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Meet Bakfy: An anonymous Secret App for Students

Bakfy is India’s 1st anonymous mobile app for students. Started by bunch of alumni from DCE, NIT and ISB, Bakfy provides Students a platform to share anything – campus gossip, secrets, rumors, jokes/memes, and thoughts/views – anything under the sun, with other students. No friend request. No following someone.

Bakfy also gets best feeds from campuses across the country.  Anonymity empowers users to express themselves freely and have real conversations unlike facebook which has become a pretentious platform to show how awesome your life is.

While speaking to one of the founding members Ashutosh Garg, he explained the idea behind the app; he said and I quote  “We were discussing about college life and feeling nostalgic about it. Discussion eventually boiled down to the fact that college life can be and should be much more fun than what currently is. The biggest problem we realised was the social constraint on facebook with parents, family, friends – basically the whole world watching you and judging you. Then there are stories of youngsters being prosecuted for expressing themselves freely on social media. We thought how cool a social network will be wherein there is no pressure of reputation and social stigma and where people can share their deepest thoughts freely. One thing led to another and we ended up developing the 1st version in 3 weeks and launch in a local college.”

bakfyFeatures of Bakfy:

  • The coolest and most adopted feature of Bakfy is Anonymity. Students can post anything without giving out their identity. We assign names on real time so obscure the identity of users.
  • There is no concept of friend request. Students can share something with their whole college or with the larger audience across all colleges. The whole point is to connect a student with millions of other students across the country.
  • Bakfy is mobile only app. There is no web interface. Currently live on Android and Windows, it provides on-the-go user experience.
  • Users can invite their friends anonymously and earn free recharge and Bakfy t-shirts
  • Users can share both text and photos.

Tractions to the App:

Bakfy was launched in April 2014 with few IITs and NITs. People were very keen about the concept and were spending hours on it despite their exams. That certainly gave them the confidence and they opened up the platform to all colleges across India.

Bakfy is becoming an app for real conversations with people like you and to truly express yourself in front of the world.

Currently Bakfy is live in 30+ colleges across the country from NIT Srinagar to VIT Vellore and IIT Guwahati to DAIICT Gandhinagar. So far they have seen great response and thousands of posts shared till date. If you are a student and love to share your own rants and queries, this is the app for you!