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Google Custom Maps, My Maps is now integrated with Drive

Google’s My Maps tool is used to build custom drives, trips and routes on its Maps product is now integrated into Google Drive, which means users can easily build custom maps right inside the Google Drive.


Yesterday, Google announced the integration of My Maps in Drive; My Maps tool is used to build custom drives, trips and routes on Google Maps product is now integrated into Drive, which means users can easily build custom maps right inside the Google Drive.

To create a new map, Drive users simply click on “new,” followed by “more,” before clicking ‘Google My Maps’. You can add directions, points of interest and color-coated location markers in different shapes (a drop pin, star, square or circle). You can also draw lines to indicated borders or routes and add multiple sets of step-by-step directions, too. All of this can be sorted easy-to-manage layers of information.


In addition to accessing your Google My Maps in Drive, you can now add more layers and points of interest to your map, import bigger spreadsheets and include more details in each info box. Whether you’re mapping out the best travel spots, landmarks or destinations; you can add all your favourite areas with more details across even more layers.

Expected to roll out by next week to all Drive users, the new feature makes creating a map as easy as creating documents, spreadsheets or slideshows. Maps can be created on desktop Web browsers, but can be viewed and edited on computers or mobile devices. Once your map is made, you can email it, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and of course remove it from the Google Drive whenever you need it.

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