How to save Facebook Posts, Links and Videos to Read Later

Facebook is a fantastic platform; you have so much of interesting information and content shared by your friends flowing on your News-Feed. Sometime you may want to archive it for your future reading or references. In such situations, we always saved the same on the browser bookmarks or used Evernote or Pocket, if you were toggling between different computers or devices. Well, you don’t need to do it anymore. Facebook has just launched a new feature called “Save,” which lets users save links, places, music, movies, TV shows, places and music for later viewing. Only you can see the stuffs you save; its private.

Save will get rolled out to all the platforms including Android, iOS and Web versions in the coming days.  Saved links and places can be accessed across devices. The saved items will be categorised and sorted too. You will also get reminders in your newsfeed so that you don’t forget what you have in your ‘save’ folder. Visiting saved links would require an Internet connection. The saved items are only available for users to view; However, if you wish to share your save list with friends, there will be a share-with-friends option coming soon. Hope, Facebook will not use the Save feature for ad targeting.

Now lets look at how you can save the items; On the Browser, you can Tap the Save icon or choose the Save option in the menu on posts in News Feed to save it for viewing later.

facebook-save-desktop Here are some quick steps on how can you save any post (Place in this sample) on the iPhone (iOS).


You can then reach out to your Saved items by clicking on the Saved Link in the navigation links near News Feed.

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  1. Thanks for the info, however I still could not found on left hand side save button. I got share posts and I don’t like this video. Could you please help me out particularly if I can save video on a third party soft ware. Thanks

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