The Best Travel Apps for Savvy Globe Trotters in 2019

We are living in an age of previously unimaginable mobility. As a global community, we are hyper connected. We can exchange information seamlessly and travel to the other side of the earth quickly and affordably.

If you’re planning a trip this year, you’re definitely not alone.According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a United Nations Agency, the travel industry contributed to about 10.4% of global GDP in 2017 – and experienced a faster growth than any other economic sector.

Millennials and Generation Z are especially mobile. These digital natives travel more frequently and to more destinations than any other group.

All that considered, it’s probably not a surprise that trip planning apps, hotel booking apps, and vacation apps are some of the most sought-after traveling apps for iphone and Android.

The Best International Travel Apps

Technology is changing the way we travel. Online flight and hotel booking services have made travel agents a thing of the past and it’s easier than ever to research, plan, book, and manage a trip using just our smartphones.

There is an abundance of travel apps designed to makes traveller’s lives easier. Like all apps, some are better than others. We are going to assume you already use Google Maps, Facebook, and Airbnb. In this day and age, these applications are a given. We are interested in the new, the particularly savvy and the disruptive.

If you want the competitive edge to save money, fit more in, and make the most of your trip, don’t leave the house without these five must-have travel apps.

1.      Hopper

Hopper doeswhat we love tech to do. It took a winning formula like a ticket comparison and booking service and enhanced its relevance to solve a problem all travellers are familiar with. Hopper is a flight search and booking app that tells you when the prices for your trip are offered at their most competitive.

The Hopper app is centred around a predictive algorithm that analyses massive amounts of pricing data and offers predictions based on what has happened before. You’ll get notification when prices fall, and before they are likely to rise again so you can make an informed decision about when to book.

We’ve all played the waiting game wondering if our plane ticket or hotel room is going to be cheaper if we buy tomorrow, or next week. And we’ve all cursed ourselves for not booking that ticket a week before and for having to fork out extra.

Hopper is a sleek, user-friendly app available for iOS and Android. It’s free to download and ad-free, but if you book a trip you will be charged a $5 commission that goes to Hopper. You can book and pay for trips securely in the app.

Hopper compares and notifies you of hotel prices at your destination too, but at this stage just a few locations are offered.

We know that there is sometimes seemingly little sense in pricing. The myth of the “cheap Tuesday” is something Hopper debunks and replaces with robust predictions based on rational assumptions. That makes it the best app for cheap flights you need for your trip.

2.      WiFi Map

An app that scans all possible public wi-fi networks in your vicinity is a no-brainer while you’re travelling internationally.

The continuous search for public wi-fi networks is something all travellers can relate to. While they have some security issues, there is no better way to preserve your precious data and minimize roaming charges – especially if you want to share video or keep up to date with your favorite TV show from home.

There are quite a few options when it comes to wi-fi scanning apps. What really sets WiFi Map apart is the community feature for sharing information about wi-fi networks.

Users enter password details and comment on the strength and speed any given network so you can weed out the slow wi-fi right away. That feature is ideal for streamers and downloaders to avoid the dreaded lag that frequently comes with public networks.

It’s available on iOS and Android and uses an intuitive map interface. It also has an offline mode so you can save the wi-fi points to help you find the next connection spot without using up your data.

WiFi Map lists all the networks within a one-mile (1.6 kilometre) radius. The basic version is free. There is a paid version, which lets you save your favorite networks and passwords.

Be aware that the WiFi Map hinges on trust. There is no process to verify the accuracy of the information, so you’ll have to rely on community integrity.

3.      CyberGhost VPN

The important of using a high-quality VPN app while you’re traveling can’t be overstated.

A secure VPN can change your IP address safely so you can stream your favorite series without running into geoblocks. If you’re traveling to a country with online censorship you can change your IP address to get around those filters, too.

If you want to stream, you should keep in mind that server speeds vary between VPNs. There are a few VPN apps around, but one of the fastest and most competitive on the market now is CyberGhost, according to vpnMentor.

In the CyberGhost app, you can choose an IP address and location from 59 countries worldwide. That means you can switch from the UK, to the USA, and back again without moving a muscle. It uses a slick, user-friendly map interface so you can easily see where you are connected to and switch locations as many times as you like.

CyberGhost will also encrypt your traffic so you can book flights and access your bank accounts without worrying about hackers or online trackers. That’s crucial if you’re using public wi-fi networks. Public wi-fi, while convenient, can be quite easily intercepted and used to access your device and private information like banking passwords.

CyberGhost also has a feature that will block ads and malware hiding in websites and any other applications you use. The app is free to download but the service is paid for on a subscription basis. Subscriptions are very affordable, but if you’re taking a short trip you can always sign-up and get a refund under the 45-day money-back guarantee.

4.      VSCO

Everyone wants beautiful images and videos to show at the end of their trip.

Even if you’re a serious photographer and normally carry a camera with you, limited baggage allowances mean travellers must make tough choices. Luckily, your smartphone’s built-in camera is likely advanced enough to capture stunning shots while you’re on the go. Even better, you can just pop it in your pocket so you’re always ready at the perfect moment.

What you really need is an advanced and user-friendly editing app that will let you adjust colour, fix blur, and put the finishing touches on your image when you’re back at your hotel.

VSCO is the it-girl of the photo editing crowd. Sure, you can use your in-phone camera editing platform or Instagram, but VSCO ups the ante with advanced editing options and some of the best filters around.

The app is available on iOS and Android, and while it offers its own social network, you can seamlessly share your images on your preferred social page.

VSCO is free to download but some of the filters in its library cost money to use. That gives you choices if you desperately want one particular look for your travel collection, but the free options are beautiful too.

Trip Case

Tripcase is like a travel agent and personal assistant you can fit in your pocket.

It lets you view and manage your flights, hotel bookings, concert tickets, tour reservations, rental cars, and more, in one integrated place. No more toggling between apps to get the information you need to check-in and get to where you’re going.

Tripcase helps more than 30 million travelers manage their trips a year. It notifies you if your gate changes or if your flight is delayed or cancelled. If something goes wrong, you can view your options for a replacement flight and make a booking directly in the app. You can also view your seating plan, change your seat, and get information about baggage claim when you disembark.

Action view displays all the important phone numbers related to your reservations just in case your need to make a change or get in touch with your hotel or tour operator. It also includes an 11-day weather forecast so you can pack accordingly.

A map and real-time directions function will guide you to your next destination when you choose it in the app. You can book an Uber directly from the app and see discounts and promotions offered by venues and services close to you.

Tripcase is free and available in nine languages. It’s available on iOS and Android.


The best trip planner is available on your iphone or Android. Travel apps are shaking up the travel industry and putting the control squarely back in your hands. Get the most out of your trip and make innovative traveling apps an essential part of your packing list.


How to Select the Right Documentation Management System for Your Organization

Gone are the days when filing cabinets were used to file documents. Technology has made life in the workplace much easier. It is easier to scan to pdf than to physically file hundreds of documents.

Documentation management in any organization is critical. Keeping track of all documents is hard without having a system in place. It ultimately decreases the organization’s efficiency and puts it at risk. Every organization must have a documentation management system which:

  • Reduces costs of operation
  • Improves overall information access
  • Protects vital information
  • Reduces risks of litigation

A documentation management system seeks to make life in your organization much easier. There are hundreds of vendors selling documentation management system, but how do you know how to select the best one? 

What Is A Documentation Management System?

A document management system is an electronic filing system any organization can use to organize all their paper and digital records. You can scan to pdf any paper documents and upload them directly into your system. The system users can enter tags and metadata for the organization of all the stored data. Most documentation systems software has an in-built search engine which lets a user navigate all stored documents for access to a particular file. When it comes to sensitive data, most systems have settings that restrict anyone from accessing the information without a password. Some documentation systems features include:

  • Storing different types of documents such as PDFs, spreadsheets and PDFs
  • Asking for permission to access certain documents
  • Access to information via keyword
  • Ability to see which users accessed which document
  • Tools to track edits and recover older versions of the same document
  • Regulation tools which determine when a document is obsolete and should be deleted
  • Support for mobile devices that allows a user to access, edit and share documents

There are several tips to consider when choosing a documentation systems Vendor

1.   Your Organizational Needs

Choosing the right documentation system boils down to being able to accurately pinpoint your organization’s needs. You also need to decide on the mode of storage, either on-premises or cloud-based. 

  • On-Premises

If you decide to go for an on-premises documentation management system, then you need to make sure you have the capability. This means having your own servers, storage, and your own maintenance. Since in this case you are solely responsible for all your data, back up is critical.

Ideally, this option is more sensible for large organizations that have vast IT resources. This system has more demands technically but it hands you one on one control over your system .Software updates and technical support from vendors are available depending on how often you renew your annual subscription packages.

The biggest advantage of the on-premises documentation system is that you have direct control of your system. You do not need a third party to keep it up and running. Its downside is the cost of running it and yearly software updates. The responsibility of keeping data safe is yours as your data isn’t saved on the cloud. Every document you scan to PDF or other formats is saved directly to your servers.

  • Cloud-Based 

This system is hosted by a provider who is responsible for keeping your data safe. The provider does this for a monthly or annual fee. The information is available to you via the internet. This system’s advantage is that you don’t need a technical team to maintain it.

Since the information is already online, you can easily access it anywhere, any time.  The greatest disadvantage is that you are literally at your provider’s mercy. If the provider is experiencing a problem, you have to wait until they are up and running to access your data.

If your internet is experiencing problems, you cannot access your files. Cloud storage, unfortunately, has limited storage limitations. You have to buy more space when you exhaust your allocated space.

2.   Choose the Right Documentation System Vendor

Your experience with Documentation systems depends on the vendor you choose. Do your due diligence and go for a reputable system vendor. Make sure the vendor has several products and good credibility from clients. 

Avoid at all costs vendors who promise the world and offer systems that claim to be one size fits all, and at very low prices. Remember, cheap is expensive. Make a list of questions and detailed organizational needs. Review these questions with vendors and do response and price comparisons before you settle. For me the Filecenter DMS works fine on this particular point if you’re unable to locate perfect vendor.

3.   Look for the Simplest Interface

The system you settle for should offer the user an intuitive User Interface (UI) that is easily navigated. You might settle for a powerful system, but whose UI is complex and frustrating to its users.

Look for a system that offers a simple user experience. It should be efficient with clear commands and a clear but simple design. After the first training, the users should be comfortable with the UI. Choose a few individuals with mastery of the system and how to get the most out of it.

4.   Manage the Flow of Work

An electronic document management system works as more than just a digitalized filing cabinet. The best systems operate as workflow managers. The keep your organization’s projects running smoothly. Choose s Documentation System that incorporates project management into its features. Ensure that the chosen platform has enough scalability in line with your organizational growth. The software needs to be able to adapt as per the organization’s growth. I found this article very informativefrom the business point of view and you should read it.

5.   Select a System with Integration Capabilities

Your documentation System has to be very flexible and able to fully integrate with the software system you currently. This enables you to seamlessly switch between applications. Ensure your new documentation system is in sync with the rest of your programs. A social intranet can provide you with an all-inclusive solution. It merges communications, document management, and scheduling into one platform.

6.   Intelligent Data Capture

The best documentation management system captures data from different input devices. Once you scan to PDF or whichever format, the system should be intelligent enough to extract and confirm the data. The software then tags and categorizes information for easy retrieval via a search engine. This search engine must be easy to use, thus conserving time and enhancing productivity. Many documentation systems claim to have the ability to capture data intelligently, but few deliver. Monitor the system carefully and make sure the selected system interprets data properly.

7.   Make Security a Priority

Data breaches in the past have emphasized the importance of protecting your organization’s data. Protect your clients’ information with a system that incorporates tough security procedures designed to prevent attacks from hackers and malware.

A reputable system vendor makes sure that security is a major feature in all their products. You, however, have to update and monitor your security levels against threats. Make sure you inquire from your vendor on the security update frequency. Also, ask them how they intend to notify you about the changes.

8.   Choose a System with Administrative Controls

Other than threats from external sources, it is imperative that you also protect your files internally. This is done by using software with options for administrative control. Set the system with user restrictions with each tailored to individual needs of the staff.

Depending on their ranks, some staff members require read-access only while others higher up need authority to delete or move files.  You need to incorporate a standard file for reference when recruiting new staff. Staff working on short contracts also need to be given temporary access depending on rank.

9.   Check and Confirm Support Services

While shopping around for a vendor, make sure you go for one that is renowned for their top notch after sales support. It could be in the form of online chat, email or telephone calls option. Before you purchase the product, ask about the turnaround for requests on support.

 Make sure their support is prompt. You might ignore to ask such a critical question and find out at the last minute they take 24 hours to process a support inquiry. Also, ask about the vendor’s prices for support in case there are hidden charges.

10.Back Up

The importance of back up cannot be overemphasized. You must make sure you back up all your business data. Go for a product that features continuous back-ups on top security servers. The document management system should have a back-up capability that is part of your recovery formula.


Choosing the right documentation management system can prove to be a challenge. You must take total responsibility for your search by understanding your organizational needs. You must also determine whether your organization is self-sufficient and can store its own data, or you want to take the option of online cloud back up. Find out the full scope of what is available in terms of software choices. A social intranet which incorporates calendaring, communication and document management is also an option.

Choose a renowned vendor who has a proven track record in providing superior products. Prioritize security and data backup. Doing this will ensure you are covered from every end of the spectrum. 


10 Free Text Editing Tools for Windows 10

As a writer, your primary goal is to make sure that your reader understands points you are putting across. The written passage, paper or essay needs to be well-structured and have a perfect grammatical flow. Text editing is one of the challenges many students face while tackling their assignments and essays. 

In my years as a student, I would often opt to buy an essay or a research paper than write it myself. I feared submitting shoddy work. Proofreading and editing has always been a challenge for me. I remember that I had to buy research proposal onlinefor my first project at college. Similar to many students, I found my proposal paper not to be good enough. 

Best Tools for Text Editing on Windows 10

Ideas and information in the brain can make you feel intelligent and confident. But wait till you transfer the same ideas and information from the brain to a paper. That is when you feel that you are not smart enough. Trust me, you are smart enough, your written work just needs some proofreading and editing and you are good to go. 

Here is a list of the best text editor tools for windows that can be helpful.

1.   Notepad++

If you work on articles, papers or codes in different languages, this might be the tool for you. This program has been developed to support multiple languages. If you are looking for a specific outcome, this program comes with additional plugins that help improve overall performance. 

The app stands out as a result of:

  • Customizable interface, 
  • Multi-language feature, 
  • Auto-completion
  • Search and replace tools. 

On the downside, this tool cannot handle some large files.

2.   Vim

Basically, this tool reduces your workload as far as text editing and proofreading is concerned. The main features and advantages of this app include:

  • Automatic commands
  • Text formatting and editing
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Integrated spell-check 

I can’t help but feel that I should have tried this software before I opted to buy research proposal online. Now that I have used it, I feel that you will save so much if you tried it out. However, the program requires time to master and use perfectly.

3.   GNU Emacs

If you are looking for a self-documenting and easily customizable tool, then the GNU Emacs is what you need. Some of its amazing and very beneficial features include:

  • a multi-language capability, 
  • a debugging interface and
  • a project planner tool. 

Note that you need to learn how to use it first – it is not as easy as ABCD.

4.   Bluefish

Personally, I haven’t used nor heard about this app before. From my research, this tool is almost similar to the above-discussed programs, apart from some special features that make it stand out. The tool has:

  • auto-recovery capability, 
  • reusable shortcuts and 
  • multiple document interface.

The downside of this app is that most of its competitors have better features and plugins.

5.   EditPad Lite

Although this is a free editing tool for Windows, it is the only lite version with the premium type coming at a cost. For commercial uses, you need to purchase a license. If you intend to have it for personal use, you can have the standard lite version. 

The app has unlimited undo and redo options, making it easy to make multiple changes to one document without altering it entirely.

6.   Atom

This is one of the top-rated software as far as text editing tools are concerned. This tool is absolutely free of charge, including the themes and features. Some of its advantages include:

  • Customization
  • Auto-completion feature
  • Find and replace editing tool 
  • It can open multiple panes simultaneously.

On the other hand, the software may show some sluggishness when you open large documents and files. This happens on very rare occasions, making Atom one of the best programs among free text editor tools.

7.   NoteTab Lite

To get NoteTab pro you have to purchase a license. NoteTab lite is perfect for small and personal document editing but not for large size business documents. Its classic features include:

  • HTML autocomplete
  • In-text calculations

8.   Brackets

Despite it being sleek and easy to use, Brackets is more useful in web designing and coding than in text editing. This makes it an unfavorable program for general use.

9.   Gedit

Although this is a text editor for the Windows operating system, it was developed for GNOME OS, which happens to be uncommon. A feature that distinguishes this software from other text editors is that it has a beautiful user interface for both standard and coding users.

It is a bit sluggish when tackling large files. Other than that, it is perfect.

10.Visual Studio Code

This application is one of the best there as far as text editing is concerned. It comes with additional plugins for Multi-language capability as well as the auto-complete capabilities. 


As humans, we all share the desire to excel. To make it as a writer, you have to make use of these tools from the beginning. Don’t insist on making a fool of yourself each time by making silly spelling and grammar errors. With this information, the ball is absolutely on your court now.


CARTIER Watches Review

Cartier watches were introduced in 1847 by a Parisian watch seller Louis Francois Cartier who took over the workshop from his employer. The founder of this watch has been selling other watches after beautifying using his own ideas. With the passage of time and accumulation of knowledge, the founder started its own line of luxury watches. Cartier brand was originally devoted to making high-end jewellery. With its line of watches, they forayed into the field of luxury fashion and introduced the elite class to the artworks that these branded watches are. Aimed to adorn only the classiest of the classes, this watch boasts to be the first choice of industrialists, celebrities and royals.

Important collections of Cartier Watches

These high-class luxury watches came up with their first collection even before the dawn of the era of wrist watches. The wrist watches from this brand were sold under the collection ‘Santos’ and are considered a rarity till date. This line drew the inspiration from a friend who complained about the impracticality of pocket watches in certain situation such as flying. The name of the friend was Alberto Santos-Durant and perhaps, after him, the line was christened.

The next line was introduced in 1919. It was the time of World War I and aptly it got the name ‘Tank’. A variety of watches were introduced under this line from time to time. A few worth mentioning are:

a. Tank Cintree – 1921
b. Tank Louis Cartier and Tank Chinoise – 1922
c. Tank à guichets – 1929
d. Tank Baculante – 1932
e. Tank asymétrique – 1936
f. Tank Americaine – 1989
g. Tank Francaise – 1996
h. Tank Divan – 2002

The motif of tank caterpillar is the main identifying feature of this line. The makers reinvented this line time and again according to the change of sensibilities happening over time. It is a unisex watch designed to complement the personalities of both men and women.

The other lines created under this luxury watch banner are – Baron Blu, Cres, Drive, and Panthere; to name a few exclusive ones.

Cartier watches’ unique elements

As mentioned above, there was something unique introduced in every line as per the changing sensibilities of the user. The elements that distinctly defined the collections are:

a. Tank: Square dial formed the identifying feature of this collection. The tank caterpillar motif and elegance in looks placed these watches in a different league. One of the watches of this collection Tank Shinoya incorporated the Chinese temple in the design making it a true exclusive luxury.

b. Baron blu: Round dial marked the unique feature of this watch line. It was designed in pairs so that these could be presented as anniversary gifts for couples.

c. Caliber: It was featuring 42mm case size. Popular as men’s watch, it features Roman Numerals, Water-proof abilities and chronographs.

Watches from this high-end luxury brand have jewellery-like looks owing to the fact that the jewellery was and continues to be its original offering. Apart from unmatched quality; many of these cartier watches have the bracelet-like appearance. The inclusion of gold and steel in the design also justifies the exclusivity these wrist adornments come with.


From Debt to Profits: 4 Reasons Why Your Online Business Is Struggling

Good businesses owners earn a living and cut paychecks based off of the profits that they receive. In the landscape of online business, the principles are the same. When profit margins are high, owners and employees are richly compensated and have many choices. However, when an online business is losing money, holes may be discovered anywhere. Consider these major ways that your online business may be letting money slip away. 

You Lack A Business Plan 

If you lack a strong business plan, your business can lose money on all kinds of endeavors that were never even part of the budget. A budget gives you guidance and clarity on how to accomplish your business goals. Constantly making changes to your company’s direction can prove to be quite costly. Changing your plans on a whim may lead to prosperity occasionally, while it may lead straight to debt during other times. For example, it is often expensive to re-chart your course six months into the year. This means that suddenly switching from a less expensive marketing or production strategy to a more expensive one can take a surprising chunk from the revenue.

Failing to take action at all is not effective either, as indecisiveness can lead to bottlenecks in your business, or a shutdown. When you start out with a highly detailed business plan and adhere to it, your business can follow a rational course of development with a higher probability of success. 

Your Ecommerce Site Needs Work

Without a doubt, the overwhelming number of consumers who will access your site online deserve to visit a great ecommerce site. Building a site by yourself can be complicated, and it can deeply affect your sales if you fail to do well. Using an ecommerce website builder allows you to construct an online store, no matter your level of technical competence. With one, you can create a sleek and highly functioning website without hiring a web developer. Maintaining a simple and clear website helps consumers to find what they need on your site quickly.

Using an ecommerce platform like Shopify can make presenting an excellent website to consumers easier than ever. For companies with the capacity to serve a higher number of customers, Shopify Plus is more cost effective than enterprise magento. Using the embedded spectrum of features, you can customize your site to suit customers well and maximize sales revenue simultaneously.

You Are Not Monitoring the Money

When a business sinks into debt, it does not have to be a swift or obvious process. Unless a business owner is observing cash flow and expenses closely, a budding financial issue may be overlooked for a long period. Many times, smaller expenses add up over time and lead to significant debts that can wipe out the profits of an unsuspecting business.

Monitoring the flow of money in your business must be a priority for the survival of your online business. According to Small Business Trends, 30 percent of small businesses are constantly losing money, and 29% that failed ran out of money. Since so many businesses close due to finances, never underestimate the power of proper money management. Allocating resources well while it is early enough to plan for stability is wise. Anticipating challenges along the way also means setting aside emergency funding for your business. With spare funding available, you don’t have to break your bottom line during times of hardship.

Your Prices Are Not Right

Setting the right price for any goods or services that you sell is key for online business success. If your prices are perceived to be too high, then your target audience may pass up your brand in favor of a competitor offering a lower price for similar merchandise and services. On the other hand, if your prices are too low, then you may struggle to turn enough profit each quarter.

Striking a balance is essential to stay in business and thrive while doing it. To best optimize your prices, you can do a market analysis and study your competitors to find the sweet spot that generates sales. If you want to sell products at premium prices, helping consumers understand that you are offering higher quality, more impressive features, or greater convenience is a smart move. What your brand uniquely and proudly offers can become major selling points that convince consumers to pay a higher price tag.

Any business can be crippled by the mismanagement of finances at any stage, so exercising financial intelligence and wisdom is key throughout the existence of any company. However, you can grow a more profitable online business by maintaining greater control of your finances. Building an audience for your brand online will allow you to generate more income. With online businesses, careful management of your website, software, and other basic technologies needed for operations must be up to par fo owner or entrepreneur to avoid problems that lead to financial losses.


Mansfield, Matt. (28 March 2019). STARTUP STATISTICS – The Numbers You Need to Know. Retrieved From:


A Review about Tudor Black Bay Watches

Montres TUDOR SA is a Swiss wristwatch manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1946, Wilsdorf founded Montres TUDOR SA. Tudor is now considered a sub-brand of Rolex. Tudor has Tudor well known all over the world for its tools watches and producing wrist watches for professional divers and the military.

So, if you are looking for watches that can be your guides when you are out on an adventure, then these watches are the one for you!

In 2012, the collection of Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watchwas launched. It is specifically designed for professional divers. The watch collection is a reflection of earlier Tudor Submariner models.

In 2013 at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve, the Ttudor Black Bay 58 was presented with the “Revival” Prize at the. Ever since then, the Tudor Black Bay collection has been expanded extensively.

Tudor Black Bay Collection

• Tudor Black Bay 5879030N

This watch has a power reserve of 70 hours. The movement is automatic. The case is made of steel and has a diameter of 39mm. The watch offers water resistance of 200meters-600meters. The bracelet is made of steel and has steel clasp. The dial is black in color.

• Tudor Black Bay GMT M79830RB

It is the latest addition to the Black bay collection. This unisex watch has automatic movement and a power reserve of 70 hours. The bracelet is made of steel and has fold clasp. The case is made of steel and is 41mm in diameter. The glass cover is made of sapphire glass. The dial can have different colours, but the most common color is black.

• Tudor Black Bay Black 79220N

This unisex watch has automatic movement and a power reserve of 38 hours. The bracelet is made of steel and has fold clasp made of steel as well. The case is also made of steel and has a diameter of 41mm. It has a water resistance of 20 ATM. The glass cover is made of sapphire glass. The dial is black in color.

• Tudor Black Bay Harrods 79230G

This unisex watch has an automatic movement. The glass cover is made of sapphire glass. The case is made of steel and has a diameter of 41mm. The dial is black in color. The bracelet is made of steel and has fold clasp. It offers a water resistance of 20ATM.

• Tudor Black Bay Blue 79230

This unisex watch has an automatic movement. The bracelet is made of steel and has a length of 197mm. It has a folding clasp. The case is made of steel and has a diameter of 41mm. The glass cover is made of sapphire glass. The dial is black in color.

The Tudor Black Bay collection is specifically designed to suit the needs of divers and other sportspersons. The watches are light-weight and are waterproof. The watches have automatic movement and are made of steel so that they are not damaged in water. The components used in the watches are made by ETA or Valjoux, both are Swiss companies. The Tudor Black Bay watches are extremely popular in USA, UK, China, etc.


Why tudor black bay watches become famous among people?

People are highly concentrated on current fashion trends and accessories although there are several fashion accessories available in the market and watches remain to be common one to both men and women. Even though people follow fashion trends when it comes to watch selection mostly they preferred to choose branded one it is mainly because, only branded watches can give a classic and unique style look to person who wear them. This cannot be gained by any other local manufacturer watches which are ready available. When people search for top most brands there several brands available such as Hamilton, Swiss and more they manufacture all professional designed watches and fashion trend watches too. Moreover now it is easy to get all such branded watches in normal price range via online. On other hand not all people wish to have watches in these brands rather they would prefer to get branded watches which are famous in past years. Many can think is it possible getting branded a watch that was famous in past years? In true facts at present it is made possible by tudor watch manufacturer by re-launching their famous luxury watch type tudor black bay with modernized settings and designs.

History of Tudor black bay watches:

Tudor is one of among highly preferred luxury watch manufacturer which has headquarters in Geneva city in Switzerland. These tudor was working as a subsidiary to Rolex watches, it had created a unique name for its brand by having back to back tudor inventions such as tudor diving watches, tudor chronograph, tudor submariner and tutor heritage black bay. The success of tudor watches has initiated when they launched tudor submariner but their famous is done by heritage black bay. This model remains as a popular vintage model among all watch lovers. Thus the heritage black bay watches remains as preferred watch by almost of celebrity. Recently tudor came back to market with their new model tudor black bay which is compressed designs of tudor’s various submariner and heritage black bay. The tudor black bayis designed with modern designing aspects with stylish look.

Features of tudor black bay:

The tudor black bay watches are re designed mainly with various tudor submarine model and famous tudor heritage black bay model. Although it is re invented they are more famous due to its exciting features which carry out old designs in modern aspects. Here are some exciting features of tudor black baywatches are listed below.

  • The tudor black bay watches are manufactured with common case dial with steel in 32 mm to 41 mm case size. The watch case is polished enough and finished with satin work.
  • The watch maker has manufactured the tudor black bay watches with self winding movements along with bidirectional rotor system.
  • Moreover in new tudor black baywatches the power get reserved for 70 hours in approx.
  • As a feature from old design the watches are made water resistance or water proof about 200 m which is 660 ft of range.
  • When it comes to case the bezel is manufactured in steel in form of unidirectional disc, where it holds black dial with pink index in domed shape.
  • The winding crown of the watch is made with steel with rose engraved along with black lacquered burgundy aluminium winding crown tube.
  • The watch is designed with domed sapphire crystals which gives crystal clear wrist.

Apart from all above features all models of tudor black bay watches are designed with bracelet of rivet steel along with buckle folding and safety clasp.

Various collection of tudor black bay watches:

Although the tudor black bay watches is re invented one people are offered with three variety of model collections such as 

  • Tudor’s black bay 58
  • Tudor’s black bay red
  • Tudor’s black bay black
  • Tudor’s black bay GMT

Tudor’s black bay 58:  this model is designed with 39 mm dial size with thickness of about 12.01 mm. moreover it highly draw attention of all people when they see this watch model it would feel it is a perfect match for them. On further this model is available in affordable range which can be offered by all people.

Tudor’s black bay red: this model is designed with dial size of 541 mm and water resistance up to 200 m as an additional feature the watch dial is guarded by crystal glass. This model is mainly designed based on various submarine models as reflect of that this model has big crown along with modern look aspects.

Tudor’s black bay black:  this model is designed with sports watch specifications with measurement 41 x 50 x 14.8 mm steel. As an additional feature the watch has red triangle in dial when clock strike at 12 o clock along with this the watch has sharp edges in high finishing quality.

Tudor’s black bay GMT: the GMT watch is a new invention with 41 mm wide and thickness is about 15 mm. this GMT watches are divided into two types independent 24 hour and local jumping hour. Moreover this watch model is attracted towards people because it is made with Pepsi design. For more information and watch purchase people can visit official site


10 Best Gadgets That Every Student Needs

Do you want to make your college life easier? Do you love fun gadgets and using them to your advantage? Well, you will be glad to hear that there are lots of awesome and new gadgets on the market that students are going to love.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best gadgets, so you do not need to search for them on your own.

Portable Speakers

If you love to listen to music everywhere you go, you are going to need to order a portable speaker. This is one of the gadgets you end up buying, and everyone else loves it too! You can bring it along to the gym, parties and other activities. They usually have Bluetooth, so they easily connect to your device without any needs for wires.

Bluetooth Coffee Machine

Do you need a cup of coffee to help get you moving in the morning? One of the fun gadgets that students need is a Bluetooth coffee machine. This lets you start your coffee pot from your mobile device, which means you can be lying in bed while your coffee is brewing. This is just what you need if you are in a rush in the morning.


If you are planning on studying abroad for a semester, you will want to keep in touch with friends and family. One of the best apps for your smartphone will be WhatsApp. This is an easy and real-time way to message when you are in any country. You can send messages, audio, and images instantly.

A Fitness Tracker

One of the best things you can do as a student is to stay healthy. Of course, this can be hard when you are studying a lot and going to lots of parties! But a fitness tracker can help you get to go in the right direction. You can track your fitness and exercise every day, as well as monitor your sleep patterns. This is going to be good when you are writing your law dissertatio, or you are a Ph.D. student, as you will be very busy and it can motivate you to stay healthy.

A Kindle

Do you have a lot of reading during the academic year? Instead of always purchasing hardback books or having to head to the library, you can consider having your own kindle instead. This is a fantastic way to access and enjoy reading for your classics. It can all be stored onto one device and read wherever you are. Good tablets for college include: 

  • Kindle Fire HD 
  • Kindle Paperwhite.
  • Kindle Fire 7.
  • Kindle Oasis.

A Portable Hard Drive

The last thing you want is to lose all of those essays you have worked so hard on throughout the academic year. So, a portable hard drive is one of the best gadgets for college students to invest in. It is going to make sure that if anything goes wrong with your computer, you have a backup of all your work. It could save you a lot of stress and hassle later down the line.

A Reliable Laptop

One thing that every student needs for the start of their studies is a good laptop. This is going to be your best friend at lectures and for working on assignments and dissertations. It can also be a way to buy dissertation online. You can simply connect your device to the internet and order a dissertation online to improve your grades.

Good Headphones

There is going to be a time in the academic year when you are trying to study, and there is too much noise. This could be when you are studying in your dormitory or even in the library. What to do you need? Well, you need to purchase a good set of noise-canceling headphones. This is going to stop any distractions that are preventing you from studying or writing your paper. But if you are still struggling, Paperial could help with time management for college students by letting you order online dissertation options.

A Portable Charger

Do you find that your mobile device runs out of battery all the time? Of course, nobody wants this to happen in the middle of class or traveling home. The best way to avoid this is by choosing a portable charger. This is one of the good gadgets that is going to save the day when you least expect it. You will be able to simply attach your mobile device and juice it up so you can use it when you need to. This is definitely one to buy.

A Wireless Printer

Printing at the college library is expensive. Plus, sometimes you do not want to travel into campus just to print out reading and other coursework. The solution is purchasing a wireless printer. This is going to let you connect your device easily and print out everything you need for studying and writing papers.


How to Improve Your Revenue as a YouTuber?

Making money with online videos has become a norm these days. There are various streaming platforms, such as Twitch TV, and, of course, YouTube, the biggest video website on the internet. Those who have managed to jump in at the early stage have managed to build a decent number of subscribers and profit from ads. However, due to recent changes in YouTube’s algorithm, the numbers seem to fall down in ad revenue. It is only natural that everyone has been trying to figure out other means of profiting from their videos. If you happen to be a YouTuber, the list below should be of great use to you.


Turning off the ads for good and focusing on patronage from your viewers is not a possibility for every YouTuber, but there are plenty of those who make thousands of dollars thanks to the support on Patreon or any other crowdfunding website. This idea has been around for many years now and encourages content creators to remain active because they see just how much the viewers want to see them make the videos. Depending on how big and engaging your audience is, it is not a stretch to say that this method can be more than enough to make more than enough money.

Sell Digital Goods

The best thing about digital stuff is that you do not have to pay anything for production. The basic concept is that once there is something made, you just need to copy and paste it again. It is nothing but profit. Of course, a YouTube channel will be a platform to advertise. The selling needs to happen on an e-store. For instance, if you were to look at Printify pricing reviewed, it should give you a general idea how much running a website like that would cost. Making everything yourself is not that good of an idea because you will lack experience. Therefore, you should probably be better off hiring someone who knows how to build an online shop.

Paid Sponsorship

There are plenty of companies who are dying to get more attention. And who can help with that more than influencers on YouTube who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers? If you are a big player, it is highly likely that they will reach out to you. However, it would be much better to take a proactive approach and ask them yourself. As for the payment, it usually comes down to what you can negotiate. In most of these deals, the number of views will determine how much you can expect to make. If you agree to get a dollar per thousand views, it is obvious how much you will get.


Another great way to get yourself more recognition is releasing merchandise. This one is a bit tricky as it requires more than just a decision to do it. You will need to come up with something that makes sense, is appealing, and figure out the distribution part. It does not necessarily have to be youtube merch made on a platform such as If you have a big enough audience, any product will do, as long as it is good. Starting with something like simple t-shirts or mugs with your channel logo will show whether viewers are interested. If they are, you can move on to the next step. On the other hand, if you fail, spending time on another method would make more sense.

Show Your Skills

If you know how to do more than just edit videos, promote yourself on platforms like Skillshare and Udemy. There are courses which gather a lot of attention, and it would not be a bad idea trying to come up with something like that yourself.

All in all, if you are no longer satisfied with the ad revenue on your account, there is definitely more than one way to make money on YouTube. The fact that you are on the platform already shows your creative side. Nothing should be impossible if you put your mind to it.


Why Playtech Stands Apart as a Casino Games Developer

There are a lot of casino games developers operating out there. In fact, the whole area of developing casino games is arguably as open as it is with video games, with new independent software companies ready to disrupt the status quo. There are, however, some big players in the industry. There are no monopolies per say, yet the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech have a lot more prominence than the rest.

Of that trio, one could argue that Playtech is the most unique, for a variety of different reasons. First of all, Playtech is synonymous with the idea of big budget game productions. Want to play a blockbuster slot based on Justice League or The Dark Knight Rises? Playtech has produced stunning games through a partnership with Warner Brothers and DC Comics, spanning the whole spectrum of the DC Universe.

Movies often get turned into slots

Other blockbuster movies that have been turned into slots by Playtech include Robocop, Gladiator, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dirty Dancing, Grease and Rocky. These aren’t just games that tip the hat to the movies. They are collaborative productions, featuring real clips and imagery from the films, as well as interactive bonus games based on elements of the storylines.

Indeed, Playtech is arguably the software developer most associated with making quality games based on all types of pop culture. Movies are the most frequently used theme for slot games, but television shows, such as American Dad and Britain’s Got Talent slots, and Hollywood icons, like the Marilyn Monroe slot, have also been used to create unique games.

It’s worth noting at this point that not every online casino stocks Playtech games. If you want to check out a great casino that stocks all the top Playtech games – sign up and start playing at UK’s Number One Mansion Casino. Despite the size of the company – Playtech is listed on the London Stock Exchange – it operates an Apple-like policy of exclusivity, meaning many online casinos will sign exclusive deals with the company to stock a majority of Playtech titles.

Age of the Gods Jackpot Games have huge payouts

Another element that sets Playtech apart is a range of games with interconnected progressive jackpots. There are three main series of games with these connected jackpot awards, comprising around 30 games in total: the previously mentioned DC Superheroes range, the Age of the Gods series and the Sporting Legends range.

All of these jackpot games are played with the idea that any spin by any player can trigger the jackpot game. The awards are funded by taking a small percentage of all players bets – usually around 1% – allowing the main jackpot to grow to potentially reach millions of pounds. Even the smaller jackpots, which are won more frequently, can equate to a life-changing sum of money.

Playtech is also a provider of casino solutions. While this sounds like corporate speak, it effectively means Playtech designs the platforms that games run on. For example, Playtech operates the Virtue Fusion Bingo Network, which is the tech platform that allows the connectivity of many UK bingo sites. In addition, Playtech operates several studios that facilitate live dealer games. These in turn provide Playtech casinos with dozens of live dealer games like blackjack, poker and roulette.

As mentioned, Playtech games aren’t as ubiquitous as NetEnt or Microgaming games. But when a casino chooses Playtech, they go all in. The brand has an ultra-loyal following among casino players. That’s understandable, as Playtech offers a unique gaming experience you won’t find with any other software provider.