Google Wave – Basics and Important Pointers

waveGoogle Wave is a personal communication and collaboration tool announced by Google at the Google I/O conference.  Google Wave is currently in developer preview phase. I got my access to the Wave Sandbox last week and I am playing with it since then; Trust me.. its just phenomenal! Special Thanks to Janakiram, who gave an overview & an excellent demo on Wave at the Bangalore GTUG Meet.

Well,  conceptually a wave is equal parts of conversation and document, where people can communicate and work together with richly format text, videos, pics, maps, and more. It is a web based service, computing platform, and communications protocol designed to merge e-mail, instant messaging and social networking.

In wave, you can create a wave and add people to it. Everyone on your wave can use richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps and also feeds. They can insert a reply or edit the wave directly. It’s concurrent rich-text editing, where you see on your screen nearly instantly what your fellow collaborators are typing in your wave. This feature is too good when you are chatting with someone.. You dont see that “Mr.X is typing…..”., instead you see the whole text what he is typing. This feature also takes a step forward towards managing blog comments. You can now see blog comments live. At business, it allows you to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues. If someone joins in late in your conversation, you have a “playback” to rewind the wave to see how it evolved.  You also have an intelligent contextual spell checker, which can check a spell based on the sentence context. For eg: “I had been to a shop, and the coffee been (been will get replaced to bean) smelled good”.

There are lots and loads of enhancements which are made for this communication platform.  For eg: Automatic preview of blog comments, twitter updates, document sharing etc.. the list could just goes on and on.. The best part being all this is Open source. Developers can just create their own plug-ins and load the same on their wave!! This concept evolved, could combine Google mail and Docs into an interesting free-form workspace that could be used to plan events and write documents collaboratively.

Communication platform being made so open and strong, guess where the User eXperience will reach its epitome.!!

Important Pointers:

  1. Developer Conference Preview Video | Google IO 2009 – Click Here
  2. Request your Wave Sandbox access – Click Here
  3. If you are a developer and Wanna’ learn more on the Wave APIs – Click Here
  4. Google Wave API forum – Click Here
  5. Google Code Blog – Click Here
  6. API Presentations – Click Here
  7. Code Samples – Click Here


A Note on Bangalore -GTUG:

gtugGTUG (Google Technology User Group) is a community where programmers meet to discuss and work with several Google developer resources and products. The group organizers conduct regular events that are similar to events conducted at Google I/O each year to enable programmers to learn about various Google technologies. You can learn more about the Bangalore GTUG here To be a part of GTUG, just click here, sign in with your Google Account and join the group!!

Microsoft Word 2010 – Preview

I got hold to Office Professional 2010 today and installed it on my machine now. The first feel I got was,“WOW, I have it with me now !!”.
The performance has improved significantly when compared to Office 2007(office 12). The ribbon buttons are more clean and neatly arranged and it pulls you to use them. Really Funnntasssttiiicc!!!
In this article, let’s look at some cool things in Word 2010.

You can also request for a Technical Preview here.

The first thing which I observed was the, Office logo design was changed, the one which is in the left top corner.

Hold a min… This is not only a design change, but it does a lot more stuffs than expected. It gives a detailed menu options now.

You do have a paste preview option, when you paste in some content, you can now preview how it will look depending on your choice, making it much less likely to undo a paste option. Hover your mouse over each option, and you’ll see the effect that using that option will have on the operation.

There are also nice photo editing tools, accessible via the Ribbon. Select a photo or picture and make it the way you like. A new “artistic effects” feature is added.

There are lot more features, but I could just pen down these few. Last but not the least; when you close a document without saving, you get a nice meaningful message. I love this change in MS products since Windows 7.

Office 2010 not only requires the same resources as requested Office 2007 to run, but the same resources to work better. With office 2007 being such a big hit among corporates, can be sure this product would be a hit as well!

Great Indian Developer Summit(GIDS) 2009

India’s biggest independent summit for software developers is back for 2009! Packed with premium knowledge, action plans and advise from master speakers.
I would be attending the same tomorrow and the day after for the .NET tracks. I will post more live information, abstract and Presentation decks tomorrow and day-after. Keep watching this space for more information.

A little note on GIDS:
GIDS has been recognized by the THE HINDU as India’s biggest summit for software developers, including project managers, development managers, architects, system/database administrators, web designers and IT decision makers. For both veterans and newcomers to the world of .NET, Java, and the Rich Web, GIDS provides participants with a well-balanced learning experience that guarantee they go back with a richer understanding of the technologies that make a difference to their careers.

For more Information: Click here

Tech-ed India 2009

Are you a Developer?
Software Engineer?
Solution Architect?
Development Manager?

Oh Common, thats too many questions to look., You just gotta be a Technology Enthusiast to be at Teched India.

Meet “like minds” and Technology geeks and receive the best return on your time invested through gaining real-time solutions. Welcome to TechEd India!!!

Bringing you Three days of deep dive technical training, information and community resources focusing on building software solutions with Microsoft development tools for current and soon to release products and technologies.

The various tracks evolve around .NET Fundamentals,Silverlight, Client Application Development, Azure, Service Layer Architecture, Visual Studio Team System, Unified Communication, Virtualization 360, Windows 7, Adminstering Server 2008, WIndows Mobile etc.

Also, I would be there at the event, speaking at the Unconference space on Windows 7 and about Springboard program.

Follow Tech Ed India on twitter at

For registering for Tech Ed India, visit

BITpro UG Meet – A Deep dive into Windows 7

Hey folks, We are having a big UG event this saturday on Windows 7 and Server 2008. This event would emphasize on how Windows 7 can make our everyday tasks easier, with improved user experience, productivity enhancements and Security additions.

As a STEP member, this would be my first session with addition contents and Demos.

Along with STEP significances and benefits, my session would cover these below areas
1. Windows Journey
2. Vista Annoyances (in brief)
3. Significant Improvements in Windows 7
4. User Account Control – Concept and Windows 7 Improvements
5. Per-User Deployment in Windows 7
6. Windows Installer 5.0
7. Application patching Enhancements
8. Other OS Enhancements like “Process Threading and Core Parking”

Event Agenda:
09.00AM to 09.30AM Registration
09.30AM to 10.00AM Keynote speech – UG Lead
10.00AM to 11.30AM A Deep Dive into Windows 7 – Mr.Vijay Raj (MVP: Setup-Deploy)
11.30AM to 11.45AM Tea Break
11.45AM to 12.45PM Windows7 Desktop Experience- Mr.Aresh Sarkari (hp, India)
12.45PM to 01.30PM Lunch Break
01.30PM to 02.15PM Power of Windows Server 2008 R2 – Mr. Ravikanth (Dell, India)
02.30PM to 04.00PM Windows 7 Hands on Lab **
04.00PM to 04.45PM Fun Activity
04.45PM to 05.00PM Vote of Thanks

Click here to Register

Do not miss it !!!


Microsoft has come up with an amazing product called Myphone. My phone helps you to sync information betwen your mobile phone and the World Wide Web. It further enables you to backup and restore your phone content like photos, videos, contacts, sms, data files etc.

It also gives you access to update your phone contacts and appointments online through your live id!
For more FAQ on Microsoft MyPhone, Click here.

Simple Steps to Follow:
Step 1:
Goto, Sign in with your live id (if you dont have one, you can create it here)
Step 2: Raise a request code for Myphone a Services. Once done, you will get a mail from the Myphone team.

Step 3: Login to the website again, it would give you a website, which you will need to browse through your mobile. (I got a file “”, as I am using a windows mobile)
Step 4: Install the package and launch the program and follow the simple instructions.
Thats it, all your pictures, files, contacts are sync’ed.

Login to the website again to verify the same. (see above Image).

Trust me, This is fantastic.!! It just helped me right on time..!! As I was planning to change my job, i was getting worried on how do I back-up so many contacts which is stored in my mail exchange server. On using this, I could sync all my Contacts to my live id and its safe in “Myphone”. 🙂

Do try out the same.!!!

Nominations for the Microsoft MVP Award Program

Herez’ some real good news for Technology Geeks. The nominations for the Microsoft MVP award program for this year are now accepted. Get into an Inner Circle with Microsoft Nominate yourself for the MVP Award Program Today !!!!

Every year, Microsoft recognizes technology experts and join them to an exceptional group of Individuals from around the world who have demonstrated a willingness to reach out, share thier technical expertise with others and help individuals maximise thier use of technology. The MVP Award is given in recognition of a recipient’s technical expertise, spirit of community, and their willingness to help their peers by providing reliable and accurate answers to technical questions about Microsoft products & technologies.

Visit the url to get more details.

Staying Ahead in Your Career with Microsoft Certification

A challenging economic climate is driving many organizations to re-examine their operations. Ensuring employees have the skills to utilize the latest software capabilities helps companies fully realize the potential value of their technology investments while achieving reduced costs and improved staffing efficiencies. As responsible IT professional, it is essential to stay current on the latest technologies and proactively upgrade one’s skills. This will help the team to provide the necessary expertise to improve the organization’s IT environment. Certification, which encompasses training and skills validation, is a proven way to maximize the effectiveness of IT professionals.

Check out more information from TechRepublic on 10 reasons why certification will be important in 2009 How do you decide on the relevant Certification to invest in? Find out more on the demand of IT Skills and Certification available in the market. Some reports you can refer to include TechRepublic’s The industry’s 10 best IT certifications, and TechRepublic’s IT Salary Survey 2009.

This is the best time to join the Microsoft Certified Professional community!

If you are interested in getting a Microsoft Certification, here’s the good news … go to by April 30, 2009 and key in the Promo Code : INEFD6AA to enjoy a 10% discount on your next Microsoft Certification exam. Even better, you will enjoy a free retake if you fail the exam. (Limited to India usage only)

Note : Once you decided on obtaining a Microsoft Certification, you can participate in the upcoming Live Meeting on “Getting Started with Microsoft Certification” on April 7, 2009 10:30pm Singapore Time or April 8, 2009 8:30am Singapore Time. Also you can visit to find out more on the resources available.