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Google Apps Referral Program in now available in India

Google has made the Apps Referral Program available in India now. This referral program is nice way to make some money online by encouraging your friends, readers and customers to use Google Apps in their company. Google Apps is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software available as a SaaS (subscription model) by Google.

The Google Apps includes Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, Docs and an option to have a custom email addresses at your domain ( for example). Google Apps makes scalability really simple; as increasing volume on your music player. It doesn’t expect you to be an IT admin to manage and host these data. As its a cloud provisioned model, these data are stored in Google’s network of secure data centres rather than on traditional in-house servers that are located within companies.

If you do not use Google Apps for your startup, Its a pretty neat thing to begin with. Like many recommend, having a domain name in your email id, gets attention more than having a generic one. For e.g.: is better than Do register here for your Account here.

There has been a huge drive from Google to make more and more users evaluate & use Google Apps for their work. With Apps Referral Program, you can now earn about USD 7.50 every-time when a new Google Apps user signs up.

Referring is quick and simple

  • Receive a unique referral link after registering for the program
  • Start with email and website templates that we’ll provide
  • Get rewarded when customers sign up using your unique referral link

Points to Remember:

  • The referral commission is not Per Sign Up. It is “Per User” in each account signed up using your referral link. For example, if Dave (example) signed up for a Google Apps account using your referral link. You won’t get any commission at this time; you will get it only when Dave creates “users” in his Google Apps account.
  • You are eligible for commission only for a maximum of 100 users in each referral account. Lets consider, that a big company uses your referral link, if they add 500 users to his Google Apps account, you will get the commission only for the first 100 users in that account.
  • Commission will be paid only for the users which are paid for at-least 120 days.