Ebook: Securing Exchange Server and UC Infrastructure Using SSL

Exchange Server specifically, and Unified Communications in general, have become increasingly critical components of organizations’ infrastructure. They’re also carrying increasingly-sensitive information to a growing variety of devices. No longer can we rely on the protection of our intranet to keep these communications safe and private: Our communications now reach well beyond the local network. SSL offers a way to secure the vast majority of our communications, but in modern, multi-server organizations, they can come with a high amount of cost and overhead.

In The Shortcut Guide to Securing Your Exchange Server and Unified Communications Infrastructure Using SSL, author Don Jones will show you how to use Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificates to provide the security you need, with less cost and overhead. You’ll also learn about other best practices for securing Exchange and Unified Communications platforms, including Microsoft Lync Server, mobile device management, and more.

This complete book includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: A SAN Certificate Crash Course
  • Chapter 2: Messaging, Unified Communications, Security, and SAN Certificates
  • Chapter 3: Best Practices for Securing Your Exchange Server
  • Chapter 4: Best Practices for Securing Your Unified Communications Infrastructure

Download the complete 60-page book today!

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