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Scaling 32 bit ASP.NET Application to a 64 bit OS Platform | Mailbag Discussion

Well, its time for some discussion. Few minutes back, one of the reader ‘Om’ had asked this below question –

“I’ve small query related to application compatibility. We have a SaaS based product hosted on group of windows 2003 server standard edition (32bit). To scale up further we upgraded RAM of few systems to 8GB from 4GB. But since 32-bit version of windows 2003 does not support more than 4 GB of RAM , we have to switch to different edition. Now we have the option of either trying 32-bit Datacenter edition(cost around 3000 bucks per system per month extra by our host provider). or 64 bit Standard edition (with no extra cost).

So my query is that how much effort is needed (if any) in migrating a 32 bit application to a 64 bit OS platform? Apart from app we have bunch of WCF services?”

Kindly let us know your opinions/thoughts in the comments section!

General IT News, Tech Information and Analysis

Buzzom New look and Features

Just came across these leaked feature list and snapshots of the all new Buzzom – Twitter Account Management Tool.

Buzzom helps you tweet through web based application. Something HootSuite has been offering but Buzzom has a Facebook like interface, which no one has tried yet. and it looks impressive. No columns, no tabs- everything in one single column!

The home page looks much much better than the earlier one. Personally, the colours which was earlier used didn’t impress me. This one looks coool.!

New Buzzom Home Page

Few of the other key features noticed were,

  1. Facebook integrated: You can view your Twitter and Facebook stream and post updates in both.
  2. Spam Control: You can choose to hide user, application as well as keywords (through hash tags). Once you hide these, you stream would always remain clear from the spam words.
  3. Tool Bar: Firefox and chrome plugin for updating status updates from your browser to 9 social networks including Google Buzz.

Few other Snapshots –

Hide Spammer from the Twitter page Stream

Buzzom Page

The official press-release is expected to happen this evening. If the souces are right, we can see most of the features which are described above!

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Download eBook – The Definitive Guide to Application Performance Management

If one of your servers went down today, would you know about it? Probably. But if an obscure service on a small server that is part of a much larger solution started transacting at a slower rate than normal, would you? Perhaps not. If that obscure service is responsible for a critical activity in your business, its slight reduction in performance might be a big deal that you need to know about!

The Definitive Guide to Application Performance ManagementThe Definitive Guide to Application Performance Management offers a comprehensive look at Application Performance Management (APM), an industry-leading mechanism for monitoring business services and applications. APM looks at every facet of the IT infrastructure, from the services to the users themselves, to gain a holistic understanding of what’s going on in your business applications. Using APM, you can quickly dive into the root causes of problems within your infrastructure. You will understand the level of impact associated with those problems, and will recognize and quantify the overall health of your IT infrastructure and business services.

This Guide covers these following chapters,

  • What is Application Performance Management?
  • How APM Aligns IT with the Business
  • Understanding APM Monitoring
  • Integrating APM into Your Infrastructure
  • Understanding the End User’s Perspective
  • APM’s Service-Centric Monitoring Approach
  • Developing and Building APM Visualizations  
  • Seeing APM in Action
  • APM Enables Business Service Management
  • The APM Cheat Sheet

About the Author –

Greg Shields is an independent author, instructor, and IT consultant based in Denver, Colorado, and a co-founder of Concentrated Technology. With nearly 15 years of experience in information technology, Greg has developed extensive experience in systems administration, engineering, and architecture specializing in Microsoft systems management, remote application, and virtualization technologies. Greg is a Contributing Editor and Columnist for TechNet Magazine, and is the author of five books, including Windows Server 2008: What’s New / What’s Changed. Greg is also a highly sought-after instructor and speaker, speaking regularly at conferences like TechMentor Events, and producing computer-based training curriculum for CBT Nuggets.  Greg is a recipient of Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” award with a specialization in Windows Terminal Services.

Download the Definitive Guide to Application Performance Management here

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