Apple iOS 5.0 Software Update for iPhone / iPad Announced

Here are some key highlights of the all new iOS 5.0.

Notification Center

  • Non intrusive Pop-up notifications. New notifications show in a new notification bar which apears everytime getting a notification – SMS, missed phone calls and regualar notifications from every app.
  • All notifications concentrated to Notification center – just swipe downwards to open it. Notification center shows as a list of all notifications.
  • Notification list on lock screen: Notfication center list shown.

iMessage – Messaging between all iOS devices run iOS 5 (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, iPod touch 3G, iPad & iPad 2) through Wi-Fi or 3G.

Newsstand – A new icon on Springboard, which opens to an iBooks-inspired folder which shows all papers and magazines downloaded from app store.

Reminders – Location-aware notifications, triggered when the device approaches a set position. (E.g. remind to get milk when device leaves workplace or approaches a grocery store)

Twitter integration – Tweeting from Native Applications: Photos, Youtube, Maps, iOS Contacts


  • Volume-up key as shutter release button to take photos.
  • Shortcut to Camera App from Lockscreen created
  • Grid composition aide, pinch to zoom.

Photos – Built-in photo editing: crop, red-eye, auto-enhance, rotate.


  • Safari reader and Reading list
  • Tabbed Browsing (iPad only)
  • Ability to open pages in background
  • Private Browsing(change via settings)
  • Ability to create keyboard shortcuts (autotext) to replace custom phrases.
  • Preference to open pages in Safari in a new page or in background


  • iTunes/USB no longer required to activate new devices- ability to start right over with no need to tether it to iTunes added. you can restore all your data on your device through a simple iCloud sign in.
  • Sync over Wi-Fi- ability added to sync wirelessly to iTunes.
  • OTA softwares updates: You now can update your software version without iTunes straight from device through Wi-Fi or 3G.
  • The unlock slider inscription changed from “slide to unlock” to “unlock” + camera shortcut.

iPad & iPad 2 only

  • Multitasking Gestures- Pinch with 4 fingers to close app,swipe up to open multitasking bar,swipe left or right to move between open apps to enable.
  • Split keyboard-Swipe up to split keyboard in half. then keyboard shows on middle of screen.

iPad 2 only

  • AirPlay Mirroring- Ability to connect with Airplay to an Apple TV – then everything shown on iPad is also seen on TV.




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