Deliver Windows Apps on a Google Chromebook through Citrix XenApp

Is your enterprise planning or actively involved in a Windows XP migration project that includes Google Chromebooks as the new computing platform? To successfully make this transition, do you need to deliver business-critical Windows applications to these devices?  Citrix and Google have been working together since 2010 to ensure Chromebook users can easily access Windows apps—without them having to first launch a virtual desktop or IT having to migrate apps and data to the cloud and learn a whole new desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) management model.

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Citrix XenApp is the market-leading Windows virtual application delivery solution for Chromebooks. It’s based on 25 years of pioneering innovations in the delivery of secure apps and data to users over any network on any device.  With XenApp Platinum and Chromebooks, enterprise IT can:

  • Implement a stateless, app-centric computing solution that’s secure by design
  • Deliver five generations of Windows applications from the same infrastructure
  • Provision Windows, SaaS, Web, and Google Apps with an unmatched total cost of ownership
  • Adopt the latest Chromebooks from OEMs such as HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer and Toshiba
  • Enable a high-definition app user experience via Citrix Receiver for HTML5
  • Scale company-controlled Windows apps seamlessly to over 100,000 users

To learn more about the Citrix XenApp Platinum promotion for Chromebooks: Attend a Webinar here

Source: Citrix News

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