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Hello World – This is the first sentence most of us write when we are in the phase of learning something. Well, That’s precisely, how I would begin with. This is going to be no less a learning and a new journey to me.


My name is Vijay, and I am from Bangalore, India. Technology Evangelism and Photography are the most favoured passions of mine. I love clicking people; most of my pictures are around Family Portraitures and Weddings. You can find most of our pictures at iclickd.

When I started msigeek 6 years ago, my primary focus was to write on Windows Installer tips and hence the name msi. However, over the years, the website evolved and the focus broadened. I started writing on Application Compatibility and Deployment guides, Platform Engineering tips, and now, consumer technologies and devices. I felt a need in rebranding the website to suit all the different stories I write now (or plan to write).

I chose, I have always had this fascination for fountain pens and the idea of different coloured inks. Every article here is going to be a different paper and each would have its own shade of focus, be it technology, consumerization, Startup Stories, Gadgets or even photography. Its going to be more of experiences.

Steps forward:  My focus would slowly shift here and the migration of existing posts from msigeek to this website will happen over a period of time. I am going to need sometime to design the home-page to suit my style. The email address is going to be the same as well.

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Vijay Raj


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