msigeek is a  technology blog authored by a Microsoft MVP focusing on Windows 7 Tips, Application Compatibility, Windows Installer, Deployment guidelines, Tutorials, Webinars, Ebooks, IT News and Reviews.

Highlights of this blog:

  1. Few of the articles written here, have got featured on some renowned websites like TechNet,  The Windows Club, Life Rocks, IndeZine, InstallSite, SQL Authority, Global Thoughtz and Windows Oberserver.
  2. Shortlisted as one of the Top 10 Windows Blogs – The Windows Club Best Windows Website Contest 2009
  3. The Windows 7 Tips written here were helpful to few students and they have extracted these tips and added to their KBase now!
  4. The msigeek weblog has been featured and added to the Alltop directory in 3 categories (Windows, Microsoft and Tech).
  5. A decent Google Page Rank of 5
  6. Around 400 Subscribers and over 540 Fans on Facebook

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