News: Windows Azure Privacy Statement and Service Name Updates‏

In the coming weeks, the team at Microsoft will update the Windows Azure Service names that appear in the usage records we download. These are only name changes and our prices for Windows Azure are not impacted.

This table below summarizes the changes:

Prior Service NameNew Service Name
Windows Azure ComputeCloud Services
Windows Azure Platform – All ServicesAll Services
Windows Azure CDNCDN
Windows Azure StorageStorage
Windows Azure Traffic ManagerTraffic Manager
Windows Azure Virtual NetworkVirtual Network
AppFabric CacheCache
AppFabric Service BusService Bus
AppFabric Access ControlAccess Control
SQL AzureSQL Database
SQL Azure Reporting ServiceSQL Reporting


They also recently updated the Privacy Statement to provide additional information on topics important to many of our customers. The new version includes the same commitments we previously made to maintain the privacy of your personal information, while adding more detailed information. They have also created a new Windows Azure Trust Center that provides additional information about Microsoft’s security, privacy, and compliance practices.

Source: Azure emailers

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