Free Giveaway – Download Special edition of WinX DVD to iPod Ripper

WinX DVD to iPod Ripper is a wonderful yet free solution to back up general DVDs to iPod video & audio. But for DVD movies released recently, like Transformers 2, Star Trek 2009, UP, etc, are all protected with new generation copy protections, there are rarely solutions to fix it, neither WinX DVD to iPod Ripper.

However, The team has made a special edition of WinX DVD to iPod Ripper, it can backup these protected DVDs to iPod for personal use easily and quickly. They are also giving away this special edition of WinX DVD to iPod Ripper before the end of this month. Check this post, to know how to get hold of this one..!

Top Ten Articles of the year 2009

As the year 2009 comes to an end in about 48 hours, these posts would just bring back some of the best 10 articles which were posted this year on the blog. Posts of all categories are included in this list. The selection was primarily on the visits and how much impact has this had to ease the day to day challenges.
Kindly check the same and let me know your comments. Wish you a wonderful 2010 ahead!

Webinar: Cloud Computing for Enterprises

Cloud computing is about much more than cutting and controlling IT costs. In this webinar from Sun Microsystems, you’ll discover how cloud computing can boost business agility by making it far easier and quicker to provision additional computing resources whenever the need arises.

The webinar includes Case studies on how four organisations are benefitting, discussion on Public clouds versus private clouds, and when to use a hybrid approach. This webinar also speaks on Assessing security, legal, governance and reliability issues.

DNA Newspaper – “Online Medium has an Edge with Interactivity!!”

Last week, few fellow of us met up at Bangalore for a Tech bloggers chat. The topic of the discussion was on “How to improve the Newspapers to catch up with the online media?” – There were people who read close to 3-4 newspapers every day. Ironically, I do not read a newspaper! I prefer consuming news by reading blogs or catch up stuffs on twitter. I thought it would be a little embarrassment for me to sit amidst of people who love Newspapers. Fortunately, I was not the only one among the group!

Jokes apart, this set the platform for the discussion on how different is social media and traditional media? We also spoke about the expectations from a newspaper and what newspapers should do to catch up with the online medium. This discussion Featured Mukund Menon, Tinu Cherian, Vikas, Thejas, Arun Vijayan, Sunil Abraham, NT Balanarayan and Me. Read this article for more information!

VirtualBox Live Show – December : What’s New in VirtualBox 3.1

Join the Sun Team for the December edition of the VirtualBox Live Show to learn and ask questions about the News, What’s New in VirtualBox 3.1, Teleportation, Speedups and Snapshots 2.0. Also, you will get to see a Live demo of all this! Do Register for the webcast here.