Microsoft Windows Installer, Application Compatibility and Deployments

AppTitude Virtual App Machine Cuts App-V Applicatio​n Prep Time by 50%

Taking advantage of application virtualization, but need to speed your App-V project? Today App-DNA announces the AppTitude Virtual App Machine, accelerating App-V application preparation up to 50% faster than manual processes.

AppTitude tests, remediates and auto-sequences applications. Using the AppTitude automation engine to leverage the Microsoft App-V Sequencer (that comes with App-V), enterprises can avoid purchasing additional proprietary packaging tools for virtualization projects. The AppTitude Virtual App Machine (VAM) produces fully-supported App-V ready packages. All of the application preparation in one solution saves time, learning curve, cost and risk.

AppTitude speeds App-V deployments, often aligned with Windows 7 initiatives. With a unique approach and unrivaled accuracy, AppTitude can

  • Assess an application’s suitability for virtualization
  • Identify the fixes needed to quickly create App-V ready application packages
  • Automate sequencing of App-V packages

AppTitude helps enterprises:

  • Improve resource management
  • Determine the overall time, cost and risk of virtualization projects
  • Save money- no need to buy a separate sequencing product

Visit the VAM web portal to learn more about the AppTitude Virtual App Machine.

Microsoft Windows Installer, Application Compatibility and Deployments

Internet Explorer Web Application Compatibility Solved with AppTitude

Few days back, App-DNA released Internet Explorer web application testing and remediation features within the award-winning AppTitude application compatibility software platform. The new AppTitude module facilitates automated testing to enable enterprises to quickly determine the issues around moving web applications to Internet Explorer 8, often a significant challenge tied to an overall Windows 7 deployment. Click here to learn more about the new AppTitude web application compatibility module.

App-DNA survey research showed that more than 50% of respondents believe web application compatibility (IE8 compatibility) is a blocker for rolling out desktop applications. A surprising 30% were unsure. This shows that the first step in eliminating this perceived barrier is to get a view of IE8 compatibility upfront. AppTitude offers this capability in minutes through easy to read reports.

In a new benchmark test from Broadband Testing, analysis of web applications with AppTitude for IE8 suitability took a few seconds or several minutes to complete. This saves enterprises months of “guesswork” in determining the success of web applications. Click here to view the entire results of the Broadband Testing report.

Courtesy: App-DNA