Why Do Windows Antiviruses Keep Developing?

To explain effectively why Windows Antiviruses keep developing, I need to first make you: 

  • Understand the usefulness of antiviruses by the mode of infection of Windows computers
  • Understand why Windows computers used for businesses should have Antivirus Now
  • Understand the best products on the market against viruses
  • Understand some ideas for anti-malware and other free monitoring programs
  • Understand the reasons individuals have to buy Windows computer protection software

“A computer connected directly to the network, without protection, will not be left for more than a few minutes before being infected with malware. “ – Adam Molariss, Business IT Security Precise

Whether you use your computer occasionally or regularly, for surfing the Internet as well as for offline word processing, installing and updating an antivirus is a must.

Viral infection is possible in a home network as well as in SMEs or public services – including the military!

Anti-virus protection will always remain essential and the best solution not to change – in Windows in particular – computer equipment every week …

If you surf the Internet, you will quickly experience the benefit of maximum protection: by knowing more about the challenges of mobile security or Windows security, you will understand why you have to protect your computer, and we will do a brief antivirus comparison to guide you.

  1. Understand The Usefulness Of Antiviruses By the Mode Of Infection Of Computers

You will learn this soon enough in Windows computer lessons!

Today, using a computer station in isolation would – almost – no interest.

Everyone finds themselves in one way or another connected to other elements, whether by Internet or via a local network or quite simply by plugging in their tower a CD-ROM, a floppy disk, a key USB, an external hard drive, a device that can be contaminated and infect you.

These connections of different types are necessary to save and then export work or leisure data, but these same gestures can be the source of many disappointments in the event of defective protection: they can be downright fatal for your Windows operating system!

All software can be targeted by an intrusive agent, but an Internet browser is particularly so, hence the need for a shield.

The best antivirus must be executable to counter any intrusion: polymorphic spyware, boot sector, multiple infections, infecting files, macro or social …

A virus scan should result in removing the virus or placing it in quarantine (especially if it is the host’s files that are infected).

  1. Understand Why Windows Computers Used For Businesses Should Have Antivirus Now

The news from time to time speaks of cyberattacks, cybercrime, and other cyberterrorist acts … In fact, the defense of modern states is also done in an intangible way, and the armies of developed countries have specialized sections against Trojans and other malicious programs.

Remember the viral news of the summer of 2017: Saint-Gobain and an infinite number of multinationals around the world lost a lot of data because of the new Petya virus, and their IT tools remained non-functional for nearly two weeks …

“ Ooops, your important files are encrypted ”: This is not just plain data destruction, but ransomware, that is, a malicious entity based on ransom logic.

Here, it is no longer a physical or even sentimental vulnerability that is exploited (such as the kidnapping of a loved one): hackers target intangible elements whose final loss would correspond for the user to a greater financial loss than the loss. the sum requested by the malicious blackmailer.

The employees of these companies with deficient web protection could be delighted to find themselves on vacation or unemployed (depending on the point of view adopted …), but the repetition of such piracy and its propagation would prove to be weapons of mass destruction leading to bankruptcies and chain layoffs …

Some companies rely on the computer security course to learn how to defend themselves against external attacks!

  1. Understand The Best Products On The Market Against Viruses

You will be hard-pressed to find a French antivirus that meets the three encryption criteria for complete protection. Computer scientists from other nations, for their part, are excellent …

RAM worthy of the name will be required to run a virus cleaner without damaging your smartphone.

If a free program may be suitable for individuals, a larger structure will need increased antivirus security protected against any computer virus that could slow down or crash several computers, a server, a network, etc. Paid antivirus is then ideal.

But what is the best antivirus available?

A comparative study on the best antivirus software available always gives the same names, or almost (we rely on the filtering done by Clubic), here’s the list of the worthy tools: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (better than Bitdefender Free, obviously);

Kaspersky Antivirus; Norton Security; G Data Antivirus; ESET NOD32; F-Secure SAFE; McAfee Antivirus Plus (there is also a free edition, for temporary use).

The main flaw of an XP / Vista or a web browser is its human user.

Protecting yourself against spyware is great; however, phishing often uses classic and non-2.0 methods, such as identity theft, exploitation of human generosity, etc.

Many reflexes are therefore to be adopted in parallel with the download of a good antivirus for Mac or Windows antivirus.

First, there is the activation of its firewall or system firewall. There is also the regular Windows update: any patch is used to protect its disk space, hence the particular weakness of XP or Vista whose technical support – obsolete – has been abandoned.

Be wary of all free tools in the “.EXE” extension (especially if acquired in P2P): being careful means choosing the best possible behavior. Uninstalling or quarantining a free app that slows down your device is a must.

A spam filter will be useful to you, including on GNU / Linux. Remember to format your drives and use backup software (or manually back up your data at fixed times).

Locking your session with passwords helps protect your computer’s most valuable data.

In the family, parental control is prevention against frequenting dubious sites peddling tough infections. Likewise, your browser, even a sophisticated one (Mozilla Firefox perhaps?) Must be equipped with an updater for always up-to-date and secure Internet browsing.

  1. Understand Some Ideas For Anti-Malware And Other Free Monitoring Programs

The free virus is obvious and a poisoned gift that we would gladly do without. On the other hand, premium virus protection can quickly seem expensive.

Yet among the best software for eradicating Windows viruses, there is more than one free antivirus software (fully or partially).

The best free antivirus can be called, depending on your distribution and preferences:

  • Avira, antivirus for Windows;
  • AVG, free antivirus in the free version (especially if you are still using XP or Vista, and can also act as PC optimization);
  • Avast, except pro version;
  • Microsoft Security Essentials;
  • Windows Defender (for Windows 10 in particular);
  • Panda Free Antivirus.

If such a free antivirus does not inspire you much confidence, you can use another premium version software in the trial version, to test it before taking out the credit card. The paid version is usually a requirement after a month or two.

In any case, be careful with fake antivirus whose unwanted properties are confusing … Also note that the proactive nature of Avast Free – among others – makes its coexistence difficult or even impossible with any additional antivirus.

Internet security is so complex that it requires the use of complementary programs: Spybot Search & Destroy (both PC antivirus and antimalware), Malwarebytes (available as a free antivirus for macOS), CCleaner, the Ghostery blocker to fight against ads (or other adware ) and effectively protect each application against cookies …

There will then only be a frequent scan (without waiting for a possible slowdown), effective against residual infections.

  1. Understand The Reasons Individuals Have To Buy Windows Computer Protection Software

Average internet users also need optimal protection, including for their smartphones and tablets.

It is never pleasant to have to use your state-of-the-art Android tablet in safe mode, to lose all the photographs received as attachments, or to see abnormal and unauthorized banking transactions in your bank account due to a lack of good Internet protection …

At this level, even low-quality free protection is better on a Windows PC than the absence of any security software.

If we insist on Microsoft Windows, it is because it is by far the most used system across time and the planet, having early attracted the attention of cybercriminals who take advantage of freedoms (which become “loopholes” ) offered by your PC.

The PC / Mac duel (or Mac / PC, depending on the camp to which one belongs) is also played out, in addition to the simple commercial question of market share, on the prevention and the detection of viruses.

Contrary to popular belief, my Apple computer can potentially be infected: OS X is no longer safe from Trojans (” trojans ” or “trojans”), and installing an antivirus is necessary to acquire the best possible protection.

From your Macbook, you can take an online computer course today to learn about the importance of web security.

To date, it is undoubtedly under Linux (GNU) that one is best protected against any spy: many hackers probably use this user interface, moreover …

However, beware of Bliss, File, VIT, and SIILOV… And this is just the beginning: soon, anti-spyware will become essential, as on Android devices!

Features Software

Flyme 5 OS Review: Great Design and Simplistic Approach to Android Customisation

Today, most of the mobile phone companies make their own version of forked android for their phones. The idea is simple – Give a better user experience and features/software that the stock android doesn’t provide. This also gives them an opportunity to stand out among the competition where most of them offer similar specs and hardware almost at the same price. Out of all the versions available, my personal favourites are EMUI, Flyme, and MIUI.

Flyme OS is a firmware developed by Meizu for smartphones based on the Android operating system. The key features are its simple UI, one-handed usability and performance optimisations. The latest version of this OS is the Flyme 5.

International Meizu customers can download the Flyme 5.1.5G for m1note, m2note, MX4, MX4 PRO, MX5 and PRO5 now. Indian customers can download Flyme 5.1.5IN for MX5 and m2note. The m3note comes with Flyme 5 by default. Download here.


Flyme OS is very minimalistic. While many people love jazzy colours and UI transitions, I still love clean and simple UI on my phone. Thats probably, one of the reasons why I love Meizu’s phones for its flat looking icons, simplistic approach to Android and few tweaks which makes it faster than other phones.

Not only, the UI is simple, the gestures and toggles throughout the device are impressive. It does take a little bit of learning to understand Flyme, the moment you do its super simple and fast. Especially, when you want to use the phone one-handed.

With smooth animations, large and easy icons to press the UI stands out the most on the Flyme OS. We have a number of interesting gestures on the Flyme OS. To name a few – While on the locked screen, you can Double tab to wake up,  swipe up to goto the home screen straight away, while on the locked screen, you can swipe down from the top to bring on the notifications to control quick settings.


From the lock screen you can configure your favourite application when you swipe right, and swiping left starts the camera. You can also configure custom gesture settings; you can draw any letter to start an application. While on the home screen, you can swipe up to get a spotlight search option like on the iOS. Swiping up from the bottom left bezel near the single capacitive touch button brings on the multi-tasking switch and the most recent apps. You could quickly switch between them. Its pretty neat and very simple.  Swiping up from an icon closes the program, and swiping up from the background will close all currently open applications.

Flyme both looks good and works really well in a nice iOS/Android hybrid way. Similar to iOS, the stock FlymeOS launcher carries all installed applications on the home screens. Personally, I feel this to be lot cleaner than many other Android interfaces, which hide apps away in an app drawer. Today, many other companies are moving away from app-drawer approach. The keyboard is good too.

The Flyme gives you a good range of application permissions and notification controls to play with. The fingerprint sensor doesn’t just work to unlock screen but also to open private folders and applications. You also have a vault, password protection feature where you can protect private folders and applications. The File explorer is pretty neat and gives you easy categories to look up.


Flyme also supports Multi-screen mode, where two applications can be displayed at the same time in multi-screen mode in an adjustable ratio (only few applications are supported at this moment). Icons can be selected and moved in batch mode to different pages by long pressing Home screen and selecting Icons to move them; further, you can also shake the phone to sort all the icons on the page.

The startup speeds and App launches are pretty quick. While you uninstall an application on the phone, Flyme reminds if you want to clear the app cache simultaneously, thereby providing better and fast performance. The Scan and clear option can also be scheduled. The Immersive Mode where the color of status bar at the top will changes accordingly makes the whole interface more natural and very artistic.

Things can definitely be polished better. Maybe, because of the china first approach, the text sometimes aren’t aligned right and even the translations are too literal. The designers at Meizu have done a pretty good job in working on the icons. That gives a very fresh and a minimalistic look to this version of Android which really feels light.

Hope you liked the review. Which forked version of Android do you like? Any specific reason behind it? Do let us know your thoughts.