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Lightroom is now available on iPad. Thank you Creative Cloud

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is now available not only on PC and Mac but also on mobile and web, so you can edit anywhere and automatically sync your photos between Lightroom on your desktop and on your iPad. You can download the Lightroom mobile app from the iTunes App Store and start syncing your photos right away.

Adobe Lightroom Appstore

If you have an iPad 2 or later running iOS 7 or later, you can run Lightroom mobile. (According to Adobe, an iPhone version will appear later this year; an Android version is also in the works, but the company gave no release window.)

Lightroom mobile’s key feature is its synchronization with the desktop version of Lightroom (which I’ll refer to from here on as “Lightroom desktop” for clarity). Version 5.4 for OS X or Windows, available now, introduces a new option to wirelessly sync individual collections—but not Smart Collections, alas—to Lightroom mobile.

lightroom Collections iPad

Sync over WifiLightroom mobile can also import images from the iPad’s Camera Roll and sync them back to Lightroom desktop, saving you the effort of manually importing those photos via USB.

Lightroom desktop creates Smart Previews of photos marked for sync and uploads them to the Creative Cloud servers. Smart Previews retain much of the editing options and detail of the source images (even raw files) but occupy much less storage space. In Lightroom mobile, the app downloads low-resolution previews for display in its Grid layout, and when an image is opened it pulls down the higher-resolution Smart Preview file (enabling you to zoom in to check details if needed).

Make a change to a photo on the iPad, and that change should appear in Lightroom desktop within seconds, removing the need to export or import images. Edits you make to the photo synchronize back to Creative Cloud and Lightroom desktop when you close the image—in fact, only a small XML file describing the edits is transmitted, which is why updates appear in the desktop and mobile applications quickly.

Lightroom mobile can share images via any of iOS’s core services, including Messages, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and AirDrop. A slideshow feature is also built-in, which turns the app into a spontaneous portfolio. Adobe is also introducing Lightroom Web View, which makes your synced collection available on the Web.

Summing up, Lightroom mobile extends your existing workflows beyond the desktop, allowing you to utilize your iPad to review and edit your images and have the changes sync back to your Lightroom catalog at home, including access images in your Lightroom catalog, make selects, reject unworthy photos, apply a preset, fine tunes your images, using the Basic panel and import new photos directly from the camera roll.

You need a Creative Cloud Membership to use Lightroom on iPad; checkout this offer if you are a photographer.