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Different Levels of Presentations in Microsoft Public Conferences

Last week it was discussed, that only Level 200 or above presentations will be encouraged in the South Asia MVP Summit 2008. Initially, I was a bit perplexed on the levels of Presentation. That’s when; Abhishek gave me this information which describes on the various levels of presentation.

Level 100 (introductory):
   Overviews of product and technology features, functions and benefits 
   Details of new product features, how will they benefit customers and convince them that they need to buy this product
   The functions of the product and an example of how they are used in a real world environment
   The benefits of the product and any case studies that show how they assisted a customer
   Product requirements and other integration information. 
  Level 200 (intermediate):
   Specific product and technology technical information
   Drilling into architecture, integration and configuration (what makes the feature tick)
   Supportability reviews
   Code samples
   Best practices
   High-level troubleshooting techniques
   Known limitations and issues. 
 Level 300 (experienced):
   Product migration, deployment, architecture, development
   Drilling into how a product and its technology is designed to be deployed, migration, etc and focusing on how it is actually deployed
   Real world examples as appropriate
   Complex coding, known issues and work-arounds (sample code/examples)
   Lessons learned, both positive and negative
   Sample migration plans including sample project plans
   Deployment case studies
   Architecture design best practices and case studies. 
 Level 400 (advanced expert):
   Custom code, scripts, application solution development, architect infrastructure designs and solutions
   Advanced coding considerations and challenges
   Design considerations and challenges
   Architecture considerations and challenges
   Troubleshooting techniques at the debugging level.

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My MVP Letter !!!

I just got my MVP letter today. After reading this.., it makes me feel that I have achieved something really BIG!!!!
I have managed to take a picture of that using my mobile to put it on my blog. Read through it..,


General Microsoft

Mis-understood Features of Windows Vista

This is a very good article to understand Windows Vista better. There are lot more to talk about. Once you go through that article, I believe your complains would be reduced for sure !!!!

You can obtain the article from here

General Microsoft

My MVP certificate !!!

Here’s the photograph of my certificate..


And this is my identification card for the next year…


These would remain one of my most favoured possessions for sure!!!

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MVP Award : Setup and Deployment

Hiiii All, I am very pleased to inform you that, I have been awarded the MVP award for “Setup and Deployment”.

I got the mail from MVP Team last night. Thanks to all my Pals and my readers at Juice.

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MVP summit : Conversation with Steve Balmer

hey buddies, Read this lovely conversation of Steve Balmer with MVPs during a Summit.

Its worth reading through Balmer’s answers to the queries raised.

General Microsoft Windows Installer, Application Compatibility and Deployments

Frequently Asked Questions About Windows Installer

Here’s a great reference if you want/need to learn some Windows Installer concepts and best practices. This document is very useful to individuals who are starting to do application packaging



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