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Three Tips to Buy a Tablet that Suits You!

Thanks to smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, and other portable digital devices, we are now used to carrying our entire world with us everywhere we go. Friends, partners, and bosses especially are no longer as understanding about an inability to respond, and saying you are on the go is no longer an acceptable excuse for not getting the job done or responding to someone. Even though it is easier than ever to be able to check e-mails, update files, and communicate, you still need the right device to do all these things. Here are three things to consider as you are picking out the right device for your needs.

  1. Are You Using a Device Powerful Enough to Suit Your Needs?

If you are expected to be on call at work, as well as on the go, you need a portable device that can handle all the programs you need to do your job well. It is important to run the latest programs and most up-to-date systems to be compatible with as many coworkers and clients as you can be while out in the field. For business purposes, you will often need to use programs and apps like Skype, Microsoft Word, Excel, or Quickbooks among others to get everything handled in a way that pleases clients and coworkers alike. It is also extremely important to have a device with a powerful processor, so that you are not waiting around for programs to load and documents to be sent when you are expected to be delivering top quality results.

It is also very important that your device not sacrifice these performance needs for portability or convenience, which is why a tablet is often a better choice than a more standard laptop when you need to accomplish a lot on the move and may not have a space to sit down to do so at all times. An example of a high performance tablet is the Panasonic Tablet, which also happens to be a “tough” model, suited for rugged conditions. This particular tablet features an i5-2520M vPro processor, a third-generation 2.5GHz processor, and up to 8GB of RAM, which is definitely enough to do everything you need for most business purposes. PCMag conducted a variety of tests and found it to be just as high-scoring as other premier Windows tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro, which won their Editor’s Choice award, and the Kupa UltraNote X15 Ultra, which are not active-lifestyle models.

2. Can The Device You’re Using Withstand The Physical Pressure Of Your Active Lifestyle?

If you have a very active lifestyle, find yourself in the field, and are contending with all sorts of physical pressures – you need a device that can handle all of those factors. It is also important that your tablet not encumber you by being too heavy, even while being strong and able to withstand the elements. The toughpad tablet is a good example of a tablet that is attractive yet rugged, as Top Ten Reviews notes. The tablet features a silver-magnesium alloy chassis that hardly looks like it belongs outside, but can withstand a lot of abuse. This device is MIL-STD-810G compliant for drops and IP-rated for resistance to dust and water.

TechRadar espouses about the tablet’s ability to withstand drops of five feet, and notes that it does not feature a fan so that dust and rain can not harm it. These design features make it able to handle vibration, high altitude, extreme humidity, shock, and intense temperatures. It also has an elastomeric guard at the edges to reduce force if it is dropped, and to protect the display. It is also important to be able to see your screen in bright sunlight, and it is easy to do that with this tablet, because it a matte screen that isn’t obscured when you are in imperfect light. It is important that there isn’t a situation that would cause your tablet to buckle and under-perform, so you need to choose a tablet that is designed for extreme circumstances. 

  1. Is Your Device Convenient For You To Bring Everywhere?

Despite needing something strong, you still don’t want to carry something around a bulky tablet. Even though you want a powerful machine, it is also desirable that you don’t have something that is significantly larger than the average, non-rugged tablet. If you have something extremely bulky, it may look out of place in the boardroom, even if it appears just fine out in the woods or on a construction site.  Having features that can be customized for different situations is also a good idea, such as being able to switch out batteries if you are away from an outlet for too long of a time, and a number of docks to attach other devices.

Overall, it is best to weigh your options and find something that suits your needs if you are going to be out in the field.

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NudeAudio Launches Portable Bluetooth Speakers in India

NudeAudio, a new-generation audio company with deep roots in product design, fashion and audio manufacturing, today announces the launch of its stylish portable Bluetooth speakers with Brandeyes Distributors Pvt. Ltd., its exclusive distribution and marketing partner in India. NudeAudio Bluetooth Speakers The NudeAudio Move range launches in two color pairings: charcoal/coral and gray/mint, both of which subtly reference the ‘on trend’ hues of the Fsports-fashion industry. The naming of the speakers makes another playful nod to the clothing world with the names S, M and L. The “Move S” is an ultra-portable pocket-sized version, “Move M” takes things up a notch in terms of both size and bass, and the “Move L” offers the range’s biggest size, filling an entire room with a rich, warm sound.

Flipkart is offering discounts on these products. Click on these links below for the updated prices. Move S, Move M and Move L. For the complete range check here

One of NudeAudio’s most distinctive design cues is a brightly colored carrying cord, available on all Move models, to emphasize and encourage easy transport and the joys of sharing music, video, gaming and other audio-related experiences with those around you. All the speakers also come with a thick, durable silicone sleeve that is both tactile and protective.

The Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth 3.0 technology and wirelessly stream music from any smartphone, tablet and most computers from up to 33 feet away, allowing users to have complete control from the palm of their hand. Each of the speakers has an eight-hour battery life.

“Bluetooth speakers are now the most popular technology format and the preferred way for people to listen to music out loud from their smartphone or tablet. The benefits are obvious as it allows the phone to stay in close proximity of the user, so they can use other functions e.g. mail or Facebook while simultaneously listening to their music.” Says Amlan Bhattacharjya, Founder & CEO of Brandeyes Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

Flipkart is offering discounts on these products. Click on these links below for the updated prices. Move S, Move M and Move L

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msigeek weblog added to the ALLTOP Directory!

Hey Folks, I have some nice information for you.! The msigeek weblog has been featured and added to the Alltop directory in 3 categories (Windows, Microsoft and Tech). Now the articles written here, will reach more people and also feature in the Alltop!

msigeek is now featured with blogs like Ed Bott’s Blog, Labnol, TWC, Technet, Computerworld and Neowin. Thank you all, who read the articles and appreciate the work here!

msigeek has not made it to the top yet ;), you gotta’ scroll a little down to see the listing on – Windows

msigeek on Alltop

Well, AllTop LogoAlltop has all the top headlines on popular topics around the web! You can think of an Alltop site as a dashboard, table of contents or even as a “digital magazine rack” of the Internet. The team at Alltop import the stories of the top news websites and blogs for any given topic and display the headlines of the five most recent stories. When you place the cursor over a headline, they display part of the story so that you can decide if you’d like to read it. To read the story, click on its title. To go to the home page of the site, click on its domain name!

Here’s how some people have explained Alltop. First, Dan Roam, author of Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems with Pictures, used these two pictures to explain Alltop vis-à-vis Google. Second, read this review by Sarah Perez in ReadWriteWeb on Alltop.

You can watch this small video to understand what AllTop is all about,

You can also follow Guy Kawasaki or Alltop on Twitter here

If you want to suggest or recommend any website/blog, submit your choices here –

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Top Ten Articles of the year 2009

As the year 2009 comes to an end in about 48 hours, these posts would just bring back some of the best 10 articles which were posted this year on the blog. Posts of all categories are included in this list. The selection was primarily on the visits and how much impact has this had to ease the day to day challenges.

Kindly check the same and let me know your comments. Wish you a wonderful 2010 ahead!    

Is your Photo Editing software FREE?? 

This article briefs about the Paint.NET software, which is a free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools.     

Did you know what happens to your emails when you die?

In a digital world your deepest secrets no longer die with you. If you die, your family and others could end up reading them. This article explains the policies and the procedures of popular email services like gmail, hotmail & yahoo mail and social networking sites.        

What is Email Phishing and how can you avoid email hacks? 

This article briefs about the Email Phishing which is an industry-wide problem and ways with which you can identify a phishing email. It will also brief on how to avoid these attacks on our personal email accounts like Gmail and Hotmail.

Command Line Switches for MSI and MSP Installations  

In this article, we focus on the command line arguments and the silent switches for software installations which can be used for msi and msp (un-installable patches) installers.    

Did you know these Windows Installer File Types?

This post defines the several files type which can be created for the Windows Installer technology like .msi, .msm, .cub, .mst, .idt and .pcp files.

How to troubleshoot the error 1603 “Fatal Error during Installation”?

1603 is an error message which is displayed by the Windows Installer engine and is a general error code that indicates a problem occurred during the installation. Read this article to know the scenarios and various ways to fix the error code 1603 which occurs during installation.

Windows Installer FAQs

Well, sometime back I was planning to write a series of posts covering some key discussions, topics and FAQs in the stream of windows installer and application packaging. I reckon this post would help, when some of you look at a change in your careers or when stuck up with an issue. 

AppCompat Series – Demystifying the Windows 7 Virtual XP Mode 

Windows XP Mode is a virtual machine package for Windows Virtual PC containing a pre-installed, licensed copy of Windows XP SP3 as its guest OS. XP Mode provides an additional layer of application compatibility in windows 7, which means that, you will have additional time to migrate your existing applications to the new operating system. In this article, you will find detailed information on XP Mode. 

How to create a Virtual Machine using Sun VirtualBoX 3.0

This article will showcase the features of the Sun VirtualBox 3.0 and will explain the step-by step procedures to create a Virtual machine using VirtualBoX. It is also the only professional solution that is freely available as Open Source Software.

How to use Google Chrome Browser Extensions on Windows?

An extension system has been one of the most requested features for Google Chrome. One important note for the Google team was to make extensions easy to create and maintain, while preserving Google Chrome’s speed and stability (Speed of access being Chrome’s Unique Selling Point). In this article, you will find information on how to use a Google Chrome Extension on a Windows machine.

Wish you a wonderful year ahead.! Happy new year 2010..!

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Do’s and Dont’s of a Good Presenter – Public Conferences

This is an Xcellent article i came across on Twitter today. This was one of the update from Atul’s Twitter notes.

atul_chitnisIn this article Atul Chitnis, writes on the “Speaker’s Guide” for conference. The very moment I went through it, It striked my mind to share this on my blog as well. 

All the points are so true and one has to really follow these guidelines to succeed. One has to really value the experience which Atul has seen. I’m sure that, these guidelines does fit not only for FOSS.IN but for every speaker, who dares to deliver!!

Trust me, you will never get to see such great tips in one single page !!!

In this article, Atul speaks on areas like,

  1. How to approach your audiences
  2. SlideShows and Slide Specifications
  3. Taking Questions
  4. Importance of Handling Stage Fright
  5. Critisizing and Handling Criticism
  6. Understanding the reactions of your Audience
  7. How much should you go in detail

You can read the complete article at the Speaker Guidelines – Here!!!

I really like this excerpt from this article –

A Speaker who supports an argument with “Windows sux” is history. Make statements you *can* support with facts. If you say “Linux is 10 times faster than Windows”, be prepared to *prove* it with references to actual tests.

Also remember that a large proportion of your audience is likely to be users of Windows and *possibly* Linux and other open source technologies. You don’t insult your audience – remember, they have come to learn, not to be abused!

I would also like to quote our very own bdotnet pal Vinod here, who once said me during the Community Teched that.. “Remember., Your audience are investing their one hour on you..!!, you gotta’ deliver!! “

Folks who aren’t aware of Atul – (I know that the chances are really lesss..!!) – Click Here to know him !!