Goqii Fitness Band Review: More than just a Tracking Tool

Wearables have been around for a while now. Many of them exist just for the heck of it and some really adds a charm to your lives. Many fitness trackers bands in the market today just get your data and show it back to you. Some go a step forward and display the same on an attractive dashboard.… Continue reading Goqii Fitness Band Review: More than just a Tracking Tool

Nokia Lumia 638 4G Review: Entry level LTE Smart Phone

Microsoft has launched a 4G powered Windows Lumia 638 phone at a price of INR 8,299 (~132 USD). The smartphone will be available exclusively on Amazon.in. After the Nokia Lumia 930 (the best Windows Phone ever made), this would be the next windows phone I am writing on. Though I realise, these belong to different segments, let’s see how the experience goes. Well, without much ado, lets get to the review.

What makes a City Smart? IoT Elements and Key Interactions

More than 100 cities of 1 million people will be built in the next decade. This also an area where the current Indian PM is looking to move the nation into. And if implemented clearly, it will be a great thing for the economy and the quality of urban life in our country. Today, let us conclude this series about the IoT with a look at smart cities – one of the major implementations of IoT.