Google Pixel 3 Lite: A Pocket-Friendly Pixel that MAY Supersede Apple!

It is an established fact that the smartphone market keeps on evolving with the passing times, introducing newer, innovative sets at the expense of ousting the older, outdated models. The aim of the mobile developers is to unlock fresh avenues of human convenience. Take, for instance, AI integration in the handsets, which promises to reduce the time and effort spent on executing everyday tasks. What does this signify? That it is incumbent on you to keep your ear to the ground, learn about the latest addition in the smartphone families, and then, take advantage of the advanced devices to bring a boatload of ease into your life. Am I right or what?

So, continuing the same thread, I have got news for your tech-savviness, and it has Google written all over it. Yes, this tech giant has hit the hardware market with an unprecedented force, presenting trendy items from speakers to displays, and has even dabbled in the smartphone tech. This year, it’s rumored to release its most cheap handset yet—expecting to lure the disgruntled iPhone users towards its unique software and OS. How do we know about this secretive project? Through leaked videos and photos, showing Google Pixel 3 Lite along with its anticipated specs.

This upcoming smartphone is a toned-down version of the expensive Pixel duo that came out last October. Its specs are said to have been designed ‘mid-tier’, without compromising much on quality, to bring it under the ‘budget-friendly’ banner. The reason behind Pixel 3 Lite’s idea generation is perhaps that Google wishes to capitalize on the dearth which is hitting iPhone sales at present. It wants to be the dissatisfied consumer circle’s “knight in shining armor”, showing them that they can enjoy a mighty-featured smartphone without tearing their pockets apart. For now, the buzz seems to be working in its favor.

If you are curious about Google Pixel 3 Lite, then take a few minutes out to read the in-depth review, dealing with its possible specs and features, mentioned below for your convenience.

What’s the Display Feature?

When it comes to a smartphone, the display matters a lot, because that’s what establishes the basis of your interactivity with it. If the screen size is too small, it over-exerts the eyes. If it’s too large, it messes with the hand-to-phone clutching ratio. That is why it needs to be just perfect to complement your on-the-go needs. Google Pixel 3 Lite is rumored to have a 5.56-inch screen display, 18:9 ratio and 1080 x 20160 pixels, according to the video leaked in January by Rozetked.

What’re the Camera Capabilities?

One of the most marked traits of our generation is that we love to document anything we can get our hands on. Social media is full of such pictorial representations of people’s everyday lives. Without a workable smartphone camera, this would not be possible. That is why whenever we go mobile shopping, we always ask about the camera capabilities and features. Lucky for you, Google Pixel 3 is anticipated to have a great camera profile. According to the leaked video, it is supposed to consist of a single 8 MP front camera, while the rear one is attuned to a full 12.2 MP with a 28 mm wide lens. Though this may not compare well with other high-priced devices having more than one multipurpose camera slots, still it is ample enough to serve your daily documenting needs with the affordable price range that it fortunately falls in.

What’re the Additional Specs?

According to the leaks, Google Pixel 3 Lite is rumored to feature a 3.5mm port headphone jack, unlike its predecessors. Perhaps, this has something to do with addressing the frustration of the Apple users who are bound to acquire wireless earbuds just to enjoy music. Interesting move, Google. Other than this, the phone is expected to run on a 2915 mAh battery, and consist of the Snapdragon 670 chipset at its core. Though this might sound like a setback for people who are used to the latest Snapdragon 845. However, you have to take the remarkable affordability of this smartphone into consideration. In addition, Pixel 3 Lite supports the latest Android 9.0 version in its OS. Cool, right?

What’s the Price?

Last year, we lined up outside the smartphone stores to get our hands on the cheapest iPhone model ever to make the lineup, i.e. the XR. That, in addition to the tons of orders we placed on Amazon over our Windstream Online connection, just so we might call ourselves the cool, ‘Apple’ users. For what? A price tag that did not prove as worthwhile in the end? We got an okay-ish handset for a whopping $749. Google may have observed this booming trend and its subsequent silence. That’s what might’ve inspired it to launch a smartphone that didn’t fall in the low-priced/low-quality range nor in the high-priced/low-quality one. But, in the balanced low priced/high-quality spectrum. At present, Pixel 3 Lite’s price is rumored to be somewhere between $400 and $500—budget-friendly, right?

When’s the Release Date?

One important thing you need to understand is that no official date has been given for the release of Pixel 3 Lite by Google. However, speculation by tech experts places its US release date to be in the early spring of this year, before the flagship Pixel 4 comes on the scene in October.

In conclusion, Google Pixel 3 Lite may still be in the pipeline, but the leaked specs and rate range is enough to get us at the edge of our seats. Not everyone can afford an iPhone, but anyone may be able to experience the high-quality functionality of a Pixel. What do you say?


Best Tools for Aspiring Data Journalists: from Data Gathering to Text Editing

Journalism in contemporary times is taking a new turn and has become focused on data driven reporting. This new wave of journalism often referred to as “data journalism” incorporates technology with journalism and depends on numerical data and statistics to establish a premise and draw up conclusions. With the astronomical rise in the number of internet users since its inception and our over dependency on digitized information, more data is being generated and this will help bring into perspective the dominant role of a data journalist in today’s journalism.

Who is a data journalist?

Simply put, a data journalist is a person who is able to combine the field of journalism with several other fields or skills such as design, programming, statistics etc. to produce a story based on the information derived from data. It requires a combination of skills and expertise of which journalism takes the lead.

Listed below are some of the best tools that are used by data journalists at different stages of their work:

  • Data collection
  • Data filtering and analysis
  • Report writing and editing

Handy Tools to Find & Collect Data

Apart from typical statistical sources such as ONS (Office of National Statistics), Data Gov and Data Gov UK, a few alternative databases might come in handy.

Google Trends is a great tool to monitor what keywords, phrases and topics that are being searched. You can also classify the hottest trends by countries and certain time periods. Keep in mind the fact, that this tool is based only on Google search queries and thus might not be completely accurate for your Bing or Yahoo target audience.G

Google Forms is an application that is used to collect and organize information by creating surveys or questionnaires. Forms can be used to manage events, polls, registrations etc. The raw data generated using Google forms can be accessed and analyzed with Google sheets or other platforms. Google forms can also be shared with multiple users providing flexibility for users to update their data.

Google sheets is an application that helps users create and format spreadsheets. Like other Google tools it is simple to use with multiple users working on the same document in real time. This tool is easy to use and does not require any knowledge of programming.

Data Cleaning Tools

Open Refine (formerly Google Refine) is a powerful tool used by data analyst to clean messy data and also transform it from one format to another. It is similar to Microsoft Excel but offers additional features like extended web services and links to databases.

On the surface, Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that can be used to record and analyze numerical data but for power users this tool can be used to do much more. Apart from the native functionality embedded within the software, several plug-in such as Power Query and Data Cleaner are available and offer additional functionalities.

DataWrangler is a web-based service that’s designed to clean and arrange data into a form that can easily be used and understood by other tools. Although widely used, this tool is no longer actively supported and the attention of the Stanford/Berkeley research team has been shifted towards a newer version of the program called Trifacta Wrangler.

Trifacta Wrangler is a free cloud service that helps data analyst clean and manage data effectively. The entire cleaning process is done automatically once the dataset is imported and after restructuring the data, the resulting dataset can be exported easily. Trifacta is available as a freeware but the pro version enables multiple users to work, connect with more data and also share their work within the cloud platform.

Data Analysis Tools

RStudio is a powerful application that can be used for data analysis (all types of numerical and spatial analysis) and visualization. It is a versatile tool with an active community which keeps adding to its database. One downside with using R is that the user must get familiarized with the programming language.

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is an interactive tool that is widely used by researchers and analyst for statistical analysis. As the name implies, this tool has found a wide application and use within the field of social sciences, however it is also used by data miners, researchers, analyst and managers in other fields where statistical analysis and data management is required.

Statistical Analysis Systems (SAS) is a software suite that is used in statistical analysis. This tool is embedded with many features that will help in data retrieval, manipulation and analysis. The SAS data can be published in different formats including HTML, PDF and Excel. It also provides graphical point–and–click interface for non-technical users while power users who are conversant with the program can take advantage of its advance features.

Data Visualization Tools

Google fusion tables is an experimental data visualization web application for gathering, visualizing and sharing data tables. This tool can easily be used to map and chart data. It also includes geographical information system (GIS) functions for analyzing data by geography.

Tableau tool is mainly used to create interactive data visualization. It offers a wide range of customizations and is suitable for any task ranging from simple to complex. The ability to drag and drop data and also connect multiple visualizations onto a single dashboard makes it quicker than manually coding as in R or Javascript.

Data Mapping Tools

QGIS is a sophisticated GIS software can be used to map geographical data. It provides a detailed data-based analysis of geographic regions and can also be used for data overlays and spatial analysis. Its functionalities can further be enhanced using plug-ins which adds support for geocoding, generating HTML maps, exporting to MySQL and managing underlying tables.

Leaflet is a mapping tool based on open-source JavaScript which provides a higher level mapping capacities and functionalities such as the ease to switch between different map providers like OSM, Mapbox and Google Maps. Leaflet is simple to use and works effectively across all major desktop and mobile platforms. Its functionalities can be extended using third party plugins like layer switching, markers and renderers etc.

Report Writing & Text Improvement Tools

Hemingway Editor is a wonderful app to sharpen your writing. It will indicate if any of your sentences are too long or structurally complex. Some phrases highlighted with purple color have a simpler or more suitable alternative. Hemingway will also suggest that you replace hesitant adverbs and passive voice.

EssayPro is the custom paper writing service which provides writing and editing help online. Although their major focus is writing assignments for students, academic writers are the best helpers when it comes to text editing, proofreading and rewriting. Since plagiarism is not a merely college issue, Google penalizes all articles that have a sufficient amount of copied content. Professional writers can detect and remove all duplicated content for you.

Copyscape is one of the most trusted plagiarism checkers. Even if journalists write their reports themselves, they might be accused of unintentional plagiarism. Be careful with common phrases, cliches and quotes. If any questionable phrase or sentence is present in your text, it will be highlighted by Copyscape and the page which has the very same text will be shown so that you can rewrite this particular piece.

Evernote is yet another good tool for text editing. However, its’ biggest advantage is the option to bookmark useful sources and add personal notes about them. You can also add customized tags like “work”, “sports”, “AI news” or whatever you want to go back to in the future.

Final Words for Young Journalists

We hope that the above mentioned tools will help you to become a successful journalist easily operating with big data massives. Pick proper topics, find relevant and up-to-date statistics and proceed with writing your report. Well-researched and thoroughly checked reports always find their readers.


Microsoft Teams Rooms Introduced to Simplify Workplace Collaboration

Despite being introduced just over two years ago, Microsoft Teams has already made a real impact on the digital collaboration space. Integrating seamlessly with Skype for Business and Office 365 apps, Teams is designed to improve workplace communications through a suite of video conferencing solutions and chat-based workspaces. 

Now with the release date of the Surface Hub 2 drawing ever closer, Microsoft are widening their Teams umbrella even further, after announcing that Skype Room Systems (SRS) has been rebranded as Microsoft Teams Rooms. Centred around a series of touch-screen control panels, SRS offers an intuitive collaboration platform which can be used to turn any room into a highly collaborative modern workspace. 

According to Microsoft, their SRS platforms have logged over 130 million minutes in meetings worldwide, as modern businesses continue to shift towards flexible and remote working practises. This sense of seamless collaboration has been enhanced even further by the arrival of Teams Rooms, as the newly-named platform introduces innovative features to streamline and simplify the way we collaborate. 

The Modern Workplace is Changing

Due to changes in modern workplace trends, the way we meet is changing. Clients, teams and collaborators are no longer simply based in one place, instead utilising advanced AV solutions to stay connected and work together from remote locations. Meetings now need to be much more flexible and activity-based, with advances in technology allowing businesses to truly optimise their collaboration spaces.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed to provide such a collaborative, creative meeting experience, offering a flexible solution which allows remote workers to join meetings through the simple click of a button. Labelled as “One Touch Join”, this new feature simplifies the way teams collaborate and connect, embracing the evolving modern workplace and making it easier for everyone to work together everywhere. 

Attendees using mobile devices will also automatically join meetings in content-only mode, improving the quality of the audio and allowing them to view what’s being displayed on-screen. Minimising the risk of echo or feedback, Teams Rooms enhances the overall mobile experience and ensures remote workers feel more engaged with meetings and projects.  

Simplifying the Meeting Experience

The new Teams Rooms features are designed to simplify the entire meeting experience, encouraging teams to collaborate from different places and spaces. Scheduling meetings has never been easier, with users now able to arrange a Teams meeting directly through Outlook, while the introduction of the “Add a Room” function will allow you to seamlessly link different conferences together. 

In addition to the simple “One Touch Join” functionality, Teams Rooms also boasts innovative proximity detection—which detects nearby rooms and lets you add them to meetings. When connected to a Teams meeting, attendees can effortlessly share content and discuss new ideas, regardless of whether they’re based remotely or in-house. 

This inventive new solution can be deployed in a variety of different workspaces, with the technology providing a perfect collaboration solution for huddle rooms, boardrooms and large conference areas. In short, Teams Rooms offers a flexible, convenient and dependable way for teams to come together, with the range of compatible devices ensuring that meeting sessions become much more productive and collaborative.  

Maintain Full Meeting Control

Although meetings are perfect for brainstorming ideas and encouraging teams to work together, it’s always difficult to achieve results when there are too many voices shouting over one another. However, Microsoft Teams Rooms allows you to take full control of the scheduling, hosting and running of the entire meeting. 

The platform runs through a collection of touch-screen endpoints, with the likes of Logitech and Lenovo due to release new compatible devices towards the end of February. These control panels provide a simple, familiar interface which helps you manage the roster of meeting participants and mute those who aren’t relevant to you. 

Through the implementation of HD video and audio, Teams Rooms ensures that your meetings can become much more structured and focused, enhancing flexibility and minimising typical meeting room distractions. In Microsoft’s own words, it might be time to “transform every meeting” with Teams Rooms. 


Using a Chat Room as a Business: How Do People Earn on Chat Rooms?

More older people are finding themselves on a senior chat room in the pursuit of a partner for their golden years. However, finding a partner is not the only way that people are using these chat rooms; some creative individuals are using them to derive a profit. We’re going to examine the many different ways that you can use a senior chat room to make some money. 

Affiliate Marketing 

The first way that just about anyone can make money through a chat room is to be the owner and operator of the website. When you become an affiliate partner through the online dating website and associated chat rooms, you will earn money on offers that are extended through your website. A lot of chat rooms and dating sites place a limited amount of ads on their website, and the ones that have the best conversion rates can help you earn money on your investment into the chat room. It can take some time to figure out the specific ads that work for you, but there are definitely some niches that work better than others. Seniors, for example, enjoy beauty products and other personal enhancers, so an advertisement on your site that is based on those products will serve a mutually beneficial role.

Become a Professional Chatter 

Not every person that goes onto a dating website is going to want to start up a real relationship. They like the companionship of having a person on the website that they can meet with online every day and talk about their experiences and hopes for the future. This is particularly true of senior chatting websites, so these websites are beginning to pay people to come to the site and fill the roles. You can become a paid member of a chat room through working with third party recruiters who help the sites fill a limited number of roles that are required. There are not a lot of these jobs available, but it is certainly a potential way to make money through chat rooms. 

Corporate Headhunters Love Dating Websites 

Another way that chat rooms are being used for business is in the realm of professional recruitment. Headhunters, the people who browse other companies to recruit the best in the business, prefer to use any tools to their advantage to find people with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their field including dating sites. A chat room site with senior people can be a potential breeding ground of a headhunter company that uses the chat rooms to find people who still have a lot to offer the workforce and might want a new position. If you wanted to use a chat room as the source of another business, then the potential to find experienced individuals who are looking for new or better jobs and place them with other companies certainly exists. 

Overall, there are many different ways that people can use online senior chat rooms as a way to run a separate business. While something like being a corporate headhunter sub-contractor might seem like it is on the verge of belief, it is already a practice that is currently employed by some big-name companies. Being a professional chatter has always been an option, though with seniors it takes on a more tasteful connotation of providing companionship for pay rather than being in a relationship. Of course, affiliate marketing remains a potent force in the world of advertising and making money through chat sites. All in all, there are several ways to make a chat room into a business, but these are some great ways to start. 


Tracking the Top Niches for CPA Marketing in 2019

Cost per action (CPA) advertising is becoming more and more popular as a means of weaving affiliate marketing into businesses across the internet. However, there are many different niches that are used as the basis for these marketing strategies. Some of them are far more lucrative and effective than others, and they tend to change a great deal. That is why we are going to examine the top niches for CPA in 2019, so everyone knows which niches to utilize. 

Dating and Relationships

No matter if customers are looking to use a quickflirt dating website or try to find the love of their life, dating and relationships are always a top contender for CPA niches. This particular marketing niche is well-known because of its overall versatility. People from all over the world come to dating sites meaning that the potential conversion numbers are vast. Moreover, the advertisements or actions can be targeted to specific groups based on the site’s content i.e. senior dating, hookups, and more.


One of the most successful niches for marketing continues to be self-improvement outcomes. People are always looking for new ways to make themselves look better and feel better about themselves. There are hundreds of great programs out there which make a person reconsider their method of thinking and help them reclaim their lives. As long as people are looking for guidance, you can expect this niche to be high on the list. 

Health and Wellness 

As we’ve already mentioned, people love the idea of being healthier, more physically fit, or less plump. That’s why health is still a major niche for people to use for affiliate marketing. The sheer number of combinations that are possible with the health niche makes it perfect for use as an affiliate marketing program. Offering people on a site about healthy eating the chance to look into new fitness programs is one of many potential matches that can be made to make an affiliate in this area very successful. 

Wealth and Wealth Management 

One of the other niches that are widely respected surrounds wealth and wealth management. People are looking to make their money work for them while also getting the opportunity to make more money. Investments, new jobs, and many other potential links between wealth and other parts of a person’s life make it the perfect niche. In the past, wealth has performed very well for CPA marketing as both a consumer and an affiliate. There are many reputable programs out there which can help people get a better handle on their financial situation, and it’s worth introducing customers to them through this niche. 


This one might come as a surprise, but the fact is that videogames are experiencing explosive growth and hold a vast amount of marketing potential. More and more people are tuning into live steams of their favorite video games where professionals take part in online contests for prizes and bragging rights. Teams of players are sponsored, sites are launched, and streams are even posting commercials. The bottom line is that gaming is growing and it is certainly a worthwhile niche for people to look towards for CPA possibilities. 

As you can see, there are some old niches and some newer ones that are gaining ground in terms of CPA marketing. The staples of dating and health continue to bring in vast amounts of revenue each year while the niche of gaming managed to become a lot more popular. With all these changes occurring in the realm of marketing, it’s always good to be aware of the changes that are happening now. 


YES BANK’s efforts in creating a data science community

Last month Yes Bank organized the Datathon with a focus to reach out to the global developers and the data science community to work on the bank’s data stacks using curated, tokenized and anonymized data. This was India’s first Bank-Led data science hackathon and saw a participation of over 6000+ data scientist/engineers and developers in its inaugural session. The initiative identified 200 top data scientists from the challenges who were given 60 days to create working data models and prototypes. This also gave data enthusiasts a good opportunity to work on a variety of use cases involving voluminous data and viewed this opportunity as a major driving force for their further learning.

Given the rapid changes on the technology front, the bank has adopted a great strategy to keep pace with the trends. Not just this, YES BANK has invested massively on scalable solutions like Hadoop to leverage on commodity servers as opposed to specialised hardware results in quantum cost savings on the infrastructure alone which is required to analyse large data sets – and lay the foundation for a successful AI journey. Further, leverage and engage the data science community in setting up a unique ecosystem of leaders and learners to collaboratively co-create AI led innovations. 

“With an increasing focus on retail customers, Yes Bank is now churning data to understand customer behaviour and offer a right mix of products based on a predictability model”

YES Bank is now actively partnering with top technology institutes — IITs and BITS— and will also host AI/ML challenges and data engineering workshops to deepen practical and technical knowhow of future technology leaders and widen the data science ecosystem. The 6 Data Science/Machine Learning challenges hosted in partnership with IITs/BITS will lead up to YES Datathon 2019 to be hosted in June 2019. Datathon will now onwards be prominently used to meet the talent pool requirements also.

YES BANK plans to use its platform Datathon, to hire and train budding talent in the data science domain to ultimately create a 100 + team of data scientists, developers and coders as part of their YES TechTonic Initiative. This nationwide community of industry leaders, students and professionals is a first of its kind initiative to boost the conversation of data science in India. YES DATA community will further serve as a platform for constant knowledge sharing and crowdsourcing of new ideas and concepts on future technologies.


Why Pay Per Click is a Critical Tool for Marketing

When it comes to marketing, every enterprise is after the same goal which is finding the most suitable strategies that will see them grow their market outreach and thereby gain more clients. Since e-commerce has become the defining element for success today, it is a cut-throat struggle for every business and brand to maintain online visibility while reaching out to the right audience. The best factor about the internet is that it is not limited to which person or kind of business that can maximize on its potential to attain their goals. It is for this reason that over the past decade, brands that traditionally would not have a chance for exponential growth have broken limits and are today renowned globally.

Pay per click marketing has been a fundamental marketing tool which has proven effective for the promotion of brands, products, and services by any organization. The simplicity of this concept has been its greatest strength as all it involves is the creation of a series of advertisements which are linked to specific keywords. These ads are then posted in platforms that attract huge traffic majorly Google, Bing, and Facebook. The term pay per click then arises from the fact that as a business you only get to pay for the ads when they are clicked by internet users who are after the specified products or services.

In the broadest perspective, PPC advertising is fundamental for every business especially for those that are looking to break into the market or gain more organic traffic. The simplicity of the digital marketing technique as such comes with the mandate of handling the entire process professionally to avoid falling victim to the many loopholes. One of the simplest ways to become caught up in the hype and lose the relevance of the whole process is not having a suitable marketing strategy.  PPC marketing is all about tailoring the ads to reach out to the right audience and without taking time to understand where most of your clients are, it fails to have the expected ROI.

Another common mistake for many businesses is assuming that by having a never-ending campaign, they automatically get to gain more traffic and appear at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). One thing for sure is running a PPC campaign without maximizing on ad scheduling is the fastest way to make it an expensive venture. Analytics by seasoned digital marketers can take away the gamble, and you can run ads at specific timesas a simple and efficient way of maximizing on the marketing technique.

The winning point for PPC ad scheduling is a company gets to have their campaign tailored to when they will get the highest conversions. It defies logic to have an ad running at 1 AM when most clients who are after your products are online as from 10 AM. By strategizing about the right time for advertising when every minute will count you get to maximize on the best techniques on how to make a marketing campaign have value. This then builds on the bottom-line which is to reach out to the right people, using the most suitable techniques and at the right time.

The last thing that you need to consider is the correct keywords that you are planning to go after. For a website like Southgate Dental, running a campaign on keyword like “Edmonton Dentists” will yield better results than running for a keyword like “dentists” or “dental hospitals” since they can provide a better relevance to the visitors which are going after the relevant keywords. Therefore, even though the number of people searching for the keyword is much less, the overall relevancy and the chances of converting the people visiting via this keyword is much higher, and that is something that a marketer should always remember.


Why Online T-Shirt Sales Could be a Great Startup Business Idea

Countless startup businesses emerge within the United States on a daily basis.  Some will naturally enjoy more success than others. While there is no one single formula to determine the ultimate outcome, there are still several guidelines which serve as effective metrics.  A handful include product appeal, a large audience, efficient shipping methods and a favorable ROI (return on investment). the good news is that all of these variables are well within your control.  This is why many home-based entrepreneurs are choosing to market products which do not cost a great deal of money to make and that will turn a handsome profit. One perfect example of this unique synergy can be seen in the online sale of customized t-shirts.  Let’s take a closer look at why this method has proven to be popular over the years as well as how you can begin.

The Basic Benefits and Theories

Believe it or not, custom printed t-shirts are some of the first items to have a real impact within the world of online retail sales.  The roots of this niche industry can be traced at least as far back as the turn of the 21st century and yet, the sector did not truly pick up momentum until between 2003 and 2005.  We then began to see the advent of cutting-edge (if not slightly offensive) websites such as T-Shirt Hell. While this still represented a rather small sector, the fact of the matter is that the die had already been cast.  It would not be long before others jumped on the digital bandwagon.

The main reason behind this appeal is that t-shirts were (and are) extremely cost-effective products to market.  They are priced into the cents when purchase in bulk and the design options are nearly limitless. It is therefore no great surprise that the entire sector has advanced in accordance with its associated technology. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop are able to produce PSD  files; images that can be easily transferred onto shirts (much like silk screening but with a decidedly futuristic edge). The advent of cross-channel marketing has opened up a world of possibilities for those who are looking to expand their business beyond traditional borders.  

Finally, modern e-commerce solutions and unique methods such as drop shipping have simplified the entire sales and marketing process.  Owners can therefore focus upon product development as opposed to becoming mired down in day-to-day logistics. Does this sound like an interesting venture?  If so, it is always a good idea to learn about how you can start off on the right foot and with the use of a strong foundation.

The Power of E-Commerce Solutions

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have already taken care of the creative aspects associated with custom t-shirts.  You have a number of printed designs and you are now looking to take your business live. Where do you begin? The first (and most important) factor to consider is the e-commerce platform that you choose to employ.  While there is nothing wrong with possessing a static website such as one created by WordPress, you are mistaken if you believe that this alone is sufficient to drive sales and to turn a profit. E-commerce platforms provide you with a number of built-in solutions including (but not limited to)

  • Multi-channel marketing software.
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Customized storefronts and checkout platforms.
  • Dedicated customer support available around the clock.
  • Flexible templates that can be branded around the flavor of your business

These goals would be nearly impossible to achieve from the ground up; particularly if you do not have any experience in complicated concepts such as coding. E-commerce providers have taken such concerns into account.  No longer are they solely designed for large organizations. They can now be just as easily adapted to suit the needs of home-based startup companies. In other words, technology is on your side. Implementation is simple and there are many flexible pricing plans to choose from if you happen to be governed by a limited budget.Selling custom-made t-shirts online  is a great way to provide your budding business with the impetus that it needs to succeed.  We should also point out that you can expand your product line to include other items in the future as you see fit.  This is the exact approach that has been taken by other businesses that are now raking in thousands of dollars every month (if not more).  If you have been searching for an interesting way to earn a lucrative side income, this strategy could very well represent the ideal solution.  Of course, it is always a good idea to perform additional research as well as to look at previous success stories.  


Wilson Pro 4000 4-Port Signal Booster Kit – The best commercial-grade signal booster on the market?

An Overview

The WilsonPro 4000 is an extremely powerful signal amplifier that boosts coverage on all North American cell networks.

This is a commercial-grade signal booster suitable for large industrial applications. It incorporates four separate signal amplifiers in one unit that feeds four indoor antennas. This professional-grade all-bands multi-carrier signal booster amplifies and improves voice calls, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE data. This powerful kit is ideally suited to large buildings like offices, hospitals, warehouses, apartment blocks, schools, hotels, underground car parks, and other large multi-storey spaces. It offers coverage up to 100,000 sq ft.

The Pro 4000 offers FCC-approved up to 12dB more downlink power than other boosters, allowing for stronger signal where the incoming signal is weak. It has the highest permitted uplink power, providing greater user capacity and increased range. Meanwhile, the lower overload and shutdown threshold makes the booster perform equally well in strong signal environments like cities or locations near cell towers. The low threshold allows the Pro 4000 to work with a stronger incoming signal before overloading and shutting down. The new Wilson Electronics XDR (Extra Dynamic Range) technology balances and compensates for strong incoming signal to prevent system shutdowns.

A color LCD screen with four-way navigation gives easy control of the unit.

A rack-mounted version of this booster is also available, the Wilson Pro 4000R.

Design and Setup

The rack mounted design makes the booster great for large industrial applications with one customer highlighting the perks of having the particular booster ‘…we installed it ourselves in a 40,000 square foot building. The results have been great – we’ve seen a significant improvement in coverage inside the building’.

As mentioned earlier the booster is one of the most tolerable on the market. The Extra Dynamic Range (XDR) means that signal strength is at a high level making it one to watch out for in the commercial signal booster market. Other perks include;

  • Onboard Software for Better Control
  • Extra Dynamic Range (XDR) for continuous connectivity
  • Color LCD
  • Highest Uplink and Downlink Power
  • Lower Overload and Shutdown Threshold
  • Automatic Gain Control System
  • Compatible with all North American cellular networks
  • Three year warranty
  • FCC and Industry Canada certified
  • Faster, cleaner data transfers
  • Strong, reliable connections even in weak signal areas
  • Up to 100,000 sq ft coverage area
  • Extends battery life of cellular devices

What About The Coverage?

The coverage on any signal booster kit is subject to the signal strength outside the building. For strong outdoor signal (5 bars). Expect up to a whopping 100,000 square feet of coverage. With medium signal (3-4 bars) a signal coverage area of up to 40,000 square feet is estimated. A poor signal (1-2 bars) will mean the coverage area is estimated to be around 15,000 square feet.

So What’s In the Kit?

Well first up, the booster itself! The WilsonPro 4000 is first on the list. The sleek blue design makes gives it a quality and aesthetically pleasing look.

Next is the Wilson Wide-Band Directional Yagi Antenna. Small, discrete yet powerful. This antenna is used for outdoor use, the sealed housing is UV stabilized ABS plastic and is fully weatherproof.

For indoor use, four Wilson Wideband Indoor Dome Antenna’s are included in the kit. The antenna’s themselves are made of white ABS plastic and is suitable for indoor use only.

Cables for both antennas include 1×2′ , 1×75′ , 4×100′ low loss 400-type coaxial cable.

Finally is the lightning surge protector, this is recommended for use in most cases but particularly areas with frequent lightning.The lightning surge protector should be installed in line with the cable and near the amplifier, and should be properly grounded.


The WilsonPro 4000 vastly improves the signal strength and network performance of cellular service in your home. The WilsonPro 4000 is a solid performer. The unit offers FCC-approved up to 12dB more downlink power than other boosters, stronger than any competing booster makes it a serious player in the market. A real gem in the commercial industry.


20 Data Driven​ Products from YES Datathon

YES Bank has significantly ramped up its focus on data management and analytics. Few days ago, they conducted the finale of YES Datathon from December 22 to 23 in Bangalore. This was India’s first bank led Datathon aimed at augmenting YES BANK’s embedded data analytics and ML units to drive rapid prototyping of AI/ML based products, optimize digital product suite, and enhance product/service design and delivery, in an accelerated 100 day period.

The initiative saw participation from over 6000 data scientists/engineers and developers who participated in diverse Machine Learning challenges.

The top 200 teams comprised of students from top technology institutes like IIT Bombay, Chennai, Kharagpur based and ISI Kolkata along with professionals from organizations like IBM, Walmart Labs, Siemens, and Amazon Development Centre among others. The teams received support from over 20 data science experts from across industries who helped them in the product development process.

At the finale, the top 50 teams showcased their final models which were trained and tested on more than a terabyte of created and tokenized datasets – the 10 best solutions won cash prizes worth Rs.20 lakh. 

The winning team Oracle was adjudged ‘Data Wizards’, for creating a ‘360 degree model for profiling of every customer to predict next best action’. Team Insight from Sri Lanka was adjudged the best student team and was also one of the top 5 teams. This student team developed a model for ‘predicting customer product and service affinity’.

The top 20 models identified by the Bank will be taken live within a month and the remaining will be moved to the Bank’s product library to be iteratively developed and taken live within a period of three months. This will also be a first of its kind data product library which will be iteratively expanded to 100+ products within 6 months.

Going forward, YES BANK will also host AI/ML challenges and data engineering workshops to deepen practical and technical know how of future technology leaders and to facilitate this, has partnered with top IITs and BITS Pilani to further develop the data science ecosystem, allowing students the opportunity to build algorithms and data models in a deployment readyenvironment. 

The 6 Machine Learning challenges hosted in partnership with the IITs and BITS will lead up to Datathon 2019 to be hosted in June 2019.