsheet which I get from my Contact Me page. Its Slick..!

Google Docs - Result Page

Well, I am no different!! Even I have used Google Docs for my Contact Me page –  You will know how have I implemented it…., May be you can do it much better way than what I did.!


Memeo Connect- A Desktop Application for Google Docs

Memeo Connect is a Desktop Application which integrates Google Docs abilities and brings it live on a desktop application. This tool is in pre-order now, and its available for Mac and Windows on Jan 18th, 2010.

Using this tool you can,

Access any files locally from any desktop
Memeo Connect continuously syncs your Google Docs account with your desktop ensuring that you will always have access to your files, especially when you are offline.

Edit your Google Docs files offline
Memeo Connect provides you the ability to edit and sync any Google Docs files using Microsoft Office…it’s the perfect answer when you have to work offline.

Easily and quickly import all your files into Google Docs
Memeo Connect makes it even easier and faster to migrate all your files and folders into Google Docs, even preserving your original folder structure in the process.

Accurate offline viewing
Memeo Connect allows you to simply save all your Google Docs files as PDF files for accurate viewing offline when editing is not a requirement.

Store previous versions of your files, locally
Memeo Connect adds an additional layer of functionality by storing previous versions of your local files, allowing them to be recalled later

You can claim your copy by registering in their website here

Google Microsoft

Share your files on the Internet Cloud with Google Docs

The Long Awaited GDrive is officially announced. Its not a new product, but an addition to the existing Google Docs. This service was finally launched, after creating a lot of expectation. Skydrive is another well known product from Microsoft, which provides similar facility.

Instead of emailing files to yourself, which is particularly difficult with large files, you can upload to Google Docs any file up to 250 MB. You’ll have 1 GB of free storage for files you don’t convert into one of the Google Docs formats (i.e. Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), and if you need more space, you can buy additional storage for $0.25 per GB per year. This makes it easy to backup more of your key files online, from large graphics and raw photos to unedited home videos taken on your smartphone. You might even be able to replace the USB drive you reserved for those files that are too big to send over email.

Combined with shared folders, you can store, organize, and collaborate on files more easily using Google Docs. For example, if you are in a club or PTA working on large graphic files for posters or a newsletter, you can upload them to a shared folder for collaborators to view, download, and print.

Google Apps Premier Edition users can also use the Google Documents List Data API to upload files to Google Docs in batch, or purchase applications offered by third parties that enable you to migrate and sync your files to Google Docs.

You can also search for document files you’ve uploaded or that have been shared with you just like you do with your Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs. And you’ll be able to view many common document file types with the Google Docs viewer.