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  • Understanding Hybrid Cloud

    Cloud services are available in various packages to suit the technical and financial budget requirements of different businesses. In a broader sense, these services can be divided into two types; public and private. In this article, we will look at the features of another cloud type called ‘Hybrid Cloud’ and how it benefits organisations. Read here […]

  • Increase Security When You Use the Cloud

    Cloud computing has many advantages, including cost savings on hardware and services, reliable access, flexibility and scalability, and reduced environmental impact. Every interaction your business has with the cloud represents a loss of control. You are placing your information in the hands of people and organizations whose practices and priorities you can’t fully know. That […]

  • Meet Alibaba YunOS: Third Most Popular Mobile Operating System

    YunOS, also called Aliyun OS is a Linux distribution designed for smartphones and other devices based on the Android Open Source Project. In Chinese, the word ‘Yun’ means Cloud. It is developed by AliCloud, a subsidiary of Chinese company Alibaba Group. According to research by ZenithOptimedia, YunOS is the third most popular mobile system, which comes […]

  • IBM Introduces Cloud Tools and Collaborative Coding for Swift

    Last week IBM announced new cloud tools for Swift and Watson designed for mobile development and cognitive apps at IBM DeveloperConnect. The event had over 10,000 developers across India, who attended in person or virtually via Lifestream. IBM has debuted two new capabilities to advance Swift on IBM Cloud. One of the highlights from the event was the 12 year old, Tanmay […]

  • Microsoft Azure services now available via India Datacenters

    Microsoft Azure services now available via India Datacenters

    Microsoft today announced the availability of Microsoft Azure services via local datacenter regions in India. As the first public cloud provider from India, Microsoft has opened three new regions – Central India in Pune, South India in Chennai, and West India in Mumbai.

  • Cloud – fueling the “always connected” consumer trend

    Its 9:06 pm on a Wednesday night. I am sitting in the Bengaluru airport by myself and eating a nasty airport Podi idli. As I wait for my flight I find myself wondering about the two things keeping me entertained at that moment – my smart phone and social media. I was compelled to think […]

  • Cloud Computing Service Models and their Benefits

    Outlines the different types of Cloud stacks such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and DaaS to give a brief idea on the Cloud Computing fundamentals.

  • Best Practices to Move your Applications to Cloud

    Article speaks on the market trends & patterns which are optimal for Cloud platform adoptions; and ideas on when should you move your apps to cloud.

  • Google adds Managed VM to its Cloud Platform – Best of IaaS and PaaS

    Google announces Managed Virtual Machines at the Google Platform Live Event in San Francisco. Managed VMs lets you run any binary inside a VM and turn it into a part of your App Engine app with just a few lines of code. App Engine will automatically manage these VMs.

  • IBM MobileFirst: End-to-End Enterprise Mobile Solutions and Platform

    Some providers specialize in service offerings; some focus on platform and application development; some offer only mobile security; while others focus just on mobile device management. IBM MobileFirst aims at bringing a true end-to-end mobile solutions. Innovative enterprises see the opportunities gained by bringing all resources together to strengthen customer engagement–whenever and wherever the customer wants, and on the customer’s favourite device, which is often mobile.