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Privacy, Data Protection and Service Terms: Nokia Devices


Nokia currently expects to complete the sale of its Devices & Services business to Microsoft in April 2014. With the completion of this transaction, a Microsoft Finnish affiliate assumes responsibility for your personal data and the contractual relationships for the products and services related to this business. Microsoft cares deeply about your privacy and the protection of your personal data and will continue to collect and use your personal data in the same ways and for the same reasons as Nokia, and you should experience no difference as a result of the sale.

Nokia will continue to run its businesses, including HERE location-based products and services, which are not part of the Microsoft acquisition. The responsibility for your personal data and your contractual relationship relating to these Nokia products and services remains with Nokia. Nokia continues to be committed to the highest standards to protect your privacy and your personal data.

To learn more about Microsoft’s and Nokia’s privacy policies and service terms, click here –

After completion of the sale, your use of Nokia Account or participation in the Nokia Improvement Program and Net Promoter Score, will be governed by both Microsoft Mobile’s and Nokia’s Privacy Policy and Service Terms, available at further down on this page. Similarly, your use of other services will be governed by either Microsoft Mobile’s or Nokia’s Privacy Policy and Service Terms, depending on which company provides the service in question.

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