Send Money to Friends and Family on Gmail: Google Wallet

Google Wallet is now integrated with Gmail, so you can quickly and securely send money to friends and family directly within Gmail. Transferring funds is as simple as sending an email. With over 425 million users of gmail, this integration would instantly give Google Wallet a wider reach than other digital financial services like PayPal have.

It’s free to send money from your Google Wallet Balance or directly from a linked bank account. When you use your credit or debit card to send money, a 2.9% fee per transaction (minimum $0.30) will apply. Once you receive money into your Wallet Balance, you can access it instantly with the Google Wallet Card. You can purchase in stores by swiping the card at millions of MasterCard locations, or you can withdraw cash from ATMs. You can also transfer the money to your bank account, use it to buy on Google Play or send money to friends.
Attach Money on Gmail - Google Wallet

To send money, you must live in the US and have a US home address in Google Wallet.

Receiving money is also simple and free. All you would need to do is, Open Gmail, Open the message with attached money and click Claim money. You’ll be prompted to sign up for Google Wallet and verify your identity. Once you’ve completed identity verification, navigate back to the message and click Claim money again. After claiming money for the first time, funds will be automatically added to your Google Wallet Balance. To know more on Google Wallet, read here

Google is rolling this out to all US based Gmail users; if you haven’t got it yet, you just gotta wait for sometime :). You can also get earlier access if your friends have the feature and send money to you. If you’ve already claimed money from someone, you will need to wait about 30 minutes and then refresh Gmail to see the $ icon.

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