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  • Three Tips to Buy a Tablet that Suits You!

    Thanks to smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, and other portable digital devices, we are now used to carrying our entire world with us everywhere we go. Friends, partners, and bosses especially are no longer as understanding about an inability to respond, and saying you are on the go is no longer an acceptable excuse for not […]

  • NudeAudio Launches Portable Bluetooth Speakers in India

    The “Move S” is an ultra-portable pocket-sized version, “Move M” takes things up a notch in terms of both size and bass, and the “Move L” offers the range’s biggest size, filling an entire room with a rich, warm sound.

  • msigeek weblog added to the ALLTOP Directory!

    Well, AllTop has all the top headlines on popular topics around the web! You can think of an Alltop site as a dashboard, table of contents or even as a “digital magazine rack” of the Internet. The msigeek weblog has been featured and added to the Alltop directory in 3 categories (Windows, Microsoft and Tech).

  • Top Ten Articles of the year 2009

    As the year 2009 comes to an end in about 48 hours, these posts would just bring back some of the best 10 articles which were posted this year on the blog. Posts of all categories are included in this list. The selection was primarily on the visits and how much impact has this had to ease the day to day challenges. Kindly check the same and let me know your comments. Wish you a wonderful 2010 ahead!

  • Do’s and Dont’s of a Good Presenter – Public Conferences

    This is an Xcellent article i came across on Twitter today. This was one of the update from Atul Chitnis’s Twitter notes. In this article Atul writes on the “Speaker’s Guide” for foss.in conference. The very moment I went through it, It striked my mind to share this on my blog as well !!