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IBM MobileFirst: End-to-End Enterprise Mobile Solutions and Platform

Some providers specialize in service offerings; some focus on platform and application development; some offer only mobile security; while others focus just on mobile device management. IBM MobileFirst aims at bringing a true end-to-end mobile solutions. Innovative enterprises see the opportunities gained by bringing all resources together to strengthen customer engagement–whenever and wherever the customer wants, and on the customer’s favourite device, which is often mobile.


Today’s workplace is now undeniably a mobile enterprise. Anytime, anywhere transactions and a blurring of lines between corporate and individual can make organizations feel vulnerable. For all the good that comes with mobilizing the workforce, there are challenges: maintaining security and compliance, managing multiple device platforms and addressing complex mobile requirements.

To be successful in embracing mobile for driving growth, enterprises must have an integrated strategy for mobile, cloud, big data, social business and security. Through IBM MobileFirst, IBM is providing companies with the essential tools to take advantage of new business opportunities being enabled by mobile. In addition to meeting mobile-specific requirements, the portfolio leverages deep technology services for rapid integration between social and cloud services as well as back-end technologies that help secure and manage strategic processes. With the addition of Cloudant to its portfolio, IBM has extended its data management capabilities with database-as-a-service for web-scale and mobile applications.


IBM MobileFirst begins with a mindset – allowing innovative enterprises to see opportunities that can be gained by bringing resources together to strengthen customer engagement, whenever and wherever the customer wants, and on the customer’s favourite device, which is often mobile. Whether it is transforming customer acquisition strategies, streamlining business processes, or boosting product and service innovations, a lot can be accomplished by focusing on mobile computing environments first.

As enterprises are always looking for new ways to fully engage their customers, IBM MobileFirst offers true end-to-end mobile solutions, guiding businesses from strategy to insights. By extending network applications and web experiences to connect to enterprise data, businesses can unleash the full interactive power of their solutions. IBM helps enterprises build an agile and scalable approach to app development, including a superior user experience across multiple devices and platforms, using the strongest native, hybrid, or web code. By building a single, cross-platform app, enterprises lower the risk and reduce total cost – while still delivering a rich experience.

IBM’s solution also helps businesses manage their mobile enterprise more efficiently, allowing them real-time visibility and control at the app, device and network layers across device types and operating systems. This gives them the confidence to oversee ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and ‘choose your own device’ (CYOD) initiatives, which is critical as employees become more dependent on smartphone and tablet access to perform their jobs. This is key to mobile enterprise productivity.

From a customer perspective, this solution gives them the confidence in the business via secure transactions across devices around the world. This increased agility helps encourage more mobile engagements. IBM helps businesses optimize digital and mobile experiences and drive the online conversation when mobile connections, location services, and insights and combined to make contextual offers. This creates new value and drives loyalty and satisfaction.

In this below Video, Learn how leading enterprises rise to the top, including ROI, analytics, integration, and security:

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