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SAM Labs Helps Kids Learn Coding through IoT

SAM Labs, Maker of educational technology kits to learn coding, engineering, and DIY; SAM teaches incredibly complex concepts through a hands-on and visual approach. Without any prior knowledge of coding or programming, one can program the SAM building blocks by connecting the dots in the SAM Space app to form wireless circuits and learn.

The journey for this company has been exciting. Great ride since the Kickstarter campaign, the pop-up at the Science Museum and Joachim’s TED talk has been giving them great lime-light, attention and of course learning.

The kits are comprised of sensors and actuators (inputs and outputs). These are what we call SAM blocks.

SAM Labs

Within each kit, there is an assortment of blocks that hook up to our app, SAM Space. The blocks and the app are designed with one project to get you started, but not to give too much away. They want users to feel they have gained a springboard to inventing. You can see the whole process below.

Within the app, circuits can be customised with dynamic elements and inventions can even be internet connected. With a wide range of sensors and actuators, a diverse range of add-ons within the app, and endless projects to complete.

SAM Labs Circuit Design

Great design isn’t just about great and colourful looking products, it has to provide for great user experience. Simplicity and user-friendliness is what makes it a good product.

SAM Labs is currently being used in some schools around the globe to aid teachers and students alike to learn coding and programming. Microsoft has also been a fabulous helper in promotion and a driving force of users to SAM from the fantastic articles published throughout the past few months.

They want to ensure that kids have the skills to be able to build their futures. By using SAM, they gain a visual and hands-on approach to coding and STEM subjects that engage all kids – no matter their gender, ethnicity, abilities, or age.

If you’re wondering, how do you get started for your kid, first download the app and teeter around with it for a bit. Then, pick the Inventor kit. This is a fantastic one to introduce coding and engineering principles through scientific exploration as this kit was designed in collaboration with the London Science Museum.

SAM Science Museum Kit

They hope to bring in more awesome projects and a new industry standard within the educational field to gamify education and make school feel like play. “Internet of Everything for Everyone” is one statement the company vouches on.

The powers of engineering and the IoT are crucial to the development of technology and innovation in the future. By giving these to kids, we’re giving them the power to sculpt the future of technology, not just use it.