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I will be speaking at the Microsoft Teched India 2011

Microsoft Tech-Ed India 2011 is the premier technology event of the year for IT professionals and developers. It’s the forum to learn, connect, explore, and evolve. I would recommend you to attend this event, because you will learn about today’s cutting-edge trends, thereby enhancing your work profile and getting ahead of the rest. But the most important benefit of all just might be the networking opportunity that this forum will provide you… you can build personal connections with Microsoft experts and peers that will last far beyond this event!

It feels good to share the information that, I will be speaking at this year’s event! I will be talking on “Testing and Fixing Apps on Windows 7 using ACT 5.6”.

My session is in the “Infra Professionals” track on Day 2, (4.15 to 5.15 PM). This talk will outline these below points

  • Core OS changes which the Windows 7 Operating System has undergone and how it would affect the Line of Business applications.
  • Top focus areas when you move to Win 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit Platforms).
  • Brief explanation on the various methods to mitigate the compatibility issues.
    • Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6 – Basics, Setup Instructions, Analyzing the ACT reports, Standard User Analyzer and Shims.
    • Overview of Microsoft Virtualization Solutions like Remote Application Hosting, Virtualize Applications and Desktop Virtualization.
  • Look at some of the simple steps to fix these broken applications using Compat modes, Shims and Windows XP Mode.

Hope this session is well accepted and I get a good feedback!

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Microsoft Community Contributor Award Program

Today,  Microsoft will begin a limited-scale introduction of the Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC) Award. This Award seeks to recognize notable contributions to Microsoft online community forums such as TechNet, MSDN®and Answers.

Initially, only selected moderators within English language MSDN, TechNet, and Microsoft Answers forum communities will receive award notices.  In upcoming months, top community contributors in English language forums will be awarded.

The value of these resources is greatly enhanced by participants who voluntarily contribute their time and energy to improve the online community experience for others. Each day around the world, Microsoft Community Contributor Award recipients contribute to Microsoft online technical communities in a range of ways, including providing helpful answers, translating online resources into local languages and serving as moderators.

Additional information about the Microsoft Community Contributor Award Program can be found here

You would also be interested to read about these Recognition programs from Microsoft –

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Springboard Series Technical Expert Panel (STEP) Program

The Springboard Series Technical Expert Panel (STEP) Program has been created to build community and advocacy for a Windows 7 launch “by the community, for the community.” In an effort to drive global awareness and value of Windows 7 through Springboard Series, Microsoft has created a program that will expand reach beyond typically-attended Microsoft events like Tech-Ed by activating top IT Pro community influencers within the Microsoft, MVP, and MCT communities. This program will allow them to deliver content across the globe via the advanced technical knowledge from this select “virtual” team of IT pro experts. It is designed to offer  IT Pros community-created instructional tools and resources for further learning of Windows Client products and to help build a pool of highly recognized influencer evangelists toward the strategy of ensuring that Windows 7 is launched “for the community, by the community”.

Springboard Series Technical Expert Panel (STEP) Program
Springboard Series Technical Expert Panel (STEP) Program

Some of the benefits of being a STEP member include Speaking opportunities at Tier 1 events – Tier 1 event speaking opportunities. You get resources to facilitate local events in your area as an “extension of” Springboard Series  – event resources to facilitate local events.  You also get Technical training content and materials (how-to videos, webcasts, etc) on Windows 7 and Windows Client resources and products.

Well, I have got an opportunity to do few sessions as a part of the Springboard Program. Some of my articles have been skimmed, watched, appreciated and even promoted by the Springboard Team (both on Twitter and through Newsletter). Recently, i was also featured as the Community expert on the Springboard Series website. , and of-course i got tons of learnings.!

Featured Community Expert

STEP members represent some of the top Windows IT experts, user group leaders, and evangelists in the world, they enable Microsoft to deliver quality live and virtual Windows events for IT professionals with greater frequency and quality than before.

Want to become a STEP member? – Check this link for more information and to understand the prerequisites for the same!

Interested in looking at the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Program, Read this for more information!

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Chirp – Twitter’s Developer Conference – San Francisco, 14th-15th April 2010

4/15/2010 – Update : The report from Chirp, Twitter’s first gathering of its developer ecosystem (Source –

3/31/2010- Update : Today, Twitter is putting on sale tickets for the second day of the conference for only $140 (yes, 140, like Twitter’s character limit). To be clear, this is just for the second day of the conference, but for those on a budget, it’s a much better deal to be able to take part in the event. The second day is the hack-a-thon event taking place at Fort Mason in the city. And it actually begins at 7 PM PT at the end of day one of the event, when Twitter buses people over from the Palace of Fine Arts, where the day one events (including the major keynotes from Twitter execs) take place – Source : TechCrunch

Chirp – the official Twitter Developer Conference is less than 30 days away and the event is really starting to take shape. If you are not yet on the list and want to be in there for the announcements, to meet the entire Twitter team, and to connect with the developers, media and financiers in attendance, there are still tickets available at

Yesterday The Twitter team released more details about the first day agenda. Biz Stone (@biz) will set the tone of the day with Evan Wiliams’ (@ev) delivering a visionary keynote. Ryan Sarver (@rsarver) will share Platform announcements and roadmap details and Dick Costolo (@dickc) will talk about monetization and commercial accounts. They even have a few surprises peppered throughout the day.

You can see the complete agenda at

Chirp - Twitter ConferenceThe second day’s schedule will be available early next week. It has something for everyone. Deep technical tracks for developers, business sessions for managers, policy talks for implementers, birds of a feather roundtables for information sharing, and more. The goal of this meet on the second day is to create an environment for everyone to network, share knowledge and collaborate. So in addition to the formal tracks, we’ll also have informal areas dedicated to impromptu, community lead conversations.

Twitter employees from all area’s of the company will be in heavy attendance to answer any questions you have. To make it easy, we sought a raw and unique space to make our own:

Finally — They are arranging a competition which will be held on the second day. The panel of judges is impressive. Winners will receive the opportunity to connect with angel investors and get the attention of the press covering Chirp. The only catch: you’ve got to be there to take part! 

Check this link for more information – You can also send @chirp your ideas to make the event great.

By the way, I just heard that Twitter is completing 4 years tomorrow – 21/3/2010.. and Ironically, tomorrow is my Birthday as well 🙂 You can also follow my tweeps here –

Courtesy: Chirp information from the official Twitter emails.

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Microsoft Community TechDays, Bangalore – Feb 13 and 14th

The Microsoft Community TechDays event is back to Bangalore! Next weekend (Feb 13th & 14th) at St. Joseph Indian High School, #2, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore 560001

I will also be there as a speaker in the event. I will be doing a session on Managing images effectively with DISM – Windows 7.  This session will cover information on DISM – Deployment Image Servicing and Management, a tool which is introduced in Windows 7. We will look at what DISM can do, which were the tools that it replaced, the Commands, Architecture, Providers and Options.

If you are planning to attend the Microsoft Community TechDays (CTD), Do register here..!

Community TechDaysAttend deep technology sessions for developers and IT professionals, as some of the best-known names come to your city to share their insights in topics ranging from .Net, Visual studio, Silverlight, to Windows and SQL Server.

Also, build connections with Microsoft experts and community members and gain the inspiration and skills needed to maximize your impact on your organization while enhancing your career.

You can find more information on Speakers and the Agenda on the Community TechDays website.

Feb 13 – Day 1:  Agenda

Microsoft Community TechDays (CTD), Bangalore - Feb 13 - Day 1 Agenda

Feb 14 – Day 2:  Agenda

Microsoft Community TechDays (CTD), Bangalore - Feb 13 - Day 2 Agenda

Community Activities Microsoft

Highlights of the Microsoft Community TechDays (CTD) – Hyderabad

After the 4 day MVP Open Day summit got over on Saturday, I stayed back for a day more in Hyderabad to speak at the Community Tech Days event.  I got up a little late and wrapped up my breakfast soon and reached the venue.

The Agenda of the Hyderabad Community Tech Days (CTD) looked something like this.

Community TechDaysWhile I and Abhishek entered the venue, Hima was about to complete her session on Web Development Enhancements in VS 2010. She did it really well.  Must mention, she was surrounded by many people asking her lot of questions. That gave me an idea on how good this audience were.  Following her was Arun who spoke on the developer’s perspective of WCF.  He covered the concepts just the way, the audience needed. Though the whole agenda got delayed a bit, the attendees were eager in hearing to him, than heading towards lunch.  That gives him a big thumbs-up!

Hyderabad Techies UG LeadsFollowing his session, was a 5 minute short presentation on Hyderabad User Groups!  The Hyderabad Techies team (Geethika, Pranav, Shravan and Thota) just gave an overview of the activities which they have been doing, and their plans for February.  It was nice young team to head the UG activities. It felt good to see the same community spirits in them, which most of the pioneers show.

Post lunch, we had Hariveer Singh speaking on Visual Studio Lab Management 2010, He was showcasing the power of this one, which was a indeed a splendid product. Most of the people who were present there loved it, and was ready to recommend their employer to buy that product. That’s when it came to my mind,  if the audience were IT Pros or just developers??  Because, I had prepared for a session which was more inclined towards IT Pros. When Muqeet came up to the stage, and was breaking the ice post lunch, we came to know that there were only 5 IT Pros, and the rest of them were developers! That’s when we started to modify the deck to suit the attendees. Muqeet did a good job in showcasing the features of IIS 7.5 and showed it in the demos as well.

Session AttendeesThe last session of the day was mine, and guess what most of them were so tired that, I could see a few of them yawning before I could start my talk itself. Now wait, that’s never a good sign for any speaker. That’s when I thought, I would make the session more interactive and joyful. I tried something different in this talk and it worked for me. I started cussing MS on why they do come up with so many OS releases and how it is a problem for all us. I could see most of the people, responding to me.  Once I got some interaction with the audience, I Gradually started moving their focus that, this release (windows 7) has something different when compared to the previous ones.  I showed them some live demos and stats which were convincing enough for them that, this release indeed is something which needs to be deployed and used.  

I covered the Windows journey and spoke about some core OS enhancements like MinWin, Prefetch, Fast Boot, Working Set Improvements, Triggered Services, UAC and Virtualization. I also discussed on the key focus areas when you look at migrating to Windows 7. The session ended, with showing some cool demos on how to fix broken apps using Application Compatibility toolkit and Windows XP Mode.

The session was well acknowledged and I did receive a lot of comments/compliments for my talk! That was one real impressive thing which happened after a tired long day! Carrying these positive memories from the Hyderabad CTD, I headed towards the Bus Station and started my trip back to Bangalore. A nice memorable day!

You can download the presentation deck here!!

View more presentations from Vijay Raj.
General IT News, Tech Information and Analysis

Do’s and Dont’s of a Good Presenter – Public Conferences

This is an Xcellent article i came across on Twitter today. This was one of the update from Atul’s Twitter notes.

atul_chitnisIn this article Atul Chitnis, writes on the “Speaker’s Guide” for conference. The very moment I went through it, It striked my mind to share this on my blog as well. 

All the points are so true and one has to really follow these guidelines to succeed. One has to really value the experience which Atul has seen. I’m sure that, these guidelines does fit not only for FOSS.IN but for every speaker, who dares to deliver!!

Trust me, you will never get to see such great tips in one single page !!!

In this article, Atul speaks on areas like,

  1. How to approach your audiences
  2. SlideShows and Slide Specifications
  3. Taking Questions
  4. Importance of Handling Stage Fright
  5. Critisizing and Handling Criticism
  6. Understanding the reactions of your Audience
  7. How much should you go in detail

You can read the complete article at the Speaker Guidelines – Here!!!

I really like this excerpt from this article –

A Speaker who supports an argument with “Windows sux” is history. Make statements you *can* support with facts. If you say “Linux is 10 times faster than Windows”, be prepared to *prove* it with references to actual tests.

Also remember that a large proportion of your audience is likely to be users of Windows and *possibly* Linux and other open source technologies. You don’t insult your audience – remember, they have come to learn, not to be abused!

I would also like to quote our very own bdotnet pal Vinod here, who once said me during the Community Teched that.. “Remember., Your audience are investing their one hour on you..!!, you gotta’ deliver!! “

Folks who aren’t aware of Atul – (I know that the chances are really lesss..!!) – Click Here to know him !!

Events General

Free Registrations to Novell Hidden Gems Tour – Register Now!

There are considerable facilities supplied in the box with Novell and SUSE products that many people simply do not know about! The Novell Hidden Gems Tour is a must-attend for those who want to get full value from their investment in Novell and SUSE products. With this tour the Novell team aim to help users get more from the products they already have or wish to acquire.

Event Dates

Hong Kong – November 27th
Kuala Lumpur – December 1st
Singapore – December 4th
Bangalore – December 8th
Mumbai – December 15th

To register please click here!!!


The technical topics to be covered focus on SLES/OES2 as today’s operating system platform of choice. Particular solutions to be discussed include but are not limited:

  1. protecting a Linux system from external repetitive attacks
  2. distributing patches and updates for SLES and SLED on a local basis without the need for users to refer to the Novell Customer Center
  3. backing up OES2/Linux (POSIX and NSS volumes, with iFolder and GW) at no additional cost
  4. showing the value of connecting a section of the NSS Filesystem into either NSS or POSIX whlist retaining full access rights
  5. quickfinder, a powerful identity aware search engine, in the box
  6. choosing Linux file systems and partitioning for servers
  7. methods of using eDir for almost all authentication pathways, from telnet through web serving
  8. the features of Novell’s Domain Services for Windows (DSFW) and how it operates within a server
  9. the tools and and useful tips on the migration of NetWare servers to OES2/Linux
  10. three sponsors have brief 30 minute technical presentations on their products, which will be conducted via interactive webcasts during the day

The tour will be managed by MindWorks Inc Ltd . The events will run from 9am to 4.30pm and the main speaker will be Professor Joe Doupnik who is currently based at the University of Oxford in the UK.


Attendance is free of charge, but the Novell team does ask you to please register so that they know who is going to attend from a catering and follow-up point of view.

For any questions concerning booking or the event in general please email Peter Atkins

Courtesy: Novell, Making IT Work As One Communications

Community Activities Microsoft Windows Installer, Application Compatibility and Deployments

My SlideDeck – Managing Application Compatibility in Windows 7

Hello folks, I just came back home from the Community TechDays a.k.a Xperience2009 event. It was a great summit which was organised by the Bangalore UGs and Microsoft. My session was highly accepted and appreciated by the attendees.  I did get a couple of mixed feedbacks, which I will workout to make my next session better. Kudos to all the organisers for such a phenomenal event !!

I had also added an arrow in all my slides which denoted the progress of my session. As it was a post lunch session, i had to do something really nice; or atleast if I am bugging people, they will  know, how long they gotta’ stand me 🙂 he heh..!

Herez the slidedeck which I used for the session, I will post the video link sooon.!!

Community Activities Microsoft

ARCHITECT CAFÉ | Webcast – Deploying Windows 7 from an Infrastructure Architect’s Perspective

Each month through June 2010, the Microsoft team brings you a 90-minute Architect focused Webcast to educate on the latest trends/topics and how new technologies can align with your business needs.

In this webcast, Doug discusses these below 5 key areas centered on deploying Windows 7.

  1. Developing business justification – Evaluate the capabilities provided by Windows 7 and develop a plan for how to realize business value from these solutions;
  2. Where are you today – Explore the differences of preparing for Windows 7 based on your current desktop operating system;
  3. Application readiness – Explore the tools and resources available to gain insight into your readiness to deploy Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, and/or Office 2007/2010;
  4. Deployment readiness – Explore the tools and resources available to create a design and deployment solution for your enterprise;
  5. Training your employees – Discuss available resources for training your IT Staff and End Users.

Event ID: 1032427863
Date: October 28, 2009 
11:00am – 12:30pm PST or 11:30 – 00:30 hrs (Indian Time)
Register – Click Here

Speaker Profile: Doug Klokow is a part of Microsoft Consulting Services for 9 years focused on client desktop deployment solutions.  He is part of the Virtual Deployment Practice that is focused on driving early customer deployment on Microsoft client technologies and is also supporting Microsoft’s Desktop Virtualization capabilities and service offerings.

PS: You will need a hotmail / live id to register for this event.