Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) – Introduction

MED-V enables deployment and management of Microsoft virtual PC Windows desktops to address key enterprise scenarios. Primarily, MED-V helps enterprises upgrade to the latest version of Windows even when some applications are not yet functional or supported.

Moving Applications to Windows 7 and App-V | Flexera Software Webinar

In this Webinar “6 Steps to Faster Windows 7 Application Migration”, you will explore an end-to-end process for Windows 7 and App-V application migration projects, strategies to reduce the cost and complexity and also, how a continuous application readiness process creates a repeatable and reliable standard for your next migration project.

Download SuperFlow for Application Virtualization [App-V] Sequencing

This SuperFlow provides detailed information about the Application Virtualization Sequencing process and covers information on setting up the sequencer, Sequencing an application, Configuring the application while sequencing and Validating Successful package creation and Sequencer troubleshooting with Windows Installer Logging.

Google Apps Deployment Planning Steps and Use-Case Scenarios

Google Apps is a web-based suite of messaging and collaboration applications. It’s all hosted by Google, and designed with security and reliability in mind, saving your company the frustrations and hassles of managing traditional IT solutions yourself. The Google Apps Deployment team have developed step-by-step tools to guide you through the Google Apps migration process, and best practices to make your transition as smooth and easy as possible. Here are some of the resources you can explore when going Google. This training Webinar will focus on the Google Apps deployment planning steps and use-cases. This will also give an technical overview of Google Apps Directory Sync.