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I am Speaking on DaaS at the Bangalore Community TechED 2011

Community Teched 2011Did you miss the Microsoft Teched last year? Hold a min., You haven’t missed it really! The community folks from Bangalore User Groups are arranging a 2 day Event, which would comprise of various sessions covering Agile Product Management, WCF 4.0 and WF 4.0, oData for Open Web, SharePoint 2010, ASP.NET, Windows Azure, SQL Server Tips and Tricks, ADO.NET, SQL Scalability, Active Directory Migration and Windows7 Lite Touch Installation.

As a part of this event, I am going to talk on “Desktop as a Service (DaaS)” which would cover concepts on how one can use appropriate methods of isolation, virtualisation, delivery and management to meet your desktop requirements in an organization.

All this for free. Yes, you heard it right – this summit is going to be a free one. Do register for this event as early as possible. If you are not able to attend, do not worry. I shall post the slide-deck as soon as the event completes.!

Dates –

Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 9:00 AM
– to –
Sunday, January 23, 2011 at 6:00 PM (GMT+0530)

Venue –

PES Institute Of Technology
100 Feet Ring Road,
Banashankari 3rd Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560085

Community Activities Microsoft

I’m Speaking at Developer Community Conference 2010, Bangalore.

Bangalore User Group - BdotnetCommunity Conference is a technology event for IT professionals and developers conducted by the User Groups in Bangalore. It’s the forum to learn, connect, explore, and evolve.

I would recommend you to attend this event, because you will learn about today’s cutting-edge trends, thereby enhancing your work profile and getting ahead of the rest. But the most important benefit of all just might be the networking opportunity that this forum will provide you… you can build personal connections with Microsoft experts and peers that will last far beyond this event!

As a part of this conference, I will be delivering a talk on Windows Proceses and how to use SysInternals Tools like Process Explorer and Process Monitor to effectively troubleshoot issues in Windows!

Register for this event here –

Here is the detailed agenda  –

Time Speaker Session Details
09.30 to 10.15 Manoj.k.Sharma , Corporate Trainer Windows Azure AppFabric
10.15 to  11.00 Chaitra Nagraj, Thomson Reuters / Microsoft MVP New features in WPF4 along with Silverlight4
11:00 to 11:30 Tea Break / Networking
11.30 to 12.15 Vic  Parmar, Aditi Technologies / Microsoft MVP Silverlight, Cloud and WP7
12.15 to 1:00 Lunch
1:00 to 1.45 Tips n Tricks – Your Slot! Are you interested to show some tips n tricks or want to give some  10mins quick demo in this slot? shoot a mail tocoreteam[at]

1. VS2010 IDE tips n tricks  by Wriju Ghosh, Microsoft – 10 minutes.
2. Indic & Windows7 by Dr.Pavanaja
3. Building websites using WebMatrix – Lohith GN, Sungard
4. ??

1.45 to 2.30 Vijay Raj | Microsoft MVP The power of SysInternals Tools – Processes
2.30 to 3:00 Tea Break / Networking
3:00 to 3.45 Phani, Brainscale / PluralSight IntelliTrace deep-dive
3.45 to 4.30 Kaliyan, DELL / Microsoft MVP Windows XP to Windows7 migration strategies
4.30 to 5:00 Tea Break / Networking
5:00 to 5.45 Ram Prasanna, Microsoft Microsoft – Tina-Robotics Session

Pluralsight has come out with a fantastic offer for all of those who attend this conference. They are giving out FREE 1-month Standard subscription to Pluralsight On-Demand!. This will give access to all Pluralsight courses for 1 month. That’s not it, 3 Winners will get 1 year subscription which is worth US$1499..!

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Microsoft Community TechDays, Bangalore – Feb 13 and 14th

The Microsoft Community TechDays event is back to Bangalore! Next weekend (Feb 13th & 14th) at St. Joseph Indian High School, #2, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore 560001

I will also be there as a speaker in the event. I will be doing a session on Managing images effectively with DISM – Windows 7.  This session will cover information on DISM – Deployment Image Servicing and Management, a tool which is introduced in Windows 7. We will look at what DISM can do, which were the tools that it replaced, the Commands, Architecture, Providers and Options.

If you are planning to attend the Microsoft Community TechDays (CTD), Do register here..!

Community TechDaysAttend deep technology sessions for developers and IT professionals, as some of the best-known names come to your city to share their insights in topics ranging from .Net, Visual studio, Silverlight, to Windows and SQL Server.

Also, build connections with Microsoft experts and community members and gain the inspiration and skills needed to maximize your impact on your organization while enhancing your career.

You can find more information on Speakers and the Agenda on the Community TechDays website.

Feb 13 – Day 1:  Agenda

Microsoft Community TechDays (CTD), Bangalore - Feb 13 - Day 1 Agenda

Feb 14 – Day 2:  Agenda

Microsoft Community TechDays (CTD), Bangalore - Feb 13 - Day 2 Agenda

Community Activities Microsoft Windows Installer, Application Compatibility and Deployments

My SlideDeck – Managing Application Compatibility in Windows 7

Hello folks, I just came back home from the Community TechDays a.k.a Xperience2009 event. It was a great summit which was organised by the Bangalore UGs and Microsoft. My session was highly accepted and appreciated by the attendees.  I did get a couple of mixed feedbacks, which I will workout to make my next session better. Kudos to all the organisers for such a phenomenal event !!

I had also added an arrow in all my slides which denoted the progress of my session. As it was a post lunch session, i had to do something really nice; or atleast if I am bugging people, they will  know, how long they gotta’ stand me 🙂 he heh..!

Herez the slidedeck which I used for the session, I will post the video link sooon.!!

Community Activities Microsoft Windows Installer, Application Compatibility and Deployments

I’m Speaking at – The Community TechDays a.k.a Xperience 2009

Microsoft and Bangalore UGs announced the Community TechDays a.k.a Xperience for Bangalore on 24th and 25th this month.

This event would be the right oppurtuinity to build real connections with Microsoft experts and community members, and gain the inspiration and skills needed to maximize your impact. What more… you can watch some of these sessions LIVE online from the comfort of your workstation as well.  

In this Summit, I would be speaking on Managing Application Compatility in Windows 7 (Level 200)., where  I intend to cover on these below topics.

1. Top Focus Areas when you are migrating from Windows XP/ Vista to Windows 7

  • Operating System Version Changes
  • Standard User / User Account Control (UAC)
  • Windows Resource Protection (WRP)
  • Internet Explorer 8 (Compatibility View, LCIE)
  • Impacts of 64-bit Operating Systems (no 16 bit)
  • Windows Filtering Platform
  • Deprecations/GINA/Session 0 (High Impact/Low Frequency)
  • File Libraries

2.  Tools and Processes for Getting Incompatible Applications to Work.

  • An introduction to ACT 5.5
  • Applying Shims
  • Standard User Analyzer
  • Overview of ChangeBase AOK Tool
  • Virtual XP Mode

3.  Some Developer Guidelines to build Better applications

Topics which will not be Covered

As this topic is so vast, I will not be covering these below things in this session,

  1. Detailed usage of the ACT 5.5 Toolkit like DCP, Reporting, etc.
  2. Troubleshooting critical app-Compat issues with Shims
  3. IE Web apps Compat Issues

These specific topics will be covered in the subsequent User Group Meetings/ Events at Bdotnet and BITpro.

Please do let me know, if you have any specific questions or concepts to be covered. Let me see, if I can add them to this session, or host a seperate session in the UG meets.

You can find more information on the Community TechDays (Xperience 2009) and Agenda – here
Do register for the Event – Here (Hurry up, only 900 Seats Available)

Considering the Teched success, this event is also expected to be the biggest Microsoft Community event in India.

Community Activities Microsoft

Community TechEd 09 – Bangalore

Did you miss the Microsoft Teched this year? Hold a min., You haven’t missed it really! The community folks in Bangalore are arranging a 2 day event, which would comprise of various sessions content from MS-teched. The Community Teched will contain sessions covering Windows 7, Silverlight 3, Server 2008, exchange 2010, ASP.NET 4.0, AJAX, Biztalk, Cloud Computing and many more !!!

I am so very impressed with Mark Russinovich’s session (which was presented at Tech-ed North America 2009)., that I am taking it as a reference and doing a session in the event. I would be speaking on the various OS and Kernel Enhancements w.r.t Windows 7.

For more information, on the detailed agenda have a look at these below websites or you can also buzz me.

Well, Did I forget to say something.. Oh yes.. I indeed forgot. This event would absolutely be a “free entry” one !!!!! *conditions apply

* Conditions are that,
1. You will need to register in the website
2. you would be expected to fill the feedback for all the sessions you attend. 🙂

Main Auditorium
RV Dental College auditorium, Jayanagar
Bangalore, Karnataka

See you there at the event..!!

Community Activities General Microsoft

Bdotnet Windows 7 Launch Event – UG Meet

We had done lots of advertising and planning by 6th Evening for the Windows 7 Day at Bdotnet UG meet. However, we did not have any presentation intact till then. We decided to meet up by 9.00 AM at Vic’s office to work on the presentation and to sequence the session. Guess what, I was late to his office and I reached his office around 12.00 noon. We started creating the presentation content for the session and it all started with the title slider…Windows 7 “On the Rocks”. Our whole idea of doing this session was to give a “Wow” experience to all the attendees. We wanted to cover some not-so-common features, but which can play a major role in the day-day lives of End user, Administrator and a Developer. With all this is mind, we gave a broader picture of the session as “Transitional Approach of Windows from “providing UI to UX” and “w.r.t easing the developing and the deploying challenges”. Also, we wanted to explain the improvements which were identified, and how is it being addressed in this version of Windows. Time just passed, discussing on the session; it was 3.30 PM and we headed to EGL office.  We were the first ones to reach the office and we wondered if we are goanna’ have few more guys joining it… Slowly attendees started walking in and we had 30 in the session. We gave a delayed start for session by 15 mins and Vic started the proceedings explaining the journey of Windows from 1.01 till 7.


I pitched in and started addressing the Myths of UAC. Trust me; UAC is not all that bad. It’s just as giving a shoes to someone who is used to walk barefooted. I showcased some statistical data which proved that, UAC has helped lives for many of the machines and it has improved the way applications are made and built. Then we went thorough various UAC annoying points in Vista like Duplicated prompts, Need for optimized controls and messages etc. Then, I explained on the enhancements of UAC in Windows 7 and how better it reaches out to all the concerns and provides effective end user Experience.


Just went about addressing the Application lifecycle experience from a Developer/ IT Pro and an end user viewpoint & identified ways with which these issues can be tackled with effective use of Standard User developer principles for Windows 7. Addressing the challenges in Application Installations on Vista, I gave details on the enhancements which are made to Windows Installer 5.0 and Application Patching methodologies in Win 7. Also, Emphasized on Multi-Package Installer and per-user application deployment scenarios.., where there is minimal or no UAC while deployment and while using the application.


This was too much of serious talking and that’s when Vic came in with speaking on some less talked, lesser known natively supported features of Windows 7 like proximity, light sensitivity, accelerometer, global positioning along with cool demos. The examples given for this cause like fuel saving, ATM Display etc were just thought provoking.  You can check more on this at Vic’s blog. It was great to have Vic presenting with me. I had never seen him speak in a session before and it was just awesome to see him preach. I now understand how an Evangelist does his job. It was a good learning session for an aspiring evangelist like me.


Windows 7 Day at BdotNetFinally, there was a Q/A slide… Hey, wait a min. We did not let the attendees ask questions. Instead, we asked questions to them. We gave sample scenarios and asked them, how they could have done it in Legacy OS VISTA/XP. This is where we showcased Windows 7 UX capabilities’.


We almost spoke for 3 hours. Windows 7 had so much of features; we just didn’t have time to speak about it. Indeed, we gave a lot of homework as well.  It was great to see, attendees receiving our session very well and feedbacks of 9 in almost all the forms. Also, we had 27 till the last moment even when there was No AC working, and not enough seats.


We gave a copy of Windows 7(beta) to all the attendees and had a good gag with everyone after the session.