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Exceeeding Your Bandwidth Limit? Here’s What You Need to Do


There’s so much to do on the internet, right from watching videos on Youtube to downloading the latest movies and softwares to playing your favorite games online. So how do you stop yourself from exceeding the bandwidth limit that is available in your particular plan? Most of us face the exact problem month after month, and even trying our best to limit our desires, we still generally end up paying extra charges.

If you too are facing the same problem, then here are some useful tips for you that can stop you form exceeding your bandwidth limit if implemented properly:

1. Play Games Offline

Though online gaming is no doubt fun and playing multiplayer games can be really engaging, the worrying fact is that these online games can end up eating a large chunk of your bandwidth. If you are an avid online gamer, it’s almost certain that most of your bandwidth is being consumed because of it.

The best way to avoid doing this is to either play games offline by installing them on your PC/laptop or to limit the time you spend playing games online. If you can’t do this, then you need to upgrade your plan to an unlimited one since a limited plan won’t be able to cater to your needs. Another alternative is to play games on your smartphone instead as Android has thousands of free games that are both absorbing and exciting. Thanks to the impressive web browser it is also easy for gamers to enjoy things like online casino sites right from their phone without having to download additional software. Many of these sites have websites built specifically for mobile users and so gamers can play their favourite card games at ease – head over to slots to see what the author mean.

2. Avoid Watching HD Videos

While normal resolution videos used to be a hit on Youtube and other video sharing sites, the trend has been changing in the last few years. With the advent of high definition videos, most users seems to want to watch videos only in HD, which is the main reason why they end up exhausting their available bandwidth very quickly since HD videos consume a lot more bandwidth than nromal videos.

Another thing that you can do to save bandwidth is to avoid watching videos in fullscreen and watch them as it as on Youtube instead as each video that you watch in fullscreen generally consumes the same bandwidth as almost 3-4 small screen videos.

3. Keep Track of Your Usage

Most internet users never bother to know how much bandwidth they’ve consumed in a particular month. However if you want to save bandwidth, it is important that you start tracking your usage as soon as possible. Most internet service provides have portals that allow users to check how much bandwidth they’ve used, so that users can manage their available bandwidth accordingly for the rest of the month.

Alternatively you can also download certain bandwidth monitors that can help your monitor your usage and prevent you from wasting bandwidth unnecessarily.

4. Limit Automatic Updates

Though I wouldn’t recommend turning automatic updates off completely, you should certainly keep the option checked to manual so that whenever you are low on bandwidth, you can choose to skip the updates to save your bandwidth for the remaining month.

The same goes for automatic updates of your antivirus software. Although it’s necessary that you keep your software’s virus database updated to prevent any unknown virus from entering your system and causing any damage, there are times when you don’t have enough bandwidth left to be able to update it. Manual updates can come in handy at such times since you can just choose to update the database at a later date.

While the tips above are definitely going to be helpful for reducing your bandwidth usage, you can also try a few things such as avoiding watching live streaming of your favorite programmes since they consume a lot of bandwidth, causing it to get exhausted much sooner than you would normally expect.

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