1000 Scholarships for Students in India to learn Android

Google and Tata Trusts have partnered with Udacity to educate students in Android development to meet the growing demand for Android developers. Together they are offering 1,000 scholarships to students in India to take the Android Developer Nanodegree program for free.  This is an education credential that is designed to help developers learn new skills and advance their careers in a few months from anywhere on any device at their own pace.

Students participating in the Nanodegree program will benefit from expert coaching and build a portfolio of their own projects to showcase their skills with potential employers. Students who graduate from the program will receive verified certification and job placement opportunities. There will be a Career Summit hosted by Google, Tata Trusts, and other top employers for top graduates of the program in the Spring.

To apply for scholarships to take the program for free, students are asked to take an online assessment to see if they have the prerequisites for the program. All students who complete the assessment successfully will receive scholarship application information directly.

The Udacity Android Nanodegree program is open for enrollment right now.  The program takes an average of 6-9 months and costs Rs. 9,800 per month with Udacity refunding 50 percent of the tuition upon completion.  Scholarships for the Android Nanodegree are available immediately.  For more information visit  www.udacity.com/India.

With India being the second largest developer population in the world with 3 million software developers, India has the potential to become the #1 developer population by 2018, with 4 million developers. By providing easy and affordable access to a world-class skill and educational program to Indian developers, Google aims to help India become a global leader in mobile app development.

The Udacity Android Nanodegree program comprises of courses developed and taught by expert Google instructors from the Google Developer Relations team and will include project reviews, mentorship and career services from Udacity. The curriculum will be updated regularly with new releases and will provide developers with a certificate that will help them to become a more marketable Android developer.

Source: Press Notes

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