5 Technological Highlights Making a Computer Geek From a Student

Anyone having an obsession with the computer, technology or pop culture elements can be referred to as a geek. If you are one of those people whose lifestyle revolves around one of these passions, then it is safe to consider that you might also fall into this category. The tech attitude which makes one stand out from the rest despite being socially awkward is what makes a techie nerd. Today, geek techies have greater acceptance and have been ruling the world, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, etc. Who knows you might be the big name of the tech world with all your extraordinary skills?

What do geeks like? They like all those things which any person likes except their utmost love for technology. One thing which can distinguish them from others is their genuine love for high-tech gadgets. If you are a student and realize your love for tech gadgets, then your future seems quite interesting, but it also shows that you are compromising with all writing essays which are assigned. Your loyalty and commitment towards computer stuff is drifting you away from the school work that is due but now you can manage all those things easily if you take help from online services. Just remember that Eduzaurus is always available online, and one can easily go through all their samples and examples and look out for the service which meets their nature of the assignment. In this way, you’ll be able to manage your work and passion simultaneously.

Technological Highlights

Know your Niche:

There is always a passion regarding a particular field, one needs to know the niche in which he/she wants to pursue and come as a successful person. For instance, people having love for computer technology have to figure out at the end of the day which OS (operating system) they are going to pursue. All those stereotypical computer geeks would be following the trend in computing and will opt for the one which attracts them the most.

Being a fan of a specific field and investing so much of time into it, one needs to make sure that you are going to stick to it for a long time and that domain is worth investing in. 

Work Around Artificial Intelligence:

AI is the buzzword that can be heard all over, but it is worth all the hype. This is the right time to invest in this field as it will keep on evolving every single day. Finally, this powerful technology is strong enough to create real AI tools. All organizations are dependent on it in one way or the other. The future of technology lies within algorithms, big data and sophisticated AI tools. 

Cross-Platform Development Tools:

Previously people had to choose the OS for which they were going to develop the application specifically, but the scenario changed with time and developers are working on development environments where they create apps that work on almost all desktop and mobile platforms. Now performance won’t be compromised, and apps can behave natively.


Bitcoin made its mark with flying colors, cryptocurrency concept evolved as something outbreaking but its underlying blockchain came as something unbeatable and had a greater effect on future technological revolutions. Its decentralized nature is what makes it so worthy. All geeks who are looking out to invest their time should consider blockchain as a strong and competitive option. It has the ability to store any type of record which can not be altered or corrupted by any hacker. 

It is the latest development in technology and a lot of people are mending their way and investing time to come up with something extraordinary.


Right now, we can see the Internet of Things all over, and with time, it is becoming an integral part of our homes. Smart microwaves, the internet-connected devices and whatnot. The cherry on the cake is the evolution of 5G devices, which is making it easy to take advantage of this technology in the best possible manner. With IoT we can easily track the world around us, and it is a powerful skill for the foreseeable future. 

If you are willing to stand up for what you believe in, then nothing can stop you. One can not be a geek if he lacks passion, no matter how knowledgeable you are, if you don’t crave to go out of your comfort zone then you won’t make it big. You grow emotionally and spiritually with your product and it is represented in your personality. 


10 Ideas for Using Technology to Teach Writing

Writing is one of the most important learning skills. Not all students are perfect with it and so, the task of many educators is to help them to improve those skills. Technology is very useful in this crucial matter. There are many ways how you can teach writing.

For example, many students prefer addressing academic writing services like It’s a highly reputed writing website with many advantages and guarantees. Thus, one of its clients reports the following information “This professional essay writing service is able to complete whatever you wish. I was impressed how accurately my personal writer was to my demands. Everything was accomplished perfectly!” This is only one of the numerous proofs of its credibility. Besides, it’s one of our 10 ideas about how technology can teach your students perfect writing. Let’s review them all.

Automatized Feedback

As teachers and professors are commonly overloaded with different tasks and obligations, it’s hard to track their students. There is a great solution to this issue. Educators should use special apps, which monitor the progress of their students. It allows for identifying current problems of students and undertakes effective measures to overcome them.

Integration of Social Media

Make use of social media. It’s no secret that most teenagers are merely obsessed with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. You can use social media to develop the writing skills of your students. There are specially created groups, communities, and forums, which are devoted to the questions of teaching. Thus, students may learn many useful facts about how to manage their typical complications and advance. 

Implementation of Multimedia Projects

Another great method of the development of writing skills is to implement multimedia. Different technological inventions like projectors, interactive boards, and similar things are interesting for students. Assign them presentations using multimedia. They will be more engaged in the learning process and consequently, will steadily develop their writing skills.

Academic Writing Agencies

Although most educators are against writing websites, they may be useful in a fair way. Such agencies likewise offer free samples. Students may download them, read and learn many important prompts. Thus, students don’t violate any rules because it’s a part of self-education. The Internet is overflowed with similar forms of self-education, such as tutorials, guides, and other learning materials.

Strengthening Collaboration Skills

You should obligatorily encourage your students to actively collaborate. This is one of the most important learning skills. Every student should be a strong individuality, as well as a good team player. Therefore, different forms of collaboration are welcome. Technology helps a lot.

Ask your students to create small online groups. About 4-5 students per group should be assigned the same writing tasks. They should work together to find the best solutions.

Writing Blogs

It’s very useful to write blogs. Many teenagers do it for fun. Educators may organize some friendly blogging competitions to show who the best writer is. Create a community for your students and promise to give some rewards. Post there the best three works every week. Thus, you’ll encourage your students to write on a regular basis. They’ll try to become winners and so, will be interested in the enhancement of their writing skills. Make sure the spirit competition is healthy.

Use of Checking Applications

Thanks to technological progress, students can use different applications, which help to check their grammar, spelling, punctuation, stylistics, plagiarism, word choice, etc. All these elements are important to write flawless papers. We’ll provide a brief review of different useful applications, which serve different purposes.

Name of the ApplicationSpecificationDescription
GrammarlyGrammar checkerThis program quickly scans the text and provides results with all mistakes. It likewise provides correct versions of your mistakes. It can be easily installed into Microsoft Word.
GoogleDocsEditing and writing toolIt has the same features as Microsoft Word. Allows to quickly write and edit in online and offline regimes. Its storage is 15GB.
EvernoteNotetakerAllows for making instant notes, categorizing them, adding subheadings, descriptions, and deadlines. It’s possible to take photos and scan books.
Hubspot Topic GeneratorTopic CreatorHelps to instantly create topic ideas. Just use one or several keywords and receive suggestions for your writing projects.
EasybibPlagiarism checkerThis is a smart and quick plagiarism-checking application. It carries out two functions. Firstly, it scans the Internet to define whether you plagiarize some other works. Secondly, it provides grammar checkup. You can scan papers on your computer/laptop or on Google Drive.

There are many other useful learning apps and programs. Tell your students to try different variants to identify the most suitable option. Thus, students may enhance their writing skills faster.

Passing Online Courses

It’s worth mentioning online programs and lessons. Different colleges and universities establish their websites and propose to pass online teaching courses in different disciplines and aspects of education. Thus, you may find various effective writing courses, which help to identify your major problems and solve them.

Visual Reports

Finally, teachers and professors should use visualization to encourage their students. You can post them on an online community of your class. If the results are bad, don’t make them public but send it to a student with personal instructions. Obligatorily post the results of the best students.

Obligatorily memorize our article. It highlights the most efficient technology ideas, which help students to improve their writing. Using most or even all these methods, educators will help their students to become excellent writers.


Internet of Things: Sculpting the Future of Fitness as We Know it

Internet of Things or IoT as the world calls it, has hit us by the storm. The advent of internet has made it possible for all our devices to come to life and add to our convenience. Experts expect the IoT market to reach a whopping $1.1 trillion by 2020

The exponential growth of IoT comes with a plethora of opportunities for all sorts of industries. The fitness industry hasparticularly grabbed our attention. Here we will look into how the Internet of Things has been impacting this industry and allowing it to reach new heights. However, first let’s briefly walk through the Internet of Things and what exactly it is.

What is the Internet of Things?

Kevin Ashton – a British entrepreneur came up with this term back in 1999. The Internet of Things or Everything revolves around the amalgamation of physical objects with the latest cutting-edge software. This makes it possible for users to interact with those objects using a reliable internet connection.

The internet that we use works with the help of a strong network infrastructure. This network infrastructure acts as a bridge of connection between devices and us, which allows us to interact with smart-devices and control them the way they want. 

The IoT has contributed massively towards the growth of the Internet infrastructure, and we believe it will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years.

How has IoT influenced the Fitness Industry?

There was a time when fitness fanatics were bound to stick with the traditional methods to monitor their health. But, thank God for the Internet of Things, there have been changes in how people control and monitor their fitness activities. Users canmonitor their physical activity on a real-time basis and with AI-based coaches users can get unprecedented assistance, without costing them an arm and leg.

Here is how the IoT has influenced the fitness realm:1. Immersive Workouts

Since everything is about VR now, gone is that time when users were limited to learning new exercise moves by watching on TV only. Now, with the help of immersive workouts, users can train alongside a virtual coaches and monitor their progress in real-time.2. Real-Time Data Monitoring

Since ‘results’ are the one thing that most users are concerned about, their long-term wish of viewing their progress on a real-time basis has finally become a reality. With IoT, users can monitor their progress and compare it with their friends, to see how well they’re performing. This plays a big role in keeping them motivated to reach their goal.3. Leaderboards

Another great thing that IoT has implemented in the fitness industry is Leaderboards. With this, users can monitor their heart rate with sensors and track their health without any hassle. Leaderboards give users an incentive to keep striving towards their goals, without experiencing any demotivation or laziness.4. Heart-Rate Monitoring Sensors

Gone are the days when hefty equipment was required to check heart rate because now users can check their heart rates with the help of smart wearables that work round-the-clock. These wearables constantly monitor users’ heart rates and save results on the cloud, so they can be viewed later on.5. Guest Experiences

You need high level motivation to maintain your health, and sometimes, sharing results with each other for inspiration can be a bit of a hassle. Therefore, with Guest Experiences, users can monitor their performance on an individual level, and get a chance to improve their fitness with more focus.

IoT is Taking Over!

IoT has an undeniably bright future and its amalgamation in most industries is only adding ease to our lives and peace to our minds. We’re ready to see how far IoT will take us and for how long can we continue to benefit from it. Are you?


Technological Education of the Future

In days past, teachers used a chalkboard, chalk, and textbooks as their resources for teaching. Students were confined to quiet classes with nothing more than paper and pen to write with! None of them could ask anyone to “write my research paper” without a harsh rebuke.

No, it wasn’t quite as boring or rigid as it all seems, but technology has made classrooms more educational, and more fun than it has been in the past. Here are just some of the ways that technology can continue to affect students in the years to come.

The Cloud Will Be Used in Every Classroom

This is something that hasn’t quite happened yet, but it is inevitable, and some post-secondary institutions are already taking advantage of it. Essays will no longer be submitted by hand, neither will tests or exams. The Cloud is leading people to a place where everything will be virtual and accessible.

This means that assignments, notes, reading materials, textbooks, and libraries of novels will all be accessible electronically. Some students might even be able to say to someone online “write my term paper” and then pay someone to do it! Paper will be something not seen in the class but read about as something that teachers used some time ago.

A Computer at Every Desk and a Tablet in Every Hand

How will those students access the future Cloud? As technology becomes more accessible and cheaper, it also comes closer to being within reach of public education systems. With many simple laptops now available for as little as $150 and tablets available at about half that, replacing textbooks and other materials with technology is no longer expensive.

With this, students won’t just use technology to submit their assignments, they’ll also be using it to write them, take tests, and submit portfolios.

E-Learning Will Be Everywhere!

Technology brings everything online into classrooms, but it will also bring the classroom to every kitchen, living room, and bedroom across the world one day. It is likely that the physical classroom will continue in some way, but e-classrooms are likely to rival traditional ones in number.

This will also make it easier for students to dream: “i need someone to write my research paper” and then have it done online, even while in class. Indeed, getting help for doing research paper and finding the resources to write it will be made simple.

Get Used to Touchscreens

Traditionally seen at ATMs, the touchscreen is beginning to see wider usage, and that usage will only expand. Tablets and smartphones already use this technology, yes, but in the future education, technology will likely switch over to touchscreens exclusively.

So yes, those science-fiction T.V. series were right. Pretty soon the touchscreen will be everywhere!

Guest Speakers Won’t Stop In, Anymore

No, this isn’t because technology will somehow eliminate the need for guest speakers altogether, but it will mean that they won’t be physically walking into classrooms in the future.

The truth is that guest speakers never actually had to stop in to talk to students, but do their own lectures, and perhaps hand out some reading material. With future education technology, guest speakers can appear on a screen in the classroom to lecture and submit any reading materials through the Cloud.

In the end, the only thing that people might miss is a guest that won’t be physically there to sign autographs!

Be Ready for the Virtual Class Assistant

Just as many homes now have virtual assistants to tell their owners the temperature or even adjust it inside the house, future education technology will have a virtual assistant as its mouthpiece. 

It does, after all, only make sense that a virtual assistant should be available to students who might have trouble locating something on the internet, completing an assignment, or even spelling a word. Students may even be able to ask it to “do my paper for me!”.

In many ways, a future classroom virtual assistant will alleviate the workload of teachers, who are largely overworked, as is. Virtual assistants for students will make both teacher’s and student’s lives easier and more productive.


BTC betting possibility on the reliable bookmaker platform

Recently, cryptocurrencies are used more and more often in various fields. The BTC betting possibility on has also become a reality for many fans. This is a simple and convenient way to increase your crypto assets solely thanks to your knowledge in the field of a particular sport competition.

The presented bookmaker has long been active in the betting market. It was one of the first to start accepting cryptocurrency forecasts. That is why it provides such favourable conditions for earning. Among the main advantages of the company, we’d highlight:

  1. Help in converting funds. Even if you don’t have cryptocurrency right now, the company will help you get digital assets. It is ready to exchange them for fiat money.
  2. Large selection of events. The line will please with dozens of different sports, and many of them are not represented in the pre-match mode of the direct competitors.
  3. Good coefficients. Here, their level is higher than the market average. This is thanks to the low margin. As a result, good odds are offered here not only for prematch events but for live, too.

Now, BTC betting possibility on the site of the reliable bookmaker is very high. You just need to register at the office and deposit funds into your account to start not only making forecasts, but also steadily increasing your cryptocurrency assets.

Make odds in bitcoin casino online today

Another trump card of the presented platform is the fact that attention is paid here not only to sports. Thus, the registered users can enjoy casino games around the clock. There is a separate section on the site for this. Make odds in bitcoin casino online – it’s really easy. Moreover, the level of coefficients will please you, and many users who have chosen to work with this company have already made sure of this in practice.

The casino also pleases with its high-quality interface. Thanks to it, you will plunge into the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment and will be able to fully focus on the offered events. It’s enough to make just a couple of clicks for this.

To make money on high odds in a bitcoin casino, it is enough to register an account and transfer funds to your balance. There are no more limits, and you will be able to perform all operations not only via a computer but also a mobile phone. Choose the most suitable device and proceed to new victories, because earning cryptocurrencies has never been so easy.


AI Software that Improves Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracting is a common practice across multiple businesses. However, it is something that is rarely executed effectively, especially by big companies that have so many contracts to consider it can be a minefield to navigate through.

Technological developments have changed the landscape considerably, with the potential to help organizations overcome the loss of value on deals associated with inefficient contracting.

The biggest challenge of all is the sheer volume of contracts businesses must manage, maintain and update. These are rarely uniform either. In fact, most contracts are unique in nature. Difficulties lie in extracting critical data in an effective fashion, especially without advanced Contract Management Software. Even then these systems don’t address every nuance.

However, emerging AI software does. It can extract meaningful information with ease, effortlessly clarifying the content of contracts. This is in contrast to the significant manpower required to execute, draft and improve contracts. AI software can navigate a mass of renewal dates and negotiation terms, tasks which would take a team of contract managers hundreds or perhaps even thousands of hours to execute.

If you take advantage of this software you’ll be in a position to review contracts quickly, organize and locate vast swatches of contract data, decrease the incidence of contract disputes, and ultimately expand your business operations with the number of contracts you can manage at once.

More advanced software with AI capabilities seems set to be the future of contract management as we know it. It has the potential to help you achieve the following:

  • Influence the content of contracts
  • Affect the processes involved 
  • Change the tools firm use

With this being said, what are some of the most recommended AI software programs in existence? Let’s take a look:

Here are some of the best AI software platforms for contract management:


Evisort is one of the leading, emerging AI platforms that enables you to extract, classify and track key provisions within documents. Solutions are delivered via a cloud-based platform, where you can access, upload, search, monitor, deliver results and run reports across multiple facets of your business. Evisort works across various document formats, from PDF to Word. It can also stand alone as a centralized repository, one which integrates with your storage locations. You’ll also benefit from the ability to manage contract deadlines, key provisions, contract language and more. The ability to streamline the contracting process is a huge advantage, as part of an end-to-end approach to better productivity.


This AI platform specializes in legal due diligence. It can understand legalese in the same way humans do, except at speeds unachievable by humans. This offers an immediate advantage for users, where software can execute tasks at a rate which would consume thousands of hours if people were responsible for the same thing. Luminance can provide a global overview of a company, picking out warning signs and offering instruction. Whether it’s used for due diligence, insurance or contract management, Luminance adds significant value to any legal operation.It doesn’t replace staff, instead of realigning staff goals so they can focus on the important tasks.


This powerful machine learning software can identify, extract and analyze text across various contracts and documents. It is an intuitive piece of software that helps you uncover relevant information, activating critical data from contracts without the need for significant manpower.

Kira intends to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone who can benefit from it, leveraging an effective user interface for real-time collaboration and project management.


ROSS has embraced artificial intelligence at its core, in connection with some of the leading legal firms and in-house teams in the world. The smart system it deploys makes legal research considerably easier, with additional opportunities for contract management.

It will essentially cover every legal aspect imaginable to ensure you’re positioned to win arguments.


How to Make Your Home a Smart Home

Ready to get started with making your home smart? There are many ways to begin the process, but some of the smart home solutions can get expensive very quickly. Besides, for many people, having too many components — including sensors, security cameras, speakers, smart bulbs, and more — can just be too overwhelming. If you have simpler wants and needs, these smart home solutions can get you started, especially with a much more modest budget.

Make sure your smart home products are compatible with each other first, so you can add on later if you so desire. You can avoid smart hubs if you don’t feel like they’re essential, but you should definitely invest in a good wireless router that can reach all corners of your house.

Smart Lighting

A lot of people interested in having a smart home begin with smart lighting systems. They work well without having to rely on a central hub. Additionally, they’re capable of working with other smart home accessories. Bulbs from LIFX and TP-Link, for example, will communicate via your Wi-Fi. Others will communicate using your smartphone’s Bluetooth radio.

Do you have a home with ceiling lighting that’s controlled with switches? It might be time for a smart home solution that can replace those old switches with smart switches and dimmers. Why? Because smart bulbs will become dumb once you turn off the switch that’s controlling them. Several manufacturers craft smart light switches that use your Wi-Fi and don’t need a central hub to work. 

If your lighting is mostly lamps, then you can use a smart plug to turn the lamp off and on, as well as dimming the dumb light bulb using your smartphone app. 

Smart Speakers

Being able to tell your smart speaker to dim the lights is highly convenient. You can take advantage of this smart home solution by linking the smart speaker to the smart lights. Smart speakers by Google and Amazon have been widely accepted by other device manufacturers. Therefore, they can serve as a central point of interaction for your other smart devices, such as smart lights and security cameras. 

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have the ability to give you both cost and energy savings as well as comfort. They can go above and beyond simply establishing a schedule of heating and cooling. They can also detect when you’re away from your house or inside, so your HVAC system will only operate when you need it. 

You can equip your thermostat with sensors in your most commonly frequented rooms. This allows the smart thermostat to operate based on where you are, rather than triggering the heating and cooling cycles based on the thermostat’s location. 

You can include several other smart home solutions as you begin building your very own smart home empire. They include home security cameras, multi-room audio systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and irrigation systems. 

Ready to get started? It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You can start small with some of these smart devices, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


How To Choose The Best PC Cleaner Software?

You can find many different programs, which you can use for cleaning junk files on your computer. It is essential to clean your PC regularly to maintain proper function of Windows. Not all cleaner software work effectively. In this article, you will find out which one is better to download for regular use.

CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional is one of the best and smartest optimization/cleaner tools for computers, which is used by millions of people worldwide. The performance of this software is incredible. After downloading CCleaner, you will have to do a single click to start the cleaning process of your entire computer system. You can be sure this tool will save you time. Forget about manual cleaning, as CCleaner will do everything automatically: it will perform in-depth scanning of your computer system to find and delete all junk files. CCleaner will clean the history/cookies of your web browser to protect your online privacy. The program will send you regular updates for faster and better system performance. CCleaner offers users registry cleaner feature, which is efficient in fixing registry errors and broken settings. Finally, it will disable startup items which you do not need to improve the boot process.

DefenceByte Computer Optimizer

DefenceByte Computer Optimizer is another powerful cleaner tool for your computer. It works on the most comprehensive technologies, which aims to maintain the smooth performance of your computer. It works as the uninstaller tool, which you can use for scanning, detecting, and removing unnecessary programs, files, and cookies. DefenceByte Computer Optimizer has unique algorithms for scanning your computer system and fixing any issues, which do not let your system run correct and fast enough. By installing this software, you will get not only a system cleaner and optimization tool but also a tool to protect your computer from malware threats. This cleaner will block any file extensions, URLs, and will fix invalid paths. Such a lightweight software runs on all versions of Windows.

Clean Master for PC

If you are looking for a powerful free cleaner for your computer, which runs on Windows 7/8/10, then Clean Master for PC is the best option for you. Your computer system will be clean, and your privacy kept safe. The tool can scan more than a thousand of different programs with one-click. The tool will find any kind of junk and residual files and will delete them to clean up PC storage. After installing Clean Master for PC, you will boost system performance. It offers users a driver booster for scanning/fixing over millions of available drivers if any issue arises. The tool works like your system privacy protector. Any unwanted access to your programs will be blocked by Clean Master for PC Additionally, the program such features as file recovery, junk auto-clean, auto-update, file shredder, malware protection, and browser auto-clean.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner tool is efficient in finding and solving any kind of registry errors. It is also a good junk cleaner for your computer system. Every registry entry on your computer will be removed, repaired, and optimized. The tool will clean the entire system to minimize risks of lags or possible system crashes. Auslogics Registry Cleaner can even help you correct system/Internet settings or any other instability issues. You can use the tool to find and fix corrupt entries. This optimization tool for PCs guarantees you stunning results. Besides, you will get access to a restore point, where you can cancel the changes any moment you want.


CleanMyPC is worth trying free cleaner tool for PCs with Windows OS. The tool will scan your entire computer space to detect and delete all your junk files (cache, log files, cookies) to boost your computer. It will remove leftovers from uninstalled software. It always keeps your PC security intact. Besides, CleanMyPC manages startup items, as well as solves registry problems to speed up your system boot time. It will also clean unnecessary browser extensions, maintain online privacy, and assist you in managing hibernation files.


All users of Windows know about performance problems, which are caused by specific reasons. If you have too much junk files, old programs/apps, registry junk, cache, the performance of the computer will be affected. We highly recommend all Windows users install professional cleaner software to boost the system.


Difficulties in hospital management systems (HMS) developing

The development of the hospital management system, as well as any other programs, has its own pitfalls. Understanding the system functions and the users’ needs, a comprehensive vision of the final result allows for avoiding significant expenses, both time and finance, when creating such automated programs.

Let’s look at these difficulties in the context of the following useful tips:

  • engage the development team as early as possible. The design phase is perfect! It goes without saying that it should be experienced developers with a good portfolio. General management is also important.
  • working in accordance with accepted standards. It’s important if you need to develop software for medical equipment, but not so critical for the HMS.
  • program interface should be simple and reliable. After all, a huge number of people (doctors, patients, administrative officers) will work with the system. That means constant edits and data entry, as well as reporting. A good interface reduces the time of training and work in the program, makes this work more comfortable and efficient.
  • it is not always necessarily to change the entire system. Sometimes it is enough to update a few blocks, change the design a little – and the program will work faster and better!
  • follow the trends. No need to blindly copy software from other hospitals. If you decide to create HMS from scratch – do it using those chips which are functional in other HMS.
  • keep in mind that the system will collect and process large amounts of information, both textual and multimedia (video, photo). In other words, you need not only the appropriate software, but also the same computers (laptops).
  • data safety and security should come first! Only hospital staff can have full access to all patient information and medical history. Violation of confidentiality, loss of data can lead to disastrous financial consequences, not to mention the hospital’s reputation.
  • high speed processing and data output. This is achieved not only by the hardware power, but, primarily, by virtue of properly optimized software. 

What programming language to use?

A universal option was and remains Python and MySQL. Java supporters, on the other hand, will easily convince you otherwise. The choice of programming language for the HMS is determined rather by personal preferences and the development team groundworks. There is no big difference for the customer in most cases, as long as the program works quickly and correctly.


Designing A Website That Your Customers Love

Did you know that 40 percent of people visiting your site will leave if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load? How about another fun fact – over 50 percent of people surfing the web are using a mobile phone to access the internet – that’s worldwide.

So, when you’re talking about your business, and whether people are able to engage with you, think about someone trying to access your contact page while sitting in a car, using their data on their smartphone. Would they still go to your business, or does your competitor have a more user-friendly website? 

What should your website look like? 

We often get caught up with the visual effects, why? Because humans are inherently attracted to pretty things. What we think of as attracted may vary from person to person, and certainly what is considered appealing in a website in 1999 is significantly different from what is considered appealing in 2019 (see this if you doubt). New website development techniques are created, and these are often dictated by fashion trends.

Your website is a representative of your business, your brand. It is no longer enough to have black text on a white background, with your logo in the top corner. Although there is still a semi-standard layout for websites (and messing with this can confuse your customers), your website is often the first impression your potential customers will see of your business. 

Few people design their own business cards but will often be ok with using a free template they got from WordPress. However, no matter how you customize these, they will never quite be a true representation of your brand and cannot be compared to the bespoke work that a good web design and development company. 

So, what should your website look like? It should look like your business. If you run a restaurant, the imagery should make hungry customers want to like the screen, and certainly make them want to contact you on that very easy to find phone number and book in, right now. If you run a fitness centre, the layout should be as clean and crisp as an early morning run, and make your clients want to put on their shoes right there and then. If you don’t believe it can be done have a look at the portfolio of a company like City Tech (

Does It Have Secure Responsiveness?

These are terms that get thrown around a lot, so much so that the non developer has started to tune them out. However, they are important, and you should ensure that you understand how your web developer and designer is going to implement them successfully for you.

Website Security

Although this is an ongoing issue with hackers constantly finding new holes to exploit, you can (and should) try to make it a little more difficult for them. Ensure that your website is hosted with a company that takes security seriously – and not just in the sense that if they find a breach on your site that they will put a hold on your website, but actually notify you and advise how to fix the issue. 

Website developers cannot guarantee 100% that a website they build will be unhackable (and anyone claiming so is waving a red flag in the face of a lot of hacker bulls, but they can ensure that the backend code is as secure as possible, that backups of your website happen regularly (so if the unthinkable does happen then it’s not a crippling problem), and that your website is scanned regularly for breaches.

Website Responsiveness

Although you may think that this is about speed, but it is actually a term that refers to how a website responds to a user – both their behavior and their environment. What this means is that you need a website that is built to work just as well on a small screen mobile phone as it does on a 6k HDR monitor. More than this, you need to understand what your customers are looking for when they are on your website, and allow them to find it. 

If you are a restaurant someone on a mobile phone is probably trying to make a booking, maybe they want to see your opening hours, possibly they want to see a menu, but if they’re on their laptop or work desktop they might want to spend some time learning about the history of your building, of your chefs experience feeding the homeless, or enjoy a few select free recipes they can make at home.

From this you can already see how your customers have different needs based on their environment, and likely will have different behaviours that you need to ensure are catered to. Again, this is where a good designer will be able to sit down with you and insure that you are getting all the information you need to your customers, and in a way that they will find most beneficial.