Take a Bow Microsoft, HoloLens brought the trust back in you!

Microsoft just unveiled a new wearable computer called HoloLens, a device that projects 3-D images you can interact with right in front of your eyes. The Windows HoloLens is similar to an augmented reality experience (the kind many apps on smartphones aim to give) except that this is much more advanced, because users can wear a headset, like Virtual Reality goggles,  to experience holograms in real life.

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With Google Glass off the grid, HoloLens opens up a great avenue for implementations. Think about the variety of applications developers can build for it. Creatives can also use an app called HoloStudio to design their own holograms at home, inside the HoloLens device itself. One can even 3D print designs from the software directly, too. That’s impressive!

HoloLens brings high-definition holograms in your world, where they integrate with your physical places, spaces, and things. Microsoft says these holograms will transform your digital content (a say a picture or a graph or a game you’ve been playing) into real, physical objects in the room which you can physically interact with. For instance, you would be able to actually play Minecraft as though the game existed in the real world and not just the digital world.

Microsoft introduced Windows Holographic, a new API to add a layer of augmented reality to Windows 10. Developers can now add holograms to their apps with this new technology, viewable through Microsoft’s special goggles, Microsoft HoloLens. The smart goggles can understand users’ gestures, voice and the spatial area surrounding them.

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