This video will explain on why enterprises are moving to Windows 7 so soon and Why Service Pack 1 isn’t delaying the market.
They discuss on why App compatibility is a top priority challenge. They also talk on the main stumbling blocks for the apps from migration and how can we have an effective application management process.

In this Virtual Round Table on April 29th, Mark Russinovich will be joined by a panel of IT professionals who are currently in the piloting and deployment process, along with Microsoft subject matter experts who can speak in depth about the process of planning, testing, assessing and rolling out Windows 7 in an enterprise.

The Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) enables software developers and IT professionals to determine, before rolling out within the organization, whether their applications are compatible with a new version of the Windows. Localized Documentation for the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5 (ACT 5.5) is now available in 10 Languages for your reference!!

Are your business-critical applications compatible with Windows 7? Join Microsoft’s “App Compat Guy” Chris Jackson to learn best practices for how IT teams are resolving Windows 7 application compatibility issues. Hear about his experiences with early Windows 7 adopters, including the most common application compatibility issues and their root causes.
Tips in this webinar will help your IT team minimize risk and make a smoother move to Windows 7.