Today at the Facebook f8 conference, the company launched Messenger Platform and announced Businesses on Messenger. Messenger Platform apps can display the option for a person to install the app from within Messenger, or to reply using content from the app.

Facebook is a fantastic platform; you have so much of interesting information and content shared by your friends flowing on your News-Feed. Sometime you may want to archive it for your future reading or references. In such situations, we always saved the same on the browser bookmarks or used Evernote or Pocket, if you were toggling between different computers or devices. Well, you don’t need to do it anymore.

New Buzzom has a Facebook like interface; You can view your Twitter and Facebook stream and post updates in both. You can choose to hide user, application as well as keywords (through hash tags). You also have Firefox and chrome plugin for updating status updates from your browser to 9 social networks including Google Buzz.

Facebook released its first official SDK for Android, offering developers on Google’s mobile OS an easy way to tie their Android native apps to Facebook Platform. This SDK is said to be more advanced than the iPhone SDK because it features Facebook’s Graph API, which was unveiled at its f8 developer conference last month.