Download Checklist and accelerate Windows 7 Migrations with App-DNA

What influences business decisions when planning a Windows 7 migration? A good place to start is with how long the migration project will take. It’s also important to know the business impact of each application going to the enterprise.

App-DNA provides an easier way to make migration decisions. Seeing the “DNA” of an application helps make better decisions about deployment, migration and management. App-DNA application testing, remediation, compatibility saves time, cost and risk in managing application compatibility for Windows 7 migrations, plus Internet Explorer, Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenDesktop and VDI projects.

With the countdown to the end of life for Microsoft Windows XP extended support well under the 1000 day threshold, Windows 7 migration plans are now more important than ever. App-DNA has provided a checklist packed with tips and resources to help make migrations faster, easier and less disruptive.

Download the App-DNA Windows 7 Application Migration Checklist (pdf document)